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Posted on: December 26, 2011 5:45 pm
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Jackson: 'I really left' after Wallace trade

Posted by Ben Golliverwallace-jackson

Trade my friend? OK, cool. I'll just throw in the towel.

That was the attitude adopted last season by then Charlotte Bobcats forward Stephen Jackson. According to Jackson.

Now with the Milwaukee Bucks, Jackson admitted to Charlotte.com that he mailed in the final 25 games of the season after the Bobcats traded forward Gerald Wallace to the Portland Trail Blazers for draft picks and expiring contracts.
“When Gerald left, I really left,’’ Jackson said at morning shootaround at Time Warner Cable Arena.

“Considering what we did (getting to) the playoffs, and then all those changes. To take Gerald away really took a lot out of me. I still was trying to do my job as best I can, but it was a lot harder. When they got rid of Gerald, that let me know they didn’t want to win. I didn’t want to be part of a place like that.’’
The Bobcats were 25-32 at the time of the trade and 9-16 after the trade deadline move that brought over injured center Joel Przybilla and second-year forward Dante Cunningham from Portland.

Keep in mind, this is the same Jackson who told Milwaukee media less than three weeks ago that there is nothing that can stop him from competing, not even a gunshot. Bucksketball.com with the quotes.
“If guys come in here not focused on a championship, just making the playoffs, we need to trade them. We need to be talking about championship and nothin’ else. You can’t limit yourself to just playoffs. Who wants to do that? Playoffs is not really an achievement to me. Anybody can get to the playoffs.”

“If I’m shot, I’ma get stitched and play the next game. I got hit by a car and played two days later.”
Jackson also claimed not to know that there was a lockout because he was attending to his rap career.
“Was there a lockout? I don’t know, I wasn’t even watching the news, I wasn’t affected by the lockout, I don’t have money problems. Yeah I wasn’t playing basketball, but I can’t control that. I was doing my music stuff at the time.”
The polite way to react to these statements is to say that what you see is what you get with Jackson. No minced words or trite comments, that's for sure.

Jackson was paid $8.5 million for the 2010-2011 season and was designated a team captain, so his honesty curries no favor. Without question, the Wallace trade was a move for the future and a signal that owner Michael Jordan was headed in a different direction. It's reasonable that Jackson took the news harder than anyone else in the locker room. But he still cashed the game checks and he still donned the uniform. Acknowledging that he checked out for nearly two months of an NBA season is a slap in the face to Charlotte's fans, whether he realizes that or not.

The good news: there's absolutely no second-guessing Bobcats new GM Rich Cho, who shipped Jackson to the Bucks on the night of the 2011 NBA Draft. Charlotte is in store for a burn-it-down rebuild that could take years before the team is in contention for the playoffs again. If Jackson couldn't handle two months without Wallace, imagine how the next two seasons would have played out.

He's your problem now, Milwaukee.
Posted on: December 19, 2011 9:25 am

Rookie Biyombo agrees to buyout, will join Cats

By Matt Moore

The AP reports that Charlotte Bobcats forward Bismack Biyombo has agreed to a buyout with his Spanish team Fuenlabrada for $1.5 million, clearing the way for the 19-year-old to join the NBA this season. There had been concerns that Biyombo would not be able to get out of his contract with the club and would have to wait another season. 

The Bobcats desperately need Biyombo after center Kwame Brown signed with the Warriors in free agency. The Cats had been considering starting Boris Diaw at center, which they may still with Biyombo trying to catch up. Biyombo's size is vital for the Bobcats. Before the draft, fellow prospects had joked at Biyombo's freakish length,  which allowed him to nearly touch his knees... standing upright. 

Along with Kemba Walker, the Bobcats have a legitimate youth movement now with Biyombo and Gerald Henderson for the first time in nearly a decade, since the franchise's inception. There are concerns regarding Biyombo's ability to adapt to the NBA game given his raw offensive repertoire, but his defensive instincts should translate just fine. 

The Bobcats got their man, now they just need to mold him into a legitimate force. 
Posted on: December 16, 2011 10:41 am

Reggie Williams out 6-8 weeks

Posted by Royce Young

The Bobcats found a little offense in signing Reggie Williams to a two-year deal this week, but they'll have to wait a little while to see how that investment works out.

Via the Charlotte Observer, just about 24 hours after signing a $5 million deal, Williams will have surgery on a torn meniscus in his right knee and will miss 6-8 weeks. Not that Williams was going to make all the difference in the world, but for a young team that's going to need some offense, he was set to be an important piece off the bench.

Corey Maggette is already in place at small forward, but Williams is a versatile swingman that was likely going to see a solid amount of playing time. At $5 million, he's a quality, high value signing. I'm sure the Bobcats had knowledge of this knee situation before they signed him and maybe that's why Williams didn't have that many other suitors. Who knows.

With the season being so compacted, missing 6-8 weeks is a much bigger than it would otherwise be. That length of time could be around 40 percent of the season, which would be a real shame for both the Bobcats, and Williams.
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2011-2012 NBA season: Southeast Division preview

Posted by Ben Golliver


We're less than two weeks away from the start of the 2011-2012 NBA season. After an interminable lockout and a rushed free agency period, here's a first look division-by-division preview at how the league is shaping up. We begin with the Southeast Division.

2011 Standings

1. Miami Heat, 58-24, lost in NBA Finals
2. Orlando Magic, 52-30, lost in first round of Eastern Conference playoffs to Atlanta Hawks
3. Atlanta Hawks, 44-38, lost in second round of Eastern Conference playoffs to Chicago Bulls
4. Charlotte Bobcats, 34-48, NBA Draft Lottery
5. Washington Wizards, 23-59, NBA Draft Lottery

Best team: Miami Heat

The Miami Heat proved they were the best team in the Eastern Conference by a significant margin when they dismantled the Chicago Bulls in the playoffs last year. The 2011-2012 version brings all the key pieces back and features one major upgrade: free agent wing Shane Battier. The Heat retained point guard Mario Chalmers and forward James Jones, avoid using the amnesty clause on forward Mike Miller, and get to enjoy a full year of a healthy Udonis Haslem. Free agent big man Eddy Curry steps in to provide depth behind center Joel Anthony too. Those are all good things, and I haven't even mentioned the Big 3 yet: LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. All return with a renewed purpose plus redemption as motivation, and all three spent the lockout getting themselves in top shape to accomplish their goal of winning a title.

Anything less than a ring will be a major disappointment. Now that coach Erik Spoelstra has had the experience of going through the fire once, he should be more ready than ever to guide the Heat to some major regular season and postseason accomplishments. 55+ wins in a 66-game schedule isn't outside the realm of possibility for Miami, although they will surely be careful limiting minutes for James and Wade down the stretch in anticipation of the playoffs.

Worst team: Charlotte Bobcats
This is Year One of what will be a multi-year rebuilding process under new GM Rich Cho, who brings overhauling experience from his days as an assistant GM in Seattle/Oklahoma City. There are some intriguing young pieces -- particularly rookies Kemba Walker and Bismack Biyombo, assuming the latter is finally available -- and one proven veteran in Corey Maggette but this season will be a tossaway for owner Michael Jordan, who will continue to look to cut costs and position the team for a high draft pick in a loaded 2012 lottery.

Biggest surprise: Orlando Magic
The upstart Washington Wizards have the potential to pleasantly surprise, but the looming trade of center Dwight Howard almost guarantees that Orlando's season will be the biggest surprise. And it's already off to a wacky start, with drunk dialing, resignations, layoffs and a major signing of Jason Richardson. Who could have predicted all of that two weeks ago? No one. And the Howard rumors are just beginning. Everything from a total rebuilding effort to a desperate spending spree to appease Howard is currently on the table. The Magic will be a daily surprise. 

Three Best Players: LeBron James, Dwight Howard, Dwyane Wade

Nowhere is the talent gap between superstars and everybody else more clear than the Southeast Division. The top-heavy Heat boast three of the top-15 players in the league while Howard is a top-3 talent. Nobody controls the action better than James, there isn't a better 2-way force than Howard and Wade is arguably the best crunch-time performer in the game. You can't go wrong with any of those three, and the drop between the trio and Bosh, the next best player in the Division, is steep.

Biggest Question: Will Orlando trade Dwight Howard?

All signs point to yes on the Magic finally parting with Howard. It was surely be a painful process, no matter how long it takes or how many pieces are received in return. The No. 1 overall pick in 2004, Howard has been everything you could hope for from a modern center and a marketing machine, missing just five games in seven seasons and posting ridiculous statlines (at least a double-double every year plus leading the league in blocks twice) along the way. If Orlando Magic GM Otis Smith is able to temporarily mend the fences between himself and Howard, he's likely to find out that slow-playing the trade process will result in some amazing offers for Howard's services. Howard should have been the 2011 NBA MVP and he plays the games' most coveted position. Someone will throw the franchise at Orlando for the rights to acquire him. It's only a matter of who and when.

2012 Projected Standings

1. Miami Heat
2. Atlanta Hawks
3. Orlando Magic
4. Washington Wizards
5. Charlotte Bobcats
Posted on: November 29, 2011 2:47 pm

Bismack Biyombo is suing his Euro team

Posted by Royce Young

Bismack Biyombo's agent had already guaranteed that his client would play for the Bobcats in 2011-12. But with that in serious doubt, mainly because Biyombo was denied FIBA clearance, new steps are being taken to try and get Biyombo a rookie season.

Via the Charlotte Observer:
"I just had a brief conversation with Biyombo's USA-based agent, Joel Bell. He said there's a civil trial scheduled for Dec. 19 in Spain. Biyombo is suing Fuenlabrada, the team Biyombo played for last season, for breach of contract. If Biyombo won that suit, he'd likely be free of that contract and able to sign with the Bobcats."
The Bobcats took Biyombo seventh overall in last June's draft so they certainly are counting on having him. But his dispute with his Spanish League team could keep him from it. With training camps starting Dec. 9, it's pretty much a certainty that Biyombo will miss at least the first two weeks of training camp. And that's only if he wins his lawsuit.

If he loses, he very likely would have to remain in Spain for the season. Unless, Fuenlabrada would be willing to take a cash settlement from Biyombo and the Bobcats. The most Charlotte can add is $500,000.

Biyombo has two years remaining on his contract with Fuenlabrada with a buyout of about $1.4 million. FIBA said in an email to the Observer a few months ago, "The NBA has indeed requested a Letter of Clearance (LoC) for the Player Bismack Biyombo. In accordance with the NBA/FIBA Agreement, FIBA has contacted the Spanish Federation in order to obtain the LoC. However, the Spanish Basketball Federation refused to issue the LoC in view of the fact that the Player is still under contract with a team in Spain."

Biyombo is probably the biggest mystery man of this entire rookie class as he was picked largely because of an impressive showing during the Nike Summit in Portland. A lot see him as a Serge Ibaka type shotblocker, but Biyombo has a ways to go before he's close to as polished as Ibaka.

And the only way he's going to get started moving that way is by playing a season in the NBA. Which unless this lawsuit works, could very well be the likelihood. But with the recent success of NBA players in court, you'd have to think Biyombo's got a shot.
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Stephon Marbury: Michael Jordan is a 'sellout'

Posted by Ben Golliver


I know, I know, Stephon Marbury has a giant tattoo on his head and wasn't coherent for about three years there so you want to tune out everything that comes from his mouth. Totally understandable. 

When it comes to this NBA lockout stuff, though, Marbury has been surprisingly on point. All the way back in January, for example, the former NBA All-Star now playing in China was one of the first to publicly predict that the NBA players would "cave." 10 months later, the National Basketball Players Association has reportedly offered billions of dollars worth of concessions without obtaining a single improvement to the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

On Tuesday, Marbury took to Twitter to address another lockout hot topic: NBA legend and current Charlotte Bobcats owner Michael Jordan's role as a hard-liner in these negotiations.

Marbury, as per usual, minced no words.
Micheal Fake Jordan is a sell out. #Period. He forgot which hole he came out of. I said it "Stephon X Marbury"... MJ went from MJ the black cat to a guy who forgot he was a player. Sell your team if you can't make a profit.. Your just a regular dude now! ... When he rapped the Bulls for 36 million for one year no ones said nothing about that... 

He's just a man. I know he's some people's GOd but real is real. Dude forgot he played and demanded millions... he wasn't my idol I just loved his game. He never did nothing that I knew about to change the life off of the court other then hit cats over the head for a 100 150 dollar sneakers and still doing it. Jim Brown said it best. Micky mouse type cat. Wave and break you pocket for as long as he can.

he didn't create nothing. The game was played way before him... 
Marbury hits on similar criticisms leveled at Jordan by current NBA players recently. The main charge is hypocrisy, because Jordan was one a strong advocate for players' rights as a player. But Marbury goes further than Washington Wizards guard Nick Young, Indiana Pacers wing Paul George, and Golden State Warriors forward Klay Thompson went in their criticism. Marbury questions Jordan's loyalty to his race, attempts to undercut his importance to basketball as a whole, and slams Jordan for charging so much money for his signature sneakers.

In one breath, Marbury accuses Jordan of being a selfish hypocrite working against his race's best interests while receiving too much credit for his contributions to his sport. That's not just "keeping it 100," that's more like keeping it approximately 284. He went in so far he's tweeting from a bathtub filled with magma.

Marbury is the rare former NBA player with nothing to lose by launching such an attack on the Greatest Of All Time. That's because he does't have much left. His credibility is in tatters, he's been cast out from the NBA, he's plying his trade half a world away and he is reportedly in millions of dollars worth of debt over his own failed sneaker company. 

Taking a moment to let them sink in, these comments leave you shaking your head. That's essentially unavoidable when a man who once devoured vaseline and live-streamed himself getting into a car crash decides to take up major social consciousness issues. But Marbury's attack here, more than anything, makes you wonder how many others agree with his thinking but are too tied into the NBA's system, or too easily influenced by Jordan's legendary power and influence, to speak up?

Is this another chapter in the ravings of a mad man, or a rare peak behind the curtain at a colleague's resentment -- perhaps silently shared by others -- of the most successful professional basketball player ever's actions and approach.
Posted on: November 6, 2011 1:34 am

NBA players call Michael Jordan 'hypocrite'

Posted by Ben Gollivernba-lockout

Basketball legend and Charlotte Bobcats owner Michael Jordan became the face of the hard-liner NBA owners this week, when a report broke that he is the face of a group of 10-14 owners who think a 50/50 revenue split with the players is too generous, preferring instead to offer a 47 percent stake.

On Saturday, as labor talks between the NBA and the National Basketball Players Association were winding down, at least three NBA players took to Twitter to express their frustration with Jordan. 

"I'm not wearing Jordans no more," Washington Wizards guard Nick Young said. "Can't believe what I just seen and heard from MJ. Elvis Done Left The Building." 

"Damn MJ," Indiana Pacers guard Paul George wondered aloud. "That's how you feel?"

Later, Golden State Warriors rookie wing Klay Thompson replied to George: "You think the 1996 MJ would pull this? Straight hypocrite bro."

George agreed: "Man straight hypocrite bro.. He should've been the 1st one behind us smh."

The charges of hypocrisy stem from the fact that Jordan was a major advocate for NBA players' rights during his playing days. During the 1998 labor negotiations, for example, Jordan famously told then-Washington Wizards owner Abe Pollin: "If you can't make a profit, you should sell your team."
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Michael Jordan's Bobcats partners want out

Posted by Ben Gollivermichael-jordan-yell

At the same time that NBA legend Michael Jordan is reportedly leading the way for his fellow hard-line owners around the league when it comes to the ongoing labor negotiations, he's apparently dealing with some disorder in his own house. The Charlotte Bobcats majority owner is reportedly dealing with defections among his minority owner partners.

The New York Daily News reports that a "big piece" of the Bobcats is for sale.

A minority stake in the Bobcats has recently been put up for sale, the Daily News has learned.

How much of the team is on the market and which partner is looking to get out isn't known, according to sources, although one potential buyer has told business associates that he had been approached about buying "50% of the team.''

However, Jordan is majority owner of the team, which has been losing an estimated $7 million per season in recent years. "Michael isn't going anywhere, but there are other people in his group that want to get out,'' said a source. "There's a big piece for sale.''

The Bobcats were a bottom-10 team in home attendance last season and have made the playoffs just once in their seven years of existence. Jordan slashed payroll in 2011, trading stars Gerald Wallace and Stephen Jackson, and bringing in new GM Rich Cho to help lead a youth movement that will be centered around, at leat for the time being, 2011 draft picks Kemba Walker and Bismack Biyombo. In other words, the Bobcats would have had no hope of matching last year's win total of 34 if a full 82-game season had been played this year and currently have zero players on the roster with a legit chance at becoming a full-blown star. They also have the likes of Corey Maggette, Boris Diaw, Tyrus Thomas and DeSagana Diop on the books for fairly big money.

Maybe they should just change the team name to "Charlotte Amnesty BobClauses."

The immediate future is bleak. One or two more years of tanking and some smart drafting by Cho could turn this thing around in a hurry, but that's a tough sell to investors as the team will be bleeding cash and stocking up losses in the standings for the foreseeable future.

No doubt, someone will pony up for the right to be business partners with Jordan, but they will surely know going in that they are paying for that privilege, and possibly nothing more.
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