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Posted on: July 1, 2008 12:39 pm

I really don't hate the Vikings, really...

But everytime I end up in Minnesota, I end up cheering for the other team. Granted, it will only be the second time when the Packers come to Minny this year, but it does feel weird cheering against everyone else in the stands.

You see, I'm from Winnipeg, so going to an NFL game not only involves shelling out for the tickets, but also for a road trip (and gas). As a Christmas present last year, my dad took me and my brother to the Chargers/Vikings game last year. It was amazing. Even though I was wearing my Tomlinson jersey, they let me on the sidelines during the pre-game which was awesome. The Chargers got blown out, but I got to see Adrian Peterson break some records, and Antonio Cromartie score on the longest play in NFL history. On top of it, the fans around us were great. No one harassed me about me jersey (Well, one drunk guy did, after the game) and I ended up having some awesome conversations with a diehard Vikes fan.

This year, my dad got us tickets to see the Packers game. My brother's favorite team is GB, and I'll probably end up cheering for them so he won't be alone. Still not sure yet, but probably. I had a great experience with the fans last year, but I wonder how different it will be because of the rivalry. I know I'd give Raider's fans a harder time than Cardinals. The good news is my bro doesn't have a jersey, so we won't be picked out of a crowd lol. Don't get me wrong, I'm proud to support my team, but the Packers aren't me team.

Hopefully this becomes a tradition, although I'd only get to see SD once every 8? years. That means we'd probably go to the Packers games, where I'd once again cheer against those lovable Vikings. I'm really sorry, I love Adrian Peterson, and their defense is great. And Bud Grant will never look out of place on a wall of fame.
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