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Video: Blake Griffin is looking healthy

Posted by Royce Young

It only took a couple of preseason games for Blake Griffin to remind the NBA world of his existence. As noted in the Shootaround, the Rookie of the Year chatter is starting to Heat up for Griffin who as of a week ago was third or even fourth on some way-too-early-ballots.

Games like last night are what people should get used to with Griffin - 13 points, 17 rebounds, three steals and a block in 37 minutes. In the game before that against the Warriors, Griffin threw up 23 points on 10-15 shooting and hauled in nine rebounds in 24 minutes. It's vintage Griffin. High energy, all the time.

And in between grabbing rebounds and scoring on the block, he can still do things like this:

If this were a new Nike commercial, here's where I would say "BOOM!" But despite that being a fairly ridiculous alley oop, every time he jumps though, I get a little nervous. Last year's injury came on a dunk that looked so harmless.

But what made this oop impressive was the over-the-shoulder catch and where he took off from. Griffin is a big, big body. He's 6'10 and 260 pounds. And he's built. But he handles the ball like a guard and runs the floor like a small forward. A lot of the reason for that is growing up, Griffin didn't play the post. He was a point guard. I always find that interesting.

John Wall definitely has everyone's attention and DeMarcus Cousins certainly has a chance to prove himself with Samuel Dalembert's injury. Both of those guys will be great rookies and make impacts right away. But Griffin is reminding people - loudly - the he's back to form.

After his first preseason game against Portland, Griffin told Blazersege, "I definitely feel better than I did preseason last year. I don't have any nagging injuries or anything like that. My main concern is just keeping my body healthy and getting better."

Yep, looks like he's feeling pretty good. Now stay that way for a full 82.
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So that's how Andrew Bynum keeps hurting his knee

Posted by Royce Young

In a video posted on the car website Jalopnik , Andrew Bynum shows off his favorite car, a BMW M6. It's a car that goes up to 200 miles per hour, has custom wheels, a G-power twin-turbo setup (no idea what that means) that's good for 820 horsepower. So it's a nice car.

But it's also small. In fact, very small for a 7-foot, 275-pound man like Bynum. And in order to even get in the car, Bynum has to use a little trick. (It's at the 5-minute mark if you want to fastforward.)

You can see how Bynum has to grab his foot and crank his right leg awkwardly to get in the tiny car. And of course the one he's grabbing is the one he has tape all over because he had offseason surgery on it. If you recall, Bynum said he probably won't be ready until December because his knee isn't healing as fast as was expected. AND THIS MUST BE WHY.

(Now I'm not actually serious about this being a reason Bynum's knee is hurt. I feel the need to add this in, just in case.)

But like most professional athletes with lots of money, Bynum likes his toys. This BMW is just one of a couple cars he has including a Challenger in purple and gold, a Bumblebee Camaro, a custom F-150 a modified Nissan GT-R. I assume those cars fit a large human slightly better than this car.
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Video: Barcelona makes the Lakers' heads spin

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Euroleague giant FC Barcelona upset the Lakers 92-88 yesterday in a game that really doesn't mean anything nor should anyone look into anything. Though today, because of the result, some are wondering if Barcelona could hack it in the NBA, including Kobe Bryant.

But while I doubt that Barcelona could be competitive for 82 games a year, they did make the defending champs look absolutely silly on one play. I believe this is what you call "touch passes."

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Video: The Heat watch people shoot stuff

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If you have your training camp at a military base, you should expect that there will be some kind of crossover between the military and basketball.

Pat Riley and Erik Spoelstra wanted to have training camp at Hurlburt Field and Eglin Air Force Base to limit distractions, limit media and also serve as a motivational tool for the team. They'd have a chance to interact with soldiers, hear stories and gather a little extra sense of perspective and purpose in playing basketball.

And they might get to watch some people shoot some stuff too.

The video is simple. Members of the Heat sit back and watch military people put on a demonstration of high-grade weaponry. Judging by the reactions, the players clearly loved it, but not only that, outings like this is what helps build that all important togetherness and chemistry.

People forget that this is an entirely new team. Yes, Chris Bosh, LeBron and Dwyane Wade all know each other and are friends, but outside of some international ball, they haven't been teammates. Good coaches use different tactics to build kinship among teammates and this was one strategy.

But even more than that, I found it very cool to see the team interacting with the servicemen and women, with Wade even signing one of the shards of glass from the car that was shot to pieces. It's funny how things work like this. The point of the event was to get the team out together doing something and to take advantage of the fact their camp was at a miliary installation. It may have seemed like a fun trip for the Heat, but really what they created was a memory for the miliatary folks that got to show their heroes what they do on a daily basis.

Via Early Termination Option
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Video: Dwight Howard and Derrick Rose slow jam

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Do you remember last year's Hyperizers Nike ad? Well finally, Adidas has a comeback and it features Dwight Howard, Derrick Rose and "Slim Chin" who you probably recognize as the Asian warlord from The Hangover. Take it away slightly weird and uncomfortable commercial:

Sports marketing is turning into a one-up type of thing. How much more strange and random can we make our video compared to yours? Not saying this video isn't good because it's definitely interesting and different, but this sure isn't the M.J. versus Bird HORSE commercial. And maybe it's just me, but the Slim Chin guy has never really been that funny to me. It always just seems like he's trying way too hard.

But Dwight Howard definitely is excellent because anytime you have Howard playing piano and singing in a bad falsetto is good TV. It's basically a marketing rule I think.
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Video: John Wall makes a layup

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Some people make layups. And some people make LAY-UPS. (Can you feel my emphasis there?)

Everybody is excited about the John Wall era. The way Wall plays is so fluid, so smooth and so flasy . Much like Derrick Rose, Wall just moves in a way other players don't. So of course when Wall split two defenders with an electric crossover and the halved another two defenders while making a 360 layup, it got people like me extremely fired up. Just watch this beauty from the Wizards open practice from over the weekend:

Via Wizards Extreme
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Video: Um, this guy is a good dunker

Posted by Royce Young

This is Kenny Dobbs. He is good at dunking. Carmelo Anthony tweeted about this video yesterday and it's good enough for me to embed here. I promise.

Not that it matters, but one thing I always wonder when watching this awesome dunk mixes: Can the guy actually play basketball ? After seeing him throw in ridiculous dunks for two minutes, I find myself wondering, "What's his jumpshot look like? How's his handle? Is he a good defender?"

Obviously, those things don't really matter that much, because that's not the point of this video. It's to show off leaping and dunking skill. Which Kenny Dobbs does both very well. But it always fascinates me that we don't see the world's best dunkers as some of the world's best basketball players. I guess it's sort of like long drive contests in golf or the world's strongest man not being good at football. There's a lot more to it than just a specific talent.
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And here's Deron Williams jumping off a cliff

Posted by Royce Young

Don't look, Utah Jazz. This video might make you throw up.

(Let me throw in the caveat here because this is the Internet and you never know, but I suppose this could be fake. It sure doesn't appear so, but I'm just looking to cover my butt if it's revealed that this was faked by someone so that I don't look like a naive, gullible fool.)

Not to sound like my mother here or get all Serious Sportswriter on you, but Deron Williams doing a backflip off a cliff probably doesn't sit all that well with the Jazz or Jazz fans. Obviously he's fine and he definitely knew what he was doing, but with past instances like Monta Ellis on the moped or Ben Roethlisberger on the motorcycle, what athletes do in their free time is always an interesting situation.

They're adults. They deserve the right to enjoy themselves and enjoy their money. Just because an organization is counting on their body to be healthy doesn't mean they can't have some fun. But at the same time, that body is a major investment for an organization. And if Williams had cracked his head on one of those rocks, this would've been a very big deal.

I don't necessarily have an opinion on it because it's really hard to figure where you draw the line. A player like Kevin Durant spends a lot of his summer playing pickup ball. And it's not that hard to come down wrong and turn an ankle or tweak a knee running some ball on the blacktop. Clearly playing basketball isn't quite as drastic as doing backflips off a jagged cliff, but still, there's a point in there somewhere.

In the end, it doesn't really matter. And I shouldn't have brought it up. Because the moral of this story (and video) is, Deron Williams is pretty darn cool. And good at cliffjumping in a backwards manner.

Via SLC Dunk
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