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Posted on: February 18, 2012 5:15 pm
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Indoor soccer team offers Iverson spot

Allen Iverson, indoor soccer star? Not so much. (Getty Images)
By Matt Moore 

Well, if Allen Iverson's comeback attempt doesn't work out, it's good to know he's got options. The Major Indoor Soccer League's Rochester Lancers have offered The Answer a spot on their team. 
The Rochester Lancers, of the MISL’s top level of pro indoor soccer, today announced a contract offer to former NBA star, Allen Iverson.

The Rochester Lancers host two remaining regular season home games to conclude their season.  The offer stands at $20,000 per game, with a bonus of $5,000 per goal scored, win bonuses, and merchandise bonuses.  There are over 12 goals scored on average per game.

"Allen Iverson is one of the premier athletes of our time," said Rich Randall, Vice President of the Rochester Lancers.  "With his athleticism and competitive hunger, I think he can be a great fit with our team and fans as we make an important playoff push, while also driving interest to an exciting, growing sport."

$20,000 a game? Really? Because that's not bad, really. Iverson could work it into his stints with the NBA D-League he's talking about. Could play his way into shape, make some money...

OK, of course this is not going to happen.

But there's a reason they made this offer to Iverson and not Kobe Bryant. It's because it's within the frame of probability, as in "the odds you will have a piano dropped on your head today" versus Bryant which is more "the odds space clowns abduct you and transport you to their home planet where they worship Bob Netolicky." Iverson's desperate to get back into the pro game right now, trying to get back in the league. But, you know, the professional basketball league. Not so much with soccer. These minor league stunts are jokes, but this one just seems sad. 

Steve Nash, though? Nash might do it when he retires. Just becasue he's awesome like that. 

Via Josh Hakala.

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Posted on: February 12, 2012 3:51 pm
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Report: Lakers had interest in Allen Iverson

 Iverson and Kobe? Together? What? (Getty Images)
Posted by Royce Young

The Lakers are clearly in a desperate position at point guard. Gilbert Arenas is reportedly under consideration. Steve Blake has been injured. And Derek Fisher isn't the answer.

So, they might be looking at The Answer. Via ESPN Los Angeles:
Allen Iverson, who sources indicated the Lakers had some interest in as long as he was willing to go to the NBA Developmental League for a few weeks first, is not the answer. He's simply not a point guard. The Lakers are also said to be interested in former Toronto Raptors point guard Rafer Alston, who helped the Orlando Magic reach the NBA Finals in 2009. But who knows if that will materialize into anything?
OK, so it's way unlikely Iverson actually ends up with the Lakers. Or for that matter, anywhere. He reportedly recently had some interest in playing professionaly in Puerto Rico as the beginning of an NBA comeback, but that's a believe-it-when-I-see-it thing.

Iverson playing for the Lakers really doesn't solve anything. I mean really, what's the point? Yeah, Iverson wants to play again and he's probably still got something left, but the Lakers need someone to run an offense, not someone that has a point to prove. Unless Iverson is planning to completely reinvent himself at age 36 as a pass first point guard that penetrates and creates, then this isn't a good fit.

Unlike the Arenas interest that could potentially be a low risk, high reward move, the Iverson one smells like failure all over. I realize the two players aren't that different, but the chances Arenas can still play a little are higher than the ones of Iverson having something left. Picturing Arenas fitting in alongside Kobe is much easier than picturing Iverson doing that.

The interest level probably isn't much higher than "He's a living breathing point guard that isn't signed by someone, so I guess we'll listen" type of thing, so that's important to keep in mind. Just because the Lakers might have interest doesn't mean it's a lot of interest. Also, notice it's past tense. Sounds to me like the Lakers were mildly intrigued and now aren't.

The Lakers do need help and are looking to improve their roster. But Allen Iverson? Not the answer.
Posted on: February 6, 2012 3:21 pm

Allen Iverson to play in Puerto Rican league?

 Iverson wants to make an NBA comeback, but it might have to start in Puerto Rico. (Getty Images)
Posted by Royce Young

For some guys, it's just harder to let go than others.

Allen Iverson had a failed comeback in the NBA last season and then a failed stint in Turkey. Common sense might say it's time to just hang it up, but Iverson is potentially looking at another comeback. This one coming in the Puerto Rican professional basketball league. Via Yahoo! Sports:

Allen Iverson and Puerto Rico’s professional basketball league are engaged in exploratory talks about a possible deal for the 11-time NBA All-Star, sources told Yahoo! Sports.

Iverson’s business manger Gary Moore has talked with Puerto Rico officials, and the league’s teams are discussing a bidding process to woo Iverson.

The Puerto Rican league, which starts its 30-game season in March, pays its stars about $20,000 a month, plus living expenses, sources said. The league’s commissioner is selling Iverson on the chance to work his way back to a possible return to the NBA.

By the sound of the report, it's more than the Puerto Rican league is pursuing Iverson and less than Iverson is pursuing them. Obviously Iverson would be a bigger draw than any player currently in the league and a much-needed boost in selling tickets.

It's not a place totally devoid of NBA talent though. This season Rashad McCants and Ike Diogu are both spending the 2012 season there. Puerto Rico has a better basketball tradition than you think, putting out good NBA players like Carlos Arroyo, Renaldo Balkman and J.J. Barea.

The report says Iverson's representatives reached out to NBA teams this season about interest in signing The Answer, but the response wasn't met with much enthusiasm. Iverson hasn't played in the NBA since 2010 when he was released by the Grizzlies and failed making an impact in returning to Philadelphia. After that, he tried to play in Turkey but an injury (and possibly other issues) brought him home early.

Iverson, 36, is hoping for a comeback and working out for one. But if it's going to happen, he's going to have to prove he's capable of playing. In October, Iverson told Yahoo! that he'd "play for anybody." That anybody might have to be in Puerto Rico though.
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Posted on: November 15, 2011 3:07 pm

Iverson told lawyer to 'go to hell' in deposition

Posted by Royce Young

First, the news: A federal judge in Detroit dismissed a $2.5 million case against Allen Iverson Tuesday. What happened? There was an alleged bar fight involving Iverson in Detroit nearly two years ago.

But that's not the interesting part. The interesting part is the deposition transcript. The lawyer opposing Iverson, Gregory Lattimer, actually had won a $260,000 judgment against The Answer a couple years ago already. The lawyer had also reached an undisclosed settlement with Iverson in another unrelated case even. So these two kind of know each other. Which is what made this transcript so very, very good. Via the Detroit News:
"I die before I let you get me this time," Iverson tells the lawyer. "I'm as clean as the Board of Health man."


"I get sued for stuff I don't got nothing to do with. I ain't involved with. Ain't nobody never said ... I touched them," Iverson, 36, said. "I don't do nothing to nobody, buddy."

Lattimer had a quick reply.

"The head honcho ain't supposed to," he said.

Iverson: "Yeah, I ain't no damn mob boss. I don't live my life like that. I got five kids. I don't put that on their head. That's a fairytale that y'all living in …"


"I know you lurking. I know you lurking, man. I know you lurking," Iverson said. "How the hell you live with (it)? You've been involved with three suits against me. You know what to do. You got a plan."

Lattimer: "I just go to work every day."

Iverson: "I know, and I'm the one that pay you, and you know it. But not this time jack. … I die before I let you get me this time."


Lattimer asked Iverson about his prior arrests and convictions and if he's been arrested since 2008.

"No man," Iverson said. "You watch TV?"

"I do," Lattimer said.

"All right then you would know. … You would know if something happened to me."

Then, the men started using basketball metaphors to describe the legal battle

"Well, I hear you, but you're on my court …," Lattimer said.

"Man, this is my court," Iverson responded. "This is the line and we got a ball in here. This is my court. I know I'm gonna win this one. I gonna move in front of you."

"You wasn't moving before," Lattimer said.

Iverson: "Man, whatever."


After nearly two hours, Lattimer said he appreciated Iverson sitting for the deposition.

"Go to hell," Iverson said.

We're talkin' about the guy who was talkin' about practice so you shouldn't be surprised at how good that was. "I'm as clean as the Board of Health" doesn't really make much sense, but man, that was an awesome line. I also love that the lawyer tried to engage Iverson in the same tone A.I. takes. Calling him the "head honcho" and saying he's got him on his court. It's like a terrible episode of "Law and Order."

Iverson said he was going to win and he did. Said he'd "die" before he let the other guy win. Kind of like the same approach he took to basketball. And wouldn't you know it, A.I. won.

Via Deadspin
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Posted on: October 27, 2011 10:38 am

Allen Iverson wants back in the league, any way

By Matt Moore

Pride goeth after the fall, apparently, and after the Answer, as it turns out. Two years ago, Allen Iverson signed on with the Memphis Grizzlies for less than a month before his ego and attitude got him booted. The Grizzlies went on to have one of their better seasons in franchise history, setting up this year's playoff run. Iverson, on the other hand, went to Turkey the following year, but again, wound up pulling out after personal problems derailed him. He suffered through a severe illness with his daughter, and also started the process of divorcing his wife. 

So, no, it has not been a great couple of years for A.I..

But Iverson's back in the states, putting together an All-Star exhibition in Las Vegas, and as part of its promotion, he's also talking about how he wants back in the league. He spoke with Yahoo! Sports and wanted to let the world know that he's past the point of thinking he deserves anything. He just wants a spot, any spot, with any team.
“I’ll play for anybody,” Iverson told Yahoo! Sports.

Iverson says he has no serious offers from any teams overseas right now. He added that playing overseas also gave him a stronger appreciation for the NBA since it took him away from his family and “the highest level [of basketball] in the world.” He also says he’ll be willing to come off the bench and a reserve role even “makes it easier for me.”

“Obviously, they might have some issues thinking I don’t want to help a team in a certain capacity,” Iverson said. “But that’s over with. All that was going on through an emotional time. It cost me to not play. I’m just willing to help any squad in any capacity.

“Hopefully, one squad will believe in me and we will go from there. That would be a lot better than having to go overseas.”
via Iverson wants last shot at NBA - NBA - Yahoo! Sports.

Iverson's 36. He's not a distributor. It's hard to see where he would fit in with a team concept. Due to his size and age, even a team like the Celtics would be reticent to invest in him. It's going to be difficult finding a team willing to take a chance on him. It would be great if he were to get that shot, though, if only to put anything close to a better ending on such a storied career. The interview also has Iverson talking about "not being there, mentally" the last few years, but the problem is convincing teams those times are over. That kind of element is a black mark on a scouting report.

We'll see if the Answer can get the one he's looking for.  
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Posted on: October 21, 2011 9:07 pm

Report: Allen Iverson to host Vegas NBA games

Posted by Ben Golliverallen-iverson

When we last heard from future Hall of Famer Allen Iverson, he was bailing out of his obligations to a Turkish professional basketball team, citing a mysterious leg injury.

The Answer is back.

Yahoo Sports reports that Iverson, widely regarded as one of the best pound-for-pound and inch-for-inch scorers of all time, will make his triumphant return in Las Vegas in November.
Former NBA All-Star Allen Iverson is hosting the Las Vegas Superstar Challenge on Nov. 12-13, sources told Yahoo! Sports.

The tournament includes four teams with captains, including Iverson, who will recruit players for their respective teams. NBA All-Stars who could participate include Kevin Durant, Amar’e Stoudemire and Paul Pierce, sources said. Iverson is expected to announce the participants for all four teams in Las Vegas next week.
The games will reportedly be held on Nov. 12 and 13 and will coincide with a much-anticipated boxing match.

Iverson, now 36, has made some noise about trying to get back into basketball, but he has played just 28 NBA games since the start of the 2009-2010 season and has burned some bridges over the years. He was recently accused of yelling profanities at a police officer. 

Few NBA players reach the pinnacle of fame and popularity that Iverson had in his heyday, so it makes all the sense in the world that he would work to continue to profit from that stature. His legion of diehards is large enough that he should be able to continue to capitalize on his skills and persona for the foreseeable future. His star is fading, his future promises only the unknown, but Iverson's talent, properly channeled, has given him the opportunity to be a great ambassador for basketball.

And, with the NBA lockout ongoing, what better time for basketball and Iverson to get reacquainted.  
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Posted on: September 10, 2011 9:42 pm

Deron Williams leads Besiktas to win in debut

Posted by Ben Golliver


If you were in the "I'll believe it when I see it crowd" with regard to New Jersey Nets All-Star guard Deron Williams' decision to play professionally in Turkey, you can officially believe it.

Williams made his debut for Besiktas on Saturday, just two days after arriving in Turkey, where he was mobbed by fans at the airport. Besiktas defeated Italian club Montepaschi Siena, 93-91, in a touranment in Italy. Williams finished with 14 points, eight rebounds and six assists in 18 minutes of action according to NetsDaily.com.

Reacton to the first game was positive from both player and coach.

Williams explained on Twitter that his appearance wasn't necessarily planned.
Went to the gym to watch the team play today! Shot around for a couple min and then decided to play and got a [Win]! #WhyNot 
A translated TotalBasket.com quoted Williams' coach calling him "the biggest player in Europe."

Besiktas coach Ergin Ataman [said about] Deron Williams, the new star for the team after the game on Twitter, "I have seen so far the biggest player in Europe."

Back in Nov. 2010, former NBA All-Star Allen Iverson lost in his debut appearance for Besiktas. By January, reports surfaced that Iverson would leave Besiktas due to a leg injury.

Now that the "Will Williams actually show up in Turkey?" question has been answered, attention turns to the obvious next question: "How long will he last?"
Posted on: August 17, 2011 9:06 pm
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Under Armour ad swipes at LeBron, Kobe, Dwight

Posted by Ben Golliverjennings-snake

Under Armour is a well-established player in some segments of the apparal market and they've been aggressively looking to expand their reach when it comes to basketball.

Their first power play was to corner the market on young, undersized, shoot-first point guards with street cred by signing Brandon Jennings of the Milwaukee Bucks and Kemba Walker of the Charlotte Bobcats. When that failed to achieve world domination, the company opted for Plan B, which apparently is to volley shots at their rivals in hopes of getting their brand name out there in any way possible.

Their vehicle for achieving brand recognition is this understated spoken word rhyme/rap poetry video advertisement that takes subliminal jabs at Miami Heat forward LeBron James, Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant, Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard and former Philadelphia 76ers guard Allen Iverson. James and Bryant are Nike athletes; Howard is with adidas; Iverson was the face of Reebok for the better part of a decade.

"We are not royalty," the ad begins. "We don't claim crown to a kingdom we haven't earned yet." 

This line, of course, is a jab at James, whose nickname is "King" and who has yet to win an NBA title.

"We don't represent the followers," the ad continues. "The ones who get bought, the Kings, the superheroes, or the snakes that get caught and wrought in something so fictional that athletes turn into actors, legacy reduced to a press conference concerning practice."

"Kings" references James again. "Superheroes" is a reference to Howard, whose nickname is "Superman" and who wore a cape while winning a Slam Dunk contest. "The snakes" is a reference to Bryant's nickname, the "Black Mamba". The press conference line, of course, recalls Iverson's infamous rant.  

In case you had any doubt about the intended targets or meaning of the words, Jennings uploaded a photo of himself to Twitter wearing an Under Armour t-shirt that reads, "Nobody likes a snake." The words appear in Lakers colors: purple and gold. 

This whole campaign has an obvious rap battle subtext feel. It's a David vs. Goliath tiff, as Jennings has essentially played one meaningful and memorable game in his NBA career -- the night he exploded for 55 points -- while his targets are all perennial All-Stars.

Really, this advertisement raises all the wrong questions. Which company is this for again? What's so bad about actually being an accomplished basketball player? Exactly how does a multi-channel marketing campaign entitled "Change Agents" represent a more authentic existence than the world inhabited by the game's brightest stars? Would the stars even care if Jennings is trying to make a buck off of them?

When the video fades to black, you're left picturing James, Bryant and Howard counting large piles of money, stopping briefly to dust each other's shoulders off. Oh well, I guess. At least we're talking about Under Armour for once.

A word of unsolicited advice: stunts don't sell sneakers for long.

Here's the Under Armour advertisement courtesy of YouTube user UAChangeAgents

Top image via Brandon Jennings on Twitter.

Hat tip: IAmAGM.com and The Basketball Jones.
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