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Posted on: April 18, 2011 7:34 pm
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Veteran PG Jason Williams retires

Veteran point guard Jason Williams has retired. Posted by Ben Golliver.

It's been one of those years for Jason Williams. Back in October, he was suspended for bumping an official after arguing a call. In January, he no-showed on a road trip, got into a dispute with Magic management and eventually forced his way into a release. Shortly thereafter, he was picked up by the Memphis Grizzlies, where he played 11 games but isn't with the team in the playoffs due to injuries.

On Monday, ESPN.com and Yahoo! Sports both reported that Williams has decided to retire after a 12-year NBA career in which he posted averages of 10.5 points and 5.9 assists. It's probably time.

Williams, 35, averaged just 2.0 points and 1.9 assists in 10.9 minutes per game this season. He was somewhat productive as a reserve guard for the Magic last year, but Orlando's backcourt became extra crowded after its midseason trade for Gilbert Arenas, and Williams was clearly the odd man out. 

The lasting memory from Williams' 2010-2011 season will be discontent, however his unique legacy casts a much wider net. He will be remembered as "White Chocolate," a high school teammate of NFL player Randy Moss who was not afraid to profanely tee off on reporters after a game and who brought one of the truly unique moves to the game: the behind-the-back off-the-elbow pass, as show below. He was also a member of the 2006 title-winning Miami Heat

Happy trails, White Chocolate. There won't be another like you.

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Grizzlies reach agreement with Jason Williams

Veteran guard Jason Williams reportedly signs with Memphis. 
Posted by Matt Moore

White Chocolate is back in River City. 

The Memphis Commercial-Appeal reports that Jason Williams has reached an agreement in principle with the Memphis Grizzlies. Williams will join a wretchedly thin backcourt with O.J. Mayo on suspension, and should immediately compete for the backup point guard position behind Mike Conley. Greivis Vasquez has had a handful of solid games, a few great games, and a whole lot of bags-of-vomit games. Williams should get considerable time as a veteran in Lionel Hollins' rotations, especially considering the owner upstairs Michael Heisley is big on him. 
What's interesting is how it is he came to be a Grizzly. From the Commercial-Appeal

Memphis wanted to claim Williams off waivers before he became an unrestricted free agent last weekend. Williams asked the Grizzlies to pass apparently because of his doubts about playing at all.Williams is now said to want to play beyond this season.
via Point guard Jason Williams agrees to deal with Grizzlies » The Commercial Appeal.

"Well, I'm not sure if I ever want to play again, but, okay." Congratulations Memphis, you were his first choice, just before "retire, again." 
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Friday 5 with KB: Who's moving at the deadline?

Posted by Matt Moore

In today's Friday 5 with KB: who's getting moved at the deadline, where's White Chocolate going, and how's Kevin Durant's season going?

1. Guess what, Ken? February's here! Which means it's trade deadline season! Which means you won't get to sleep for a month! Get excited! Okay, give me one guy who if you absolutely had to put money on getting moved before the deadline, you'd put the cash down on. 

Ken Berger (CBSSports.com): With cash on the line, I should take the easy way out and say Anthony Randolph, who's either going to be traded to the Nuggets in a Carmelo Anthony deal or to Minnesota for a first-round pick the Knicks can use to replenish their stockpile after the cap-clearing trade with Houston last season. But that's like stealing candy from a blogger, so I'll be a little more risk-taking and say Joel Przybilla. The Blazers are likely to try to shake things up, and Przybilla's size and expiring contract will be in demand among contenders. Once Marcus Camby comes back from his knee scope, Portland will have the green light to explore how much those contenders will be willing to give up.

2.  Jason Williams released by the Magic this week. Any chance of him winding up in Miami? And if not, where then?

KB: The Heat haven't had any internal discussions of significance about Williams; despite their limitations, Miami seems content with the point-guard platoon of Mario Chalmers and Carlos Arroyo. The latest, as you know, is that the Grizzlies have serious interest -- especially now that O.J. Mayo has been suspended 10 games for using a banned supplement.

3.  Your big feature on Antoine Walker this week showcased the problems with players who squander their money in rather horribly pathetic ways.  Is this an issue of personal responsibility only, or one that either the union or the league will feel compelled to act further upon? There have been classes, resources, advisers, all made available to the players and yet we see things like this. Is it foolish to hope for anything more provided to the players to avoid situations like Walker's?

KB: As you point out, the league and union do try to educate players about the perils of mismanaging their money, trusting it to friends or so-called investment gurus, or simply squandering it on an outlandish lifestyle. As in any walk of life, some players listen and some don't. That is always going to be the case no matter how much education is available. That's why I like this idea, and since the CBA is up, it's the perfect time to implement it. Let's set aside a small percentage of the profit when a team is sold and  put it in the pension fund for retired players. It would be a forced-savings mechanism and a safety net for players who get into financial trouble -- whether it's their own fault or not.

4. O.J. Mayo tests positive for DHEA, which is a borderline substance, but banned nonetheless, with a previous instance of suspension against Rashard Lewis. A bill failed to have DHEA classified as an anabolic steroid, but the considerations of the substance are all over the place. Any impact of this suspension beyond O.J. Mayo's continuing "worst month ever?"

KB: Just another cautionary tale for players to be aware of what they're putting in their bodies. Look around any NBA locker room and you see five-hour energy drinks in multiple lockers and guys chowing down on horribly unhealthy pre- and post-game meals. Then you have Steve Nash, who won't let a single granule of processed sugar pass through his lips. To each his own -- but beware of the consequences.

5. Kevin Durant drops 47 this week on the Timberwolves, days after an 0-5 performance down the stretch in a loss to the Hornets, which was days after a killer fading 3-pointer against the Knicks. What are your thoughts on KD's season, one with heightened expectations but less press than we were expecting from the superstar?

KB: Well, his shooting and scoring numbers are down slightly from last season, but I think that's more about the  emergence of Russell Westbrook as a legitimate scoring option than it is about KD taking a step back. His game is sensational and only growing and getting better. I don't think you'd find too many GMs who'd say that, given the choice, they'd want to start a team today with anyone else. The best way to judge Durant's season so far, and the way he'd do it? Through 45 games, the Thunder (29-16) are five games ahead of where they were last season, when they won 50 games and put a scare into the Lakers in the first round.

Have a burning NBA question you need answered? Email us at cbssportsnba@gmail.com, or drop Ken a question for the Friday 5 on Twitter at@cbssportsnba . 
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Shootaround 1.28.11: Desperately wanting

Grizz searching for White Chocolate, Suns looking to keep Nash in the Valley, and Wade joshing about Phil. All this and more in today's Shootaround. 
Posted by Matt Moore

The Grizzlies are in a rush to try and sign Jason Williams, because they really think he can help the team win. Because they're the Grizzlies. 

Robert Sarver doesn't see the Suns making another trade before the deadline, and definitely doesn't see them trading Steve Nash. Which is a bummer because you'd love to see Nash on a contender rather than feeding Vince Carter in a first round exit at best. 

Deron Williams will have an MRI on his wrist Friday, after hearing it "pop" Wednesday. The word you're looking for is "Yikes."

Dwyane Wade jokes that Phil Jackson just wants to coach the Heat and that's why he's talking up retirement

Were the Cavs close to trading Anderson Varejao to the Thunder before his knee injury?

Well, you can't really blame the Cavs for looking at all options since they're on pace to make history in terms of a downturn year to year. 

Charles Barkley says that the Knicks can never win with Mike D'Antoni's system, which is a popular sentiment. Anything that doesn't prioritize defense and rebounding is going to get shredded by traditional pundits. It would take an overload of talent for the Knicks to get to the promised land with that system, but considering how much matchups rule the NBA playoffs, it's probably a stretch to say they'll never win.  It would take a rare set of circumstances, though.

Julian Wright has to keep shooting, apparently. File under "signs that your team is trouble if you're talking about this."

Tiago Splitter in a cowboy hat. Yee-haw.

Could Larry Ellison be targeting the Kings next? If so, you can kiss Sacramento goodbye. 
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Magic release Jason Williams after he no-shows

Orlando Magic point guard Jason Williams deserted his team and has been released. Posted by Ben Golliver. jason-williams

Update (6:56 PM): So much for taking the patient approach. The Orlando Magic announced Wednesday afternoon that they had released Williams.

There are many ways that the NBA is unlike your job, but there is one crucial similarity: showing up matters.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Magic point guard Jason Williams has apparently not clocked in and not informed his bosses why he hasn't clocked in, and that's a big no-no even in the world of professional basketball. The Magic are currently on a road trip and Williams is not in attendance, leaving president Otis Smith a bit peeved.
"Well, he's not with the team. We'll deal with him when we get back to Orlando."
Asked if Williams has asked for his release, Smith said, "Not so much in those terms. You say his 'release,' we're not into giving guys their release. He signed a contract to play basketball for the Orlando Magic, and we're expecting him to uphold his end of that deal."

Asked if Williams is balking at his limited playing time or is facing a personal issue, Smith said, "From what I gather, he's facing more of a personal issue. I don't know if he wants more playing time. That was talked to him about before we signed him. When we signed him, we signed him as a third point guard. That didn't necessarily change."
Williams has barely played this season, and was further squeezed out of any chance at truly cracking the rotation when Smith traded for Gilbert Arenas. Barring another franchise-altering trade, Williams doesn't figure to see the court any time soon, given that he's behind starter Jameer Nelson, solid backup Chris Duhon and Arenas, unless there's a major injury (really, a series of injuries).

While his disappearing act is disappointing, his unhappiness is no great surprise as Williams mentioned earlier this season that he was considering leaving the game due to ongoing foot problems. 

So far, Smith has played a sticky situation spot on: Defuse the initial news, express his unhappiness with Williams' lack of professionalism and realize that he holds all the cards. Releasing Williams would be detrimental to Orlando's depth chart and a contender can't make a habit of doing professional favors for its scrubs in the thick of a hotly-contested playoff chase. 

The most important thing to result from the situation is to establish a clear conduct standard for the rest of the players. Williams has always been a bit of a loose cannon; he's not worth compromising your culture in any way from a basketball or locker room standpoint. Barring a remarkable explanation regarding the health/well-being of a close family member, a fine and possible short-term suspension without pay is in order. 

If Williams is truly ready to give up on his career, then there's not much Smith can do to prevent that. He will almost certainly regret a decision to leave the game come playoff time, and hopefully someone close to him is whispering that in Williams' ear right now, wherever he might be.
Posted on: December 30, 2010 11:51 am

Orlando not having much luck finding a backup big

Posted by Royce Young

After trading one of the best backup centers a team could ask for in Marcin Gortat, the Magic have been looking for a little help at that spot since. They aren't necessarily in the market for a player the caliber of Gortat because they have, you know, Dwight Howard, but they want someone so Howard can at least take a breath during a game.

There was a report that Orlando had inquired about New York's Ronny Turiaf and Philadelphia's Tony Battie, but so far no good on those fronts. A report from HoopsWorld has two other names -- Nazr Mohammed of the Bobcats and Jamaal Magloire of the Heat -- but again, no luck advancing those talks either right now.

The report says that there was at least a "passing dialogue" concerning a Jason Williams for Magloire trade, but the Heat didn't seem that receptive. And that's with the Magic throwing in a second-round pick. I know, what a deal, huh? I can't believe the Heat didn't jump at that one.

The Magic are extremely active right now trying to make a move for a backup big man, but it's clear they don't have the right pieces to trade to get the level of player they want. Williams is an option as well as Quentin Richardson or Chris Duhon, but teams are likely going to be more interested in J.J. Redick.

Orlando isn't to the point of desperation yet, because I mean, they do have Dwight Howard but the Magic need help. What if Howard gets injured? Or gets in foul trouble? Or gets suspended for picking up too many technicals? Otis Smith wants that depth and he should. But it's becoming obvious that he's going to have to lose the trade to get it.

Any time you're the team that clearly needs help, someone like Jason Williams just isn't enough when the the other guy knows there are better options to ask for. Duhon, Richardson and even Redick are pretty good pieces. But is one of them worth a Nazr Mohammed? That's the question Smith is asking himself right now.
Posted on: December 27, 2010 9:31 am

Shootaround 12.27.10: Hornets are selling tickets

Posted by Royce Young
  • Is Jason Williams' career winding down?: "It's not getting any better," head coach Stan Van Gundy tells the Orlando Sentinel. "J-Will gets on it and he has a hard time pushing off that foot. He's staying behind. He wants to know what's going on. I think he's a little nervous about it right now."
  • Tim Griffin of the San Antonio Express-News: "The Spurs took care of business Sunday night, as you would expect from a league power against a cellar-dwelling team. But their 94-80 victory over Washington might be their last easy breath for the next couple of weeks as they approach their toughest scheduling gauntlet of the season. The Spurs will face the two-time defending NBA champion Los Angeles Lakers Tuesday night, followed by games Thursday in Dallas, Saturday against Oklahoma City, Jan. 4 at Boston and Jan. 5 at New York."
  • Stefan Bondy of the New York Daily News: "Avery Johnson didn't hear LeBron James throw the Nets under the contraction bus, so he didn't feel the need to defend his Brooklyn-bound franchise on the upswing. But Johnson did take exception to James' belief that the league would be better off without the Nets and Timberwolves. 'I disagree,' Johnson said Sunday. 'Maybe the league would be better if we didn't have three stars on one team.' Speaking to the media prior to Miami's game Thursday against the Phoenix Suns, James said the NBA was better in the 1980s when 'three or four superstars were on one team.' He singled out perennial bottom-feeders New Jersey and Minnesota as candidates for contraction."
  • Michael Schwartz: " It’s always disappointing to drop a game against a losing team like the Clippers, especially considering how bad the Suns played in that first half. This is a game they should have won, and now they’re three games under .500 for the first time all season thanks to the loss."
  • John Reid The Times-Picayune: "For the second consecutive home game, the Hornets attracted a crowd larger than 15,000. The announced crowd Sunday night at the Arena was 15,626, the second largest crowd of the season. The announced crowd for Wednesday’s game against New Jersey was 15,423. The Hornets are expected to have a sellout for Wednesday’s game against the two-time defending champion Los Angeles Lakers. Gov. Bobby Jindal and Mayor Mitch Landrieu have pushed for increased fan support because the Hornets can opt of their lease agreement with the state if they don’t average 14,735 at the Arena for a period ending Jan. 31."
Posted on: December 6, 2010 4:03 pm

Knicks in the market for low-dollar point guard

Posted by Royce Young

The Knicks have had their eyes set on Chris Paul for forever. They even inquired about Steve Nash earlier this season. But at the present, they're just hunting a low-dollar point guard.

The New York Times reports the Knicks are after an inexpensive backup point guard that won't add to next season's payroll. So a cheap, expiring point guard is what the Knicks are interested in. The team is reportedly willing to deal Bill Walker, who is making $854,389 this season and $916,100 next season.

Options for the Knicks? Jason Williams, Earl Watson, Earl Boykins and Ronnie Price are a few of the point guards out there with an expiring deal. Patrick Beverley who was released by the Heat is still searching for a team as well as Acie Law who was just waived by the Grizzlies.

However, by the sound of the report, the Knicks are interested in trading, rather than signing. If they were to sign a player like Law or Beverley, they'd have to waive someone. Most likely Walker again, but New York probably feels like a trade could net a better player than Law or Beverley.

The Knicks point guard situation isn't great with Toney Douglas backing Raymond Felton currently. Douglas is more of a shooting guard and behind him is rookie Andy Rautins who most definitely isn't a point guard.

New York wants a legitimate point guard to have on the roster, especially since the team is looking competitive. If Felton were to go down, man, they'd be in trouble. (Speaking of, Felton is quietly having a really nice season. 18.1 ppg and 8.3 apg isn't too shabby.)
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