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Posted on: November 5, 2010 2:29 pm

Report: Bulls hold on Beverley for trade purposes

Posted by Royce Young

After he was cut by the Miami Heat to make room for Jerry Stackhouse, most thought guard Patrick Beverley would find a new NBA home soon. In fact, even Beverley thought the same thing tweeting about good news he was going to have.

Well, that good never came and the team expected to sign him, didn't. Why? Because the Chicago Bulls are keeping the roster flexible to explore future trades, reports ESPN.com.

Reportedly, a trade sending forward James Johnson to Charlotte has popped up as an option, but the talks haven't become serious yet. What would the Bulls be seeking in return? No telling at this point, but as of now, their plans don't involve Beverley.

As is the case always in the NBA, nothing is done until it's totally done. So Beverley could still find his way into a Chicago uniform in the near future. The Bulls scheduled Beverley for a physical but nothing materialized. Chicago's options also include bringing back John Lucas III or Kyle Weaver, players that both worked out for the Bulls.

Chicago needs point guard depth right now. C.J. Watson has done a decent job backing up Derrick Rose, but his natural place is more of a combo guard. Most teams carry three point guards, but right now, the Bulls truly only have one plus a shooting guard pretending to be a point man.

Currently, the Bulls have 13 players on the active roster so any trade they're looking at will likely be a two-for-one type of a deal, so it's certainly something to keep an eye on.
Posted on: November 5, 2010 9:37 am
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Shootaround 11.5.10: Like That

Posted by Matt Moore

  • The Sonics mascot showed up with a sign that said "Homeless" last night. Which is adorable. I do wonder where the sign is that reads "Homeless because people didn't think it was a good idea to build me a new home" but I'm a stickler for accuracy like that.
  • Mikael Pietrus and Stan Van Gundy got into a shouting match over Pietrus being yanked in the third quarter against the Wolves. One would think in a 40 point annihilation that everyone would be happy. It's also bizarre that SVG continues to have trouble with Pietrus considering that he's been a big part of the team's success and I don't see any yelling or screaming at Vince Carter, but I'm a stickler for fairness like that.
  • Twitter has not been kind to the Celtics. Twitter is a remarkably easy interface to control, you just have to be sure to think about what you're posting before you post it. Then, if you do post something that isn't great, you need to be prepared to take responsibility for it. Or blame it on hackers. You know, either one.
Posted on: September 9, 2010 1:56 pm
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Joakim Noah involved in Carmelo trade talks?

Posted by Royce Young

Fresh off the report that the Bulls are on the top of Carmelo Anthony's list, a story from ESPN Chicago is out including a player the Bulls are discussing trading to get the Denver star.

Brace yourself Bulls fans, because you might be a little torn. But according to the report, in order to get Anthony, Joakim Noah could possibly be included as part of that package. The Nuggets are also reportedly hesitant to take back Luol Deng as part of the deal because of his long-term contract.

For the Bulls, it comes down to how bad do you want Carmelo? If it's that bad, then you deal Noah, no question. You aren't going to get Anthony for peanuts and this is precisely the kind of trade package that would be enticing enough for the Nuggets to pull the trigger on. But at the same time, what Bulls fan wasn't pumped at the twin tower combo of Noah and Carlos Boozer? I don't care about the Bulls one bit and that duo had me excited. Plus, without Noah, Boozer's defensive deficiencies become highlighted, especially if Anthony is playing small forward in that lineup.

Noah has emerged as one of the East's best big men, averaging a double-double last season while also finishing in the top 10 in rebounding. He's a high energy player that blocked 1.6 shots a game last season.

Now the Bulls are just discussing including Noah internally. No offer has been made (that we know of). If Denver is hesitant to take back Deng, Chicago will be forced to up the ante. A deal sending James Johnson and Taj Gibson isn't going to get it done. But adding Noah into some kind of package is something that Masai Ujiri will have to stop and think about.

The issue is though, working out the numbers. The Nuggets would pretty much be forced to take back Deng in order to line up the salary exchange. A deal sending Noah, Johnson and Gibson isn't near enough salary to match Anthony's $17 million. But adding Deng plus Noah plus Johnson or Noah works.

Noah only has one year left on his current contract, so who knows if the Nuggets want a player they aren't guaranteed to keep. So in order to alleviate some of Denver's concerns about Deng's contract, Noah might be added as the trump card. At least, that's what the Bulls are discussing amongst themselves right now.
Posted on: September 9, 2010 12:15 pm
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Report: Carmelo prefers Bulls and Knicks

Posted by Royce Young

A few weeks ago, Ken Berger clued the basketball world in to the fact that Carmelo Anthony wants to play in New York. We've heard a bunch of teams mentioned, but Marc J. Spears of Yahoo! Sports reports that there's a top two on Anthony's wishlist: the aforementioned Knicks and the Chicago Bulls.

Those are just Anthony's preferences, and in the end, it really just comes down to where Denver sends him. So really, he could be traded to the Toronto Raptors if that's who the Nuggets negotiate a deal with. But the Bulls certainly have attractive trade pieces.

There's Luol Deng who could replace Anthony at small forward, plus young players like Taj Gibson, James Johnson and Omer Asik. We mentioned a few weeks ago that the Bulls reportedly have already offered a package that included Deng and Gibson, but obviously nothing has come of that yet.

Spears mentioned in his story that the Knicks would prefer Anthony wait until next summer to make his move. Anthony could opt out and with Eddy Curry's contract coming off the books, the Knicks could sign Carmelo outright.

Anthony has not yet met with new general manager Masai Ujiri about staying with Denver, but once that meeting is done, a decision shouldn't take long as to what to do with Carmelo. If Denver isn't going to be able to keep Carmelo, it would likely prefer to move him before training camp, or at least the beginning of the season.

And while Anthony is supposedly making his preferences clear, in the end it doesn't mean much to the Nuggets. They are in a position where they can negotiate with who they want and try and get what they want. But if they start waiting, those options and that leverage starts to deteriorate .
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