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Posted on: November 2, 2011 2:29 pm

Matt Barnes sets record straight on Eva Longoria

Posted by Royce Young

Don't worry you guys, Matt Barnes is going to clear this all up. He's totally not dating Eva Longoria. Wait, people thought he was dating Eva Longoria?

Evidently they did because of a bunch of pictures of the two hanging out in New York City. Longoria has already denied it but now it was Barnes turn.

Via Sports Radio Interviews, Barnes was on 95.7 The Game in San Francisco and the last question he was asked was about that:
"Eva and I are friends. We are working together. She has an amazing cancer foundation as well, so we are working together and setting up an event for 2012. I know everyone likes to read and everything and hope or talk bad about situations, but Eva and I are just friends.”
If somehow you weren't aware, Longoria divorced from Spurs point guard Tony Parker last year. And it's a relief to know Longoria and Matt Barnes are friends. Because Barnes isn't exactly the type of guy you'd picture following Tony Parker. Or maybe he is. Go from the clean cut Frenchman to the tatted bad boy.

I just realized what I'm writing about. End this lockout please.

Barnes was asked about that and gave the response we've heard roughly 2,000 times from every player who has been asked:
“Man I hope so. I hope so. It’s starting to be that time now where everyone is itching. We are supposed to be playing now. Earlier in the summer we were supposed to be on vacation and now the ball is supposed to be tipped up. I think everyone is starting to itch a little bit, so I hope so.”
I hope so too so I can go back to not caring about your personal life.
Posted on: December 11, 2010 1:25 am
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Spurs' Manu Ginobili claims to have seen UFO

San Antonio Spurs guard Manu Ginobili claims to have seen a UFO in Los Angeles, and there's video to prove it. Posted by Ben Golliver u-f-o San Antonio Spurs guard Manu Ginobili claims to have seen a UFO, and it wasn't Eva Longoria throwing one of her shoes at Tony Parker. File this one under strange-but-sort-of-true. Take it away, MySanAntonio.com.
On the night of Dec. 1, while the Spurs were in Los Angeles for a game against the Clippers, Ginobili saw what he thought was a single-engine plane in the process of crashing outside the team’s Santa Monica, Calif., hotel. He tweeted about it. He posted video. He forgot about it.
Then, Friday morning, TMZ.com picked up on the story, posting video of the moment shot by fans waiting for autographs near the Spurs bus. In it, you can see Ginobili, a Spurs’ security officer and what appears to be a strange light in the California sky.
“It was a pretty strange flight pattern,” Ginobili said. “I thought it was falling, not landing. I thought it was like a plane crash. We were expecting to see it on the news the following day, and there was nothing. That’s when we got a little curious, ‘What the hell was that?’ ”

Here's a link to the TMZ video, so you can determine exactly how insane Ginobili is for his claim.

We can also rule out Tim Duncan as the UFO, because aeronautical experts have confirmed that he hasn't been able to jump since 2004.

Dollars to doughnuts, this is all an elaborate mental test from Spurs coach Gregg Popovich.

Posted on: November 18, 2010 11:12 am
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Erin Barry and Tony Parker create rare Spurs mess

The twisted tale of Tony Parker, Erin Barry, and Eva Longoria creates a tantalizing love triangle story for the press... which is exactly what the Spurs try and avoid. Posted by Matt Moore

I'm going to try and do the unthinkable and try to create something that has to do with basketball or anything that's business to the rest of us out of this whole gigantic mess.

Quick catch-up:

Tony Parker and Eva Longoria were getting a divorce. Then they weren't . Then they definitely were . And now it's come out, at least in widespread rumors, that it's because Parker was sending sexual text messages to Erin Barry, wife of former Spurs teammate Brent Barry, currently an analyst for NBATV. You can go find about a billion stories about the situation on your own, like this one.


So this is pretty much terrible for Longoria, for Parker (even if he was doing whatever it is he's alleged to have done, we don't know anything about their relationships), for Barry, for Erin Barry, and most of all for the Barry's two sons. Yeah, they've got kids. Even though apparently Erin and Brent have been on the outs for a while . This is terrible all around and really shouldn't be being reported upon like it is... in this article. Yes, I'm using an article on the situation to tell you not to read articles on the situation. But since you're probably going to since "Erin Barry" and "Erin Barry Tony Parker" are the top two search results on Google, I thought I'd at least throw something basketball-related on this.

The Spurs aren't going to like this.

I mean, they already don't like it and don't want to talk about it . But this is the exact kind of thing the Spurs try very hard to keep out of their locker room. They do their level best to keep things nice and quiet, go about their business, not get much media coverage, and do their thing. And now this. Right after the team gave Parker a massive extension that had a lot of people raising eyebrows. This doesn't fit their M.O., doesn't fit their profile, and is going to be a distraction. A colleague told me last night's game was swamped with media in San Antonio, and it wasn't because the game was on ESPN. There's a flurry around this twisted tale, and that's, quite simply, not the Spurs' way of doing things.

The Spurs bring in veterans with good track records of being locker room guys. They most often shy away from dynamic personalities. Their star, despite being one of the funniest people in the NBA when he does decide to say something, is called a robot. Stuff like this happening on the Lakers? That's par for the course. Stuff like this happening in San Antonio? That's a breach of the Popovich Protocol. And Tony's going to hear about it. That's just the media attention.

Getting involved with a former teammate's wife? That's a whole other bag of beans. Sure, it's not a current teammate. But it's a former one. And the jump is not exactly Olympic from former to current. That kind of situation creates mistrust, which is not something you want surrounding your franchise point guard you just gave a high eight figures to. This isn't a situation that will be disastrous, the Spurs will find their way through, like they always do. But for a team that's off to such a hot start, this certainly isn't something they want to be dealing with.

And odds are, they're going to let Parker become aware of that, even as they stand by him through a trying personal time.

This concludes today's exercise in trying to make something relevant out of stuff that's really none of our business.

Posted on: November 17, 2010 9:02 pm
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Parker, Popovich address Eva Longoria divorce

San Antonio Spurs guard Tony Parker and coach Gregg Popovich addressed Parker's divorce with Eva Longoria. Posted by Ben Golliverparker-pop There's a reason that the San Antonio Spurs have been a model NBA franchise and a model of consistent success for more than a decade: a no drama, work-first ethic that starts at the top of the organization and reaches all the way down to the last guy on the bench.  Power forward Tim Duncan and coach Gregg Popovich are the public face, providing reliable  statistical production and a level-headed calm, respectively. So it's no surprise that the Spurs are greeting the explosive tabloid headlines that surround point guard Tony Parker and a Tuesday divorce filing made by his wife, actress Eva Longoria, in typical, buttoned-down, tight-lipped fashion. Said Popovich before Wednesday's game against the Chicago Bulls, according to NBA.com.
“This is a difficult situation for everyone obviously. But Eva and Tony are two people that we love and care about, and we wish them both the best as they move through this. That’s really all I have to say about it.”
Parker didn't elaborate much past that, except to express his right to privacy.
“It’s a difficult time right now for me and Eva. Everything else is our private life.” When asked to comment on reports that Parker was involved with the wife of a former teammate, Parker said “That’s my private life. I’m having great support from my teammates and my coaches, and I’m focused 100 percent on the Spurs and trying to win basketball games.”

This is really a perfect play from Popovich and Parker, who at once acknowledge the situation and express a personal touch by using the world "difficult," but also keep focus on the bigger basketball picture. 

It's quite possible that a situation such as Parker's could cause serious chemistry issues in a number of NBA locker rooms.  The Spurs aren't any old NBA team, though, and their initial response to a potentially chaotic situation was right on the money.

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