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Posted on: February 9, 2012 5:57 pm
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Perkins talks about why he slammed LeBron

Posted by Royce Young

When someone calls someone else out through the media, typically things just go round and round for a while. And that's the cycle we're caught in with the Kendrick Perkins - LeBron James beef. Perkins called out LeBron, LeBron responded and now Perkins is responding to LeBron's response.

But some were a little bit confused as to why Perkins singled out LeBron for his tweet about the Blake Griffin dunk. Perkins went on Jim Rome today and explained himself further.

"I got a lot of respect for him, no doubt," Perkins began with. But then he explained himself a little.

"It happened, let it be," said Perkins. "If it was on the other foot, I definitely wouldn't be tweeting it from another team. I'm not about to tweet, 'Oh, JaVale McGee just dunked on such and such. Oh wow.' Nah, I'm not on that. Because me personally, if you don't bleed OKC or aren't a fan of the Oklahoma City Thunder I don't really care what kind of highlights you got."

LeBron responded yesterday to Perkins' initial criticism by saying, "From day one, that's why I got to Twitter, to connect to my fans. I would never apologize for anything like that when I’m connecting with my fans.

"I can see why he may have felt embarrassed," he said. "I don’t think I was the only one that reacted to that unbelievable play by Blake, and that's what it was all about, me acknowledging how great of a play it was. If Kendrick Perkins had dunked on somebody else on the other end, I would have done the same thing.

Perkins though said he wasn't embarrassed at all by the play even confessed that he's watch it "over and over again on YouTube" and said when his kids are older that he'll probably show it to them. But he sees the dunk and the tweeting as two separate things.

Rome asked Perkins if it was really just a "keep my name out of your mouth" type of thing.

"Yeah basically. Just do your job. Worry about the Heat," Perkins said.

Perkins said the Thunder have a mentalilty of "all we have is each other" and that they want to beat other guys, not get excited about what they do.

"You'll never see any of our guys tweeting about any highlights from anybody else from around the league because we don't care," he said. "So we really don't care about what you're doing."

But for real now guys, let's just let this thing die.

Via Thunder Rumblings
Posted on: February 8, 2012 10:17 pm
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LeBron responds to Perkins, won't apologize

Posted by Royce Young

Don't hold your breath waiting for an apology Perk, because LeBron's not giving you one.

After Kendrick Perkins called out LeBron James for a tweet gushing over Blake Griffin's poster of Perkins, LeBron naturally was asked about it and responded by saying he's not sorry for tweeting. Via the Sun Sentinel:

"From day one, that's why I got to Twitter, to connect to my fans. I would never apologize for anything like that when I’m connecting with my fans."

To refresh, after Griffin crammed on Perkins, LeBron tweeted, "Dunk of the Year! @blakegriffin just dunked on Kendrick Perkins so hard!!! Wow! I guess I’m No. 2 now. Move over #6.”

And he seemed to sort of twist the knife on Perkins too.

"I can see why he may have felt embarrassed. I don’t think I was the only one that reacted to that unbelievable play by Blake, and that's what it was all about, me acknowledging how great of a play it was. If Kendrick Perkins had dunked on somebody else on the other end, I would have done the same thing.

"I'm an easy target, let's leave it at that."

I'd say LeBron handled it well, but probably should've just said, "I don't care about Kendrick Perkins," but LeBron chalked it up to "connecting" with his fans. I don't really know how that's connecting, but LeBron seems to think so.

LeBron seemed to gloss over the point Perkins was making about caring about himself too much and being starved for attention, but that might've been intentional. But then again, he probably wasn't psyched about having to talk about this in the first place.
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Perkins slams LeBron about his tweet on Griffin

Perkins didn't mind getting dunked on, he just didn't like the reaction. (Getty Images)
Posted by Royce Young

For almost 24 hours after Blake Griffin detonated a dunk over him, Kendrick Perkins trended worldwide on Twitter. Griffin's dunk changed Perkins' reputation from the tough guy in the paint to the guy that got posterized.

No bother to him though, he says. Via Yahoo! Sports:
"If I was in the same position, in the same rotation, I’m going to jump again and again and again,” Perkins told Yahoo! Sports. “I don’t care. A lot of people are afraid of humiliation or don’t know how to handle embarrassment or would even get embarrassed. I don’t care.

“I’m the same Perk you’re going to see. I’m still going to sign autographs the same way. I ain’t going to change. The people that move out the way and stuff are the people who have insecurity problems.

“That’s my job. How will my teammates look at me if next time I just back out the way and just let him dunk when I’m supposed to be defensive-minded, a shot-blocker? That would be a coward move on me. He’d just have to dunk on me again.”

One thing that did bother Perk though? LeBron James' reaction to Griffin's dunk. Specifically, his excited tweet about it that said, "Dunk of the Year! @blakegriffin just dunked on Kendrick Perkins so hard!!! Wow! I guess I’m No. 2 now. Move over #6.” LeBron of course talking about his dunk over John Lucas III.

Said Perkins:
"You don’t see Kobe [Bryant] tweeting,” Perkins said. “You don’t see Michael Jordan tweeting. If you’re an elite player, plays like that don’t excite you. At the end of the day, the guys who are playing for the right reasons who are trying to win championships are not worrying about one play.

“They also are not tweeting about themselves talking about going down to No. 2. I just feel [James] is always looking for attention and he wants the world to like him.”

One thing to note: I think the reason you don't see Kobe or Michael Jordan tweeting is because they aren't on Twitter. Just a theory.

But Perk's sour grapes here about LeBron seems a bit petty to me. A lot of players tweeted about Griffin's dunk, including Chris Paul, Magic Johnson and Kevin Love. I do see Perk's point though in that the way LeBron's tweet was worded makes it seem like LeBron is a tad vain.

The Heat play the Thunder March 25. That game was already must-watch, but it's got another storyline with it now. I think LeBron might try to Mosgov and Lucas Perkins all that the same time.

Posted on: February 3, 2012 5:26 pm

Friday 5 with KB: Power plays

By Matt Moore

In this week's edition of 
the Friday 5, KB talks the best power forward in the West, how good the Bulls are, and whether Griffin-over-Perkins was a dunk . You can follow Ken Berger on Twitter @KBergCBS

1. Who's the best power forward in the West?

If you consider Pau Gasol to be a power forward (and I do, despite the fact that he doesn't play with much power), it's hard to do better. But in terms of all-around game, LaMarcus Aldridge is about to pass him, if he hasn't already.

2. Are the Bulls better, worse, or the same as they were last year?

Better. Rip Hamilton gives them an experienced scorer for the playoffs and makes their bench more potent -- whether he starts or Ronnie Brewer does, either way. Omer Asik will be ready to contribute in a meaningful way in the playoffs and is becoming a bear to deal with on screens. Also, I love the way Derrick Rose has responded to falling short against Miami in the conference finals, with a quiet but edgy determination to go farther this time.

3. Brian Cardinal noted to me this week that teams that can go 9, 10 deep are having success. Do you think the need for depth in this crazy compacted schedule will carry over in the playoffs or are we just going to see the usual 8-man rotation we usually see?

I think it depends on the team, but for the most part, the extra days of rest, practice and game-planning will allow teams to go with a more orthodox rotation. For teams with quality bench players (Spurs, Mavs, Thunder, Bulls, Sixers), getting them additional floor time and experience during the regular season will make them more effective in the postseason.

4. What should the Pistons do to fix this mess?

Where to begin? As I alluded to in Postups, Joe Dumars could be in for some tough times. For starters, I'd see if a financially flexible contender would be willing to take Ben Gordon off my hands between now and the deadline. Then, I'd amnesty Charlie Villanueva next summer and go from there. Where I'd be going, I'm not sure, but I'd get moving in that direction -- whatever that direction is.

5. How does the Blake Griffin/Perkins dunk measure up on your all-time scale?

I don't really keep conscious track of such things. But I enjoyed the EOB roundtable on the best dunks ever, and I'll say this: 1) Like Dwight Howard's "Superman" stunt in the dunk contest, if you don't flush the ball and make the rim snap, it ain't a dunk. Impressive that Griffin is the only player in the league who can get so high above the rim that he's literally throwing the ball through the rim from on high, but still, it ain't a dunk; and 2) Whatever it was, it still wasn't better than Vince Carter over Frederic Weis.
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Durant on Griffin's dunk: 'It was a layup'

Pretty much everyone freaked over Griffin's dunk over Perkins. Kevin Durant? Not so much. (Getty Images)
Posted by Royce Young

Did you see Blake Griffin's dunk on Kendrick Perkins? Of course you did. And you probably did one of a few things. You said, "OHHHHH!!!!" you shook your head or you passed out in terror.

It was an amazing play.

But one guy wasn't impressed and he has a better look than any of us.

"I have no appreciation for it at all," Thunder star Kevin Durant told reporters Wednesday, via the Oklahoman.

You shouldn't be surprised by that though. Durant's also a guy that when asked if he was happy for Dirk Nowitzki to get to the NBA Finals last year, he said, "I'm not happy for him at all." Durant isn't going to play the game where he says all the right things just to be nice. He didn't like Griffin cramming on his guy Perk and he didn't like all the attention it got either.

"It was a layup, I think," Durant said. "He threw the ball in and got fouled and made a free throw. So it’s three points at the end of the day."

It was in fact a dunk, by definition, but that's not the point. Durant came away unimpressed by the Blake Show's poster of his teammate. But is that the problem? Because it happened to Durant's teammate?

"If it wasn't against us, maybe I would have said it was a good play," he said.

I love Durant but that could've been over my grandmother and I would say it was a good play. But I understand that Durant doesn't want to wave the pom-pons for Griffin. That's what being a good teammate is. He's not going to gush about something that likely embarrassed his boy Perk.

But it definitely wasn't a layup. If that's the case, so was Durant's nasty poster of Brendan Haywood in the Western Conference Finals. I don't want to live in a world where those aren't dunks.
Posted on: January 31, 2012 12:08 am
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Blake Griffin dunks on Kendrick Perkins video

Posted by Ben Golliver and Royce Young

Los Angeles Clippers All-Star forward Blake Griffin threw down the dunk of the 2011-2012 season by going up and over Oklahoma City Thunder center Kendrick Perkins during a game at the Staples Center on Monday night. The dunk was reminiscent of his famous dunk from last season, when he went up and over then New York Knicks center Timofey Mozgov.

Miami Heat All-Star forward LeBron James immediately tweeted: "Dunk of the Year!! Blake Griffin just dunked on Kendrick Perkins so hard!! Wow!! I guess I'm #2 now. Move over #6." James is referring to his dunk on Sunday night when he jumped completely over Chicago Bulls guard John Lucas III to complete an alley-oop from All-Star guard Dwyane Wade.

Griffin won the 2011 NBA Slam Dunk Contest when he jumped over a Kia and caught an alley-oop from then teammate Baron Davis.

Here's the in-game video feed from the Thunder broadcast of Blake Griffin's dunk over Kendrick Perkins.

Here's the slow motion replay with two angles of Griffin posterizing Perkins from the Clippers broadcast.

Here's the in-game full-speed video from the Clippers broadcast via YouTube user TalkHoops.

Here's one final multi-angle remix from the Clippers broadcast.

Now, just for fun, here's a mash-up with Dallas Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki's hilarious color commentary from last week's alley-oop from Jason Terry to Brandan Wright on top of the Griffin dunk.
Posted on: January 16, 2012 11:21 am

Perkins says playing Celtics will still be hard

By Matt Moore

The Kendrick Perkins trade is winding up like that break-up that people never recover from for both the Celtics and Perkins. This is like "The Notebook" at this point, and Ryan Gosling is Perkins. Enjoy that image. The truth is, both the Celtics and Perkins continue to seem hurt by how the entire thing went down last February when Danny Ainge and Doc Rivers decided that Perkins' price tag in free agency would have been too high and elected to move him for Jeff Green. The move broke up a team that famously had never lost a playoff series with the starting lineup of Rajon Rondo, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Perkins healthy and active. 

And from a feature Sports Illustrated did with Perkins on his return to Beantown Monday, you can tell that the whole experience still sticks with Perkins, despite the fact that he played in the Western Conference Playoffs with the Thunder last year.  
"I'm kind of nervous," Perkins said. "I don't know what to expect. It's not like I have been around the league. I came there as an 18-year-old out of high school and was a Celtic for eight years. We went through the good times, the bad times, and the city really embraced me. I got close to a lot of people in that city and it was really hard to leave.

"Going back for the first time, I don't know what to expect. My approach is I want to win the game, but at the same time it is kind of hard with so many friends on the other side. Can I really be Perk out there? Can I really play my style? [Kevin Garnett] is my mentor. Ray [Allen] and Paul [Pierce] are my friends. Doc, we have a father-son relationship. [Rajon] Rondo, we talk every day. It's going to be hard."
via Thunder center Kendrick Perkins nervously awaits return to Boston - Chris Mannix - SI.com.

It's got to be hard. Leaving people you care about is always hard. 

But... Perkins is with the Thunder now. He's got a legitimate shot at a championship. And if that happens, it should be just as special as it would have been with the Celtics (not as special as the first one he won, nothing's as special as the first). Perkins needs to let Boston go. He's likely going to play for more teams in his career and he may never get back to Boston. It was special, something to remember, to treasure. His relationship with those guys goes beyond basketball and in the offseason he can hang out with them as much as he wants. 

But Monday, it's time to block all that out and go hard. He has a professional obligation to the Thunder. His teammates are counting on him. There's a point where he just has to put his personal feelings aside and go compete. Kevin Garnett went after the Timberwolves in his first trip back as hard as you'll ever see him, popping his jersey and jawing at the same teammates who he played alongside for years. That's the reality of professional sports, as hard as that is. 

The Celtics' run with Perkins is very much over. But the Thunder believe in him. It's time he gave them the same committment mentally... and emotionally. 
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