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Tim "freaking" Tebow...

Seriously, I don't get it. Can somebody tell me why I should get excited over this kid?

Tim Tebow is NOT going to be a monster Fantasy QB this year...nor are the Broncos likely to make much of a run at the playoffs. So why all the hype? He reminds me of Kordell Stewart, except Kordell had a touch more athleticism, and Kordell Stewart didn't win anybody many fantasy football titles.

Is it because he's got God as his flanker? I don't think so.

I think the guy is used to being a winner, and he appears to have a lot of people in his corner, sipping his kool-aid, but this doesn't make him a fantasy football stud. When I read the "experts" suggesting they'd rather start Tim Tebow over Tony Romo...I laugh...and then I hope the guys in my league believe that trash. I would rather start virtually EVERY starting QB over Tim Tebow right now, until he shows me something at the NFL level that makes me change my mind. Until then, he's hype to me, the kind of hype I hope others buy into and START against me. It's almost reached Reggie Bush-like levels of hysteria, perhaps the greatest recent example of substance not equalling the scouting reports.

Think Kordell Stewart...that's really what Tim Tebow MAY be. Maybe.

5 guys I'd rather start over Tim Tebow in week 8:

Flacco vs Arizona
Ponder vs Carolina
Hasselbeck vs Baltimore
Beck vs Buffalo
Dalton vs Seattle

I'm not even going to state the obvious guys like Romo, Rodgers, Brady, Eli, Brees, Rivers, Roethlisberger, Newton, etc, etc.

3 Guys I WOULD start Tebow over in week 8:

ANYONE in Seattle
ANYONE in Miami
ANTONE in Indy

Tebow faces the Lions in week 8, and I think he's going to be forced to run for his life. He's not going to beat them with his arm, and unless he breaks a couple of scoring runs, it's gonna be the Miami game all over again without the miracle comeback.

Quick thoughts: running backs
Joseph Addai...let him go. If you can move this guy for any value, do it...but don't be afraid to simply drop the guy. The Colts are going nowhere and he's reaggravated his hammy.

Michael Bush...if he's available, pick him up. He's better than people think, and with McFadden in a walking boot, he'll have a chance to be productive for what could be an extended time.

Pierre Thomas...there might be an opportunity for him to get significant carries against the Rams in week 8 with Ingram's owie. Grab him and START him if Ingram is out. You might start him anyway, even if Ingram is active...the Rams are THAT bad against the run.

Trades to make, or not:
I've been offered a "deal", L.Blount (RB) and S.Greene (RB) for Calvin Johnson (WR). My starting RB's basically suck now that Jahvid Best is going to be a question mark for the rest of the season. Drafting out of the 10th hole, I have Calvin and Andre Johnson, Miles Austin and Steve Smith as my top 4 wideouts, so I, I SHOULD move one of them for a quality running back. Is this the type of offer you should take in a situation like mine?

Umm, hell no.

Be aware of "packages" designed to take your superstar player for a couple of average players UNLESS the impact upon your starting lineup is positively impacted. Don't REACH here. Megatron is deal him for top talent, not guys who "might" be good...or "might" be injured for a while. Deal elite talent for elite talent. The ONLY exception is if you are offered a deal TOO GOOD TO PASS UP...then let him go.

If you are trying to land a "Megatron"-type player, it's never a bad idea to float out some trade ideas that will land you a stud player at a discount, but beware, do it too often and you'll have a tougher time finding trading partners down the line. The best way to land a STUD is to offer a STUD in return. In lieu of that, offering GOOD players that fill another team's holes should get you into the conversation. Simply ask yourself, if the situation was reversed, would YOU accept the offer? If it's "no", determine what it would take for you to say "yes". If you can afford it, offer it. Trade dealines are approaching in most leagues, don't get swooped by another owner because you're trying to get as much juice out of the other team you can. Get deals done now...if you really want to trade near the deadline.

And there you have it. Comment if you please. Agree, disagree, it's up to you. I'll post once a week a new topic and try to answer any questions from the previous week. Good luck!

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