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Shootaround 2.14.11: Road Wizards

Posted by Royce Young
  • Michael Lee of The Washington Post: "For a moment, I thought about putting on a plastic poncho and borrowing a pair of Kirk Hinrich's goggles for fear of getting soaked with a champagne shower. But after the Wizards finally won their first road game of the season -- and ended a 26-game road losing streak dating back to April 9 of last season -- the locker room floor didn't need any protective covering. It was filled with relief, laughter -- and jokes about needing to have a championship-caliber celebration."
  • This quote is kind of rough for O.J. Mayo: "Even when Zach Randolph got hurt and came back at the beginning of the year it was a heck of an adjustment for the team," Hollins told The Commercial-Appeal . "The team's identity had changed just that quickly because Zach wasn't the guy down in the post getting the ball and doing his thing."
  • Darnell Mayberry of The Oklahoman: "The Thunder fell to 2-7 in Sunday games following its 100-94 loss at Golden State. The only other day of the week that Oklahoma City has a losing record is Tuesday, a day in which the Thunder is 1-2. 'Maybe we're not meant to play on Sundays,' Scott Brooks said."
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Shootaround 2.11.11: Sticking points

The King wants a bad game on TV, Derrick Rose has gotten better around the rim, and Jerry Sloan was around for a while. All this and more in today's Shootaround. 
Posted by Matt Moore

Just how many coaches did Jerry Sloan out-last during his tenure? SBNation takes a graphic look

The collected history of the 3-point shot. 

Tyson Chandler thinks he got snubbed for the All-Star Game. Join the club. 

Rose has not only become an MVP candidate this season, he's improved at drawing contact within the context of the season. It was a major weakness that I too have noticed he's improved on. He's no longer avoiding contact or leaning away at the point of attack.

The Bucks spent all that money over the summer and have so very little to show for it. 

LeBron James wants the Cavs-Wizards game televised

MJ's still got it

Landry Fields tries his hand at selling his own jersey.

The life and times of dealing with Gregg Popovich as a beat writer.  

Marcus Camby might be back soon. Maybe. Probably. Perhaps. 
Posted on: February 10, 2011 9:06 am

Shootaround 2.10.11: Frazzled Jazz

Posted by Royce Young
  • Something to keep an eye on is the weird situation that took place last night in Utah. Brian T. Smith of the Salt Lake Tribune: "Jazz coach Jerry Sloan was clearly not himself. Normally one of the fastest coaches in the NBA to speak to the media after a win or loss, Sloan spent more than 30 minutes behind closed doors Wednesday following Utah’s tough 91-86 loss to the Chicago Bulls at EnergySolutions Arena. Once Sloan finally showed up, he appeared shaken and out of sorts. Asked about his time spent behind close doors, Sloan was as polite as ever. He was also honest. Sloan said that a conversation took place between his coaching staff and general manager Kevin O’Connor. But that was all that Sloan would reveal, and he took just two questions about the issue before stating that he would then only discuss game-related matters."
  • George Vecsey of The New York Times: "Blake Griffin’s first venture to Madison Square Garden as a professional turned into a 116-108 victory by the Clippers that should have been humiliating to the home team. Griffin scored 21 points and had a few nice dunks, if not the spectacles that have made him quite the rage this season. After he had dressed, and wearing professorial dark-rimmed glasses, Griffin said he loved being in the Garden -- 'the atmosphere, especially with the Knicks going well.' They did not play well Wednesday, but this rediscovery of good team basketball -- some of the time -- has allowed Garden fans to appreciate opponents the way they did Oscar and West in kinder times, and when Jordan and Reggie Miller came to torment the Knicks in more recent combative times."
  • Mary Schmitt Boyer of The Plain Dealer: "How is it possible, when a team has lost 25 straight games, to come out with the sort of performance the Cavaliers put forth in Wednesday night's 103-94 loss to the Detroit Pistons at The Q? This shell of a basketball team absorbed its 26th straight loss, tying the all-time professional sports record set by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in their first two years of existence in 1976-77. The performance was so bad that coach Byron Scott threw a fit at halftime and another one after the game, when he kept the locker room closed for 30 minutes."
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Shootaround 2.9.11: Ratings

Posted by Royce Young
  • Rip Hamilton was deactivated again, but this time for a sore groin: "You can blame everybody, you can blame me," Hamilton told The Detroit News . "It's one of those things that I thought should have never happened in the first place, and then if it needed to get resolved, it should have got resolved after the first game I sat, not 30 days later. It's a mystery, right?"
  • Gregg Popovich on newly signed Steve Novak: "If I put him in, I want him to make a shot."
  • David Stern wants to see Donnie Walsh stay in New York, says the NY Post: "Stern has worked quietly behind the scenes to have Knicks owner James Dolan bring back president Donnie Walsh to finish out the final year of his contract, a source with knowledge of the situation told The Post."
  • Bill Plaschke of the Los Angeles Times: "How are you going to build a franchise around a player who has spent six years here without one defining moment? The answer is, you can't. And when the Lakers responded to Tuesday's Internet buzz by saying they would never trade Bynum to Denver for Carmelo Anthony, I was struck with one more question. Why not? If they want to slip another championship or two under the closing window of Kobe Bryant's career, this is their best chance. If they want to lay down a new foundation to begin the rebuilding process after Bryant leaves, this works. Bynum, a great guy who has been victimized only by his own brittle body, has thus proven to be neither kingmaker nor cornerstone. At the Lakers' current pace, they're not going to win this year's title with him, and history says he won't be sound enough to lead them to future ones. You say Bynum is only 23. I remind you that Anthony is only 26."
  • Scott Fowler of The Charlotte Observer: "Grow up, Stephen Jackson. The world is not out to get you. And NBA officials don't make up their mind before each game to mess with you. You've gotten three technicals in the past two games, including two against the Boston Celtics on Monday night that got you thrown out in the second quarter and caused you to miss one of the best wins in Charlotte Bobcats franchise history. You're up to 13 technicals now for the season and about $180,000 lost in salary and fines because of your consistent referee abuse. If you get to 16 technical fouls, you will be automatically suspended for one game by the NBA (which will cost you another $102,000)."
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Shootaround 2.8.11: Unconvincing

The Hornets may want Tawn, Melo drops 50, and the Cavaliers are still making dough. All this and more in today's Shootaround. 
Posted by Matt Moore

Nicolas Batum says Derrick Rose is "a great offensive player, but he doesn't play defense."  Look at Nicolas Batum getting all mouthy.

In addition to possibly being traded, Aaron Brooks may face further punishment. Remember when he was slicing and dicing the Lakers two years ago. Oh, how the miniature mighty have fallen, Aaron.

The Hornets may have interest in Antawn Jamison but aren't convinced a deal can get done. 

Luc Richard Mbah a Moute wants a concussion protocol in the NBA similar to what the NFL has. There really is no reason to avoid taking every precaution with those kinds of head injuriesl 

Denver is the kink in the new trade for Melo agreement, again. Masai Ujiri isn't pushing the envelope on trading Melo. He's got a forklift and is crashing it forward. 

Scoring 50 like Melo did is nice. But doing it on 24 shots is even more impressive. 

Man, what is the deal with Garnett and hitting guys in the junk?

The Cavs think they lost because the officials didn't toss Dirk Nowitzki for a punch that didn't land. After 25 times, don't you think the problems may be a bit more convoluted than that?

Dwyane Wade says Blake Griffin is "a phenom." Dwyane Wade is correct.

The Cavaliers are still making money hand over fist while the fans suffer through the worst losing streak in history. Dan Gilbert: hero to people who are not you. 
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Shootaround 2.7.11: Super-dazed

Super-heroes, Super Bowls, and super-aggressive.  All that and more, in today's Shootaround. 
Posted by Matt Moore

For all your post-Super-Bowl coverage needs, be sure to check out our Eye on Football blog

Following a series of Marvel Comics NBA Season Preview covers for ESPN, Marvel and the NBA will begin producing merchandise according to a press release. 

Rick Adelman says he's not worried about his contract. Ironically, Adelman has overachieved with an undermanned roster each year except this one, where even without Yao Ming, he's underperformed. Bad timing.

Add Marc Gasol to the list of players who has considered returning overseas at some point, which would take a major Grizzlies building block, and huge 2011 restricted free agent, off the table.

Kendrick Perkins can't see himself playing anywhere else but Boston. That's the kind of money quote Celtics fans were looking for to ease their minds about Perkins' upcoming free agency.

Phil Jackson says Pau Gasol will never be Kevin Garnett, going around trying to "punch guys in the groin."

This just in, Gilbert Arenas still says nonsensical things

Stephen Jackson: "I get techs because I want to. I don't care." 

Delonte West says he'll be back the first game after the All-Star break.

Marquis Daniels is expected to miss 1-2 months after that scary neck injury Sunday. 

LeBron James kind of had somewhere else to be yesterday instead of beating the Clippers

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Shootaround 2.4.11: No love lost

Love unhappy with snub, Gentry unhappy with KG, and Lakers fans still happy with Lakers. All this and more in today's Shootaround. 
Posted by Matt Moore

Larry Bird is open to pretty much everything, but trading Danny Granger is not everything

One Laker blog thinks last night's last-second loss to a conference rival at home was a good thing

Alvin Gentry "lost a little respect" for Kevin Garnett after last Friday's antics. Some will say Garnett got away with this stuff when he was in Minnesota, which means it's unfair to criticize him now. If he was doing things like undercutting guys and hitting them in their junk, then the media failed to reprimand him then for such behavior. 

All-Star bitterness begins!

The Magic forced LeBron into the looks they wanted him to take. He just nailed them. All of them.

Nate Robinson is starting to concern the Celtics fans a bit. 

The best 2011 free agents

Luke Ridnour: the only guy who doesn't want out of the Wolves.

Doc's plan for the four All-Stars

 Kevin Love did not take the snub well. 

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