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Posted on: May 3, 2011 9:00 pm
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Griffin to be named Rookie of the Year Wednesday

Los Angeles Clippers rookie forward Blake Griffin will reportedly be named the 2011 NBA Rookie of the Year. Posted by Ben Golliver. blake-griffin

The Los Angeles Clippers sent a press release on Tuesday night informing the media of a "major NBA Award Announcement." 

The Los Angeles Times and ESPNLA.com both report that the announcement is exactly what you think it is: Clippers forward Blake Griffin will be named the 2010-2011 NBA Rookie of the Year.  
Clippers power forward Blake Griffin followed in the footsteps of current league stars LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Derrick Rose by winning the NBA’s rookie of the year award, and became the fifth player in franchise history to do so.
The award will be announced Wednesday, according to a league official familiar with the voting but who was not authorized to speak publicly.
This one was never in doubt. Griffin averaged 22.5 points and 12.1 rebounds per game, was named to the Western Conference All-Star team, and won the NBA Slam Dunk contest by jumping over the hood of a relatively small vehicle. He also put roughly 3,976 people on posters this year.

Griffin was selected with the No. 1 overall pick in the 2009 NBA draft but missed all of the 2009-2010 season with a knee injury.
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Absolutely no doubt about Blake Griffin for ROY

Posted by Royce Young

It's this season's easiest award to hand out. It's like The Godfather winning Best Picture in 1972. There's really no other option and it was so good you almost want to give it two trophies.

Blake Griffin is the Rookie of the Year. He was so good, he may have staked out Rookie of the Decade.

There isn't any kind of debate here. No discussion to be had. It's the anti-MVP debate. Whatever metric you use -- advanced stats, regular stats, your eye ball, YouTube hits -- Griffin is your winner.

(Really, the biggest debate there was with Griffin was about a potential nickname. Blake Superior, The Blake Show, Quake Griffin, Captain Planet as Deron Williams dubbed him -- nothing seemed to totally fit but darn it, we were all trying.)

Let me go over his resume briefly in case you somehow were in a bomb shelter the past six months: 22.5 points, 12.1 rebounds and 3.7 assists per game on 50 percent shooting, a Clipper franchise record for double-doubles in a season (60) and 500 jaw-dropping plays. He was the first rookie All-Star since Tim Duncan, won the dunk contest and participated in all three nights of All-Star Weekend. And just remind yourself again quickly here, he's 21 years old and just finished his rookie season.

Most likely, Griffin will become the third unanimous Rookie of the Year selection to go with Ralph Sampson (1983) and David Robinson (1989) since the NBA/ABA merger. You really could make a pretty strong case that Griffin had one of the best rookie seasons in history.

Griffin is such a sure thing that if you're just dying to discuss this year's rookies, you've got to talk about the runner-up. It's most likely John Wall, but players like Landry Fields, DeMarcus Cousins and Greg Monroe have had really strong seasons. Coming in to the season, most were unsure of Griffin and had Wall, Cousins, Monroe, Evan Turner and Derrick Favors as their favorites. But this race was actually pretty much over by the end of November where Griffin averaged a double-double and blew us away with a flurry of ultimate highlight dunks.

I think one of the most interesting things about Griffin's rookie year though is how he almost overshadowed himself. He became more of a novelty, more of a highlight machine than a basketball player. And what was overlooked is that Griffin is a terrific basketball player.

He plays like an animal that's caged for 22 hours a day but is let out for two hours every few days on a hardwood floor. That may be his kryptonite too though -- he might actually play too hard. Every Clipper fan -- and NBA fan for that matter -- lives in fear every time he rises high off the floor only to come crashing down like a pile of bricks dropped from a ladder. But it's also a reason Griffin is so intoxicating. He plays each game like it's the only chance he gets to do it for weeks.

He's a 6-10 monster of a man, built of a adamantium that can run like a wide receiver, leap like a high-jumper and is strong like a bull. He's graceful in his movements, skilled with the ball, can handle in traffic, pass masterfully to cutting guards, post guys bigger than him and score in any situation. He even stepped out to 3-point range a bit (30.4 percent). If that's what's next for him, well, God help us all.

My favorite game of the season was also his best, but one that didn't have a high-flying dunk in it. Against Indiana in December, he notched 47 points on 19-24 shooting, grabbed 14 rebounds and dished out three assists. He only dunked once so instead of wowing everyone above the rim, Griffin showcased his complete game. He posted, he nailed jumpers, he spun, he ran the floor, he finished in traffic -- it was just an awesome performance. Don't get me wrong, he had about 50 awesome games this season, but that was his best one and it was because he actually had the chance to show how good he really is.

It's almost a shame Griffin became such a sensation because of that. Between jumping over the car, the YouTube clips and all the buzz he manifested in every arena he walked into, Griffin's actual game was almost an afterthought.

Don't get me wrong, the dunks were awesome. I mean, watch this. Or this. Or this. Or this. Or this or this or this or this or this.

But I get the feeling we sort of got all of it out of our systems this season. By the end of the year, every dunk Griffin had wasn't exploding on Twitter and uploaded to YouTube 15 seconds after it happened. People sort of chilled on him, which is a good thing in the long run. Now people can begin to appreciate how fantastic a basketball player he is, instead of seeing him only as a dunking machine.
Posted on: April 3, 2011 1:07 am

Serge Ibaka blocks Blake Griffin video

Oklahoma City Thunder forward Serge Ibaka has a "block of the year" candidate against Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin. Posted by Ben Golliver.

It's difficult to call this the "Block of the Year" because just a few weeks ago Washington Wizards center JaVale McGee snatched a Wesley Matthews dunk attempt clean out of the air. Given the circumstances and the victim, however, what you're about to see is probably the silver medal winner.

During the fourth quarter of a Saturday night game between the Oklahoma City Thunder and Los Angeles Clippers, known high-flyer Blake Griffin attempted to put Thunder big man Serge Ibaka on a poster with a massive left-handed dunk attempt. Ibaka met Griffin at the apex, however, and the result was a stunning display of physicality and verticality, as Ibaka sent Griffin back cleanly, swatting the attempt with his right hand.

Here's the slow motion replay that you'll want to watch multiple times to see to believe.

That's about as Mutombo-esque as the modern NBA gets, and shortly after the play Ibaka shook his hand and gave a Mutombo finger wag. 

Despite Ibaka's highlight heroics, the Clippers held on for a 98-92 upset. Griffin finished with a game-high 26 points. Ibaka finished with three blocks.
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Court rejects Elgin Baylor's Clippers lawsuit

sterling-baylorA California court has rejected former Los Angeles Clippers GM Elgin Baylor's lawsuit against his former team. Posted by Ben Golliver. 

Update 5:53 p.m.: The Clippers released the following statement, which is just about as smug as you're going to get. 
Following is a statement from Los Angeles Clippers’ General Counsel Robert H. Platt, concerning today’s legal decision:
Today's verdict was inevitable and it represents a complete vindication of all of the baseless claims asserted by Mr. Baylor.
For more than two years, Mr. Baylor’s counsel has gone to extraordinary lengths in a fruitless effort to fabricate a case.  This was a case of FIRE!, ready, aim. The jury saw through their baseless rhetoric and quickly realized that there were no facts to support any of Mr. Baylor’s allegations.
Mr. Baylor initially sued the NBA, only to dismiss the League on the eve of trial in exchange for the League agreeing not to pursue a malicious prosecution case against Mr. Baylor.   
In addition, Mr. Baylor and his lawyers held a loud press conference claiming race discrimination. However, the Court threw out Mr. Baylor’s meritless race claims just one day before the trial was set to begin.
Solely on principle, my clients refused to settle this lawsuit despite having the opportunity to do so. Even when faced with endless, public, malicious attacks, they were resolute in their demand that they be fully exonerated by a jury. That moment has now come.

My clients are to be credited for their willingness to see this through.  Personally I am gratified to know that this was a day on which justice was well-served.

The Los Angeles Times reports that a California jury has unanimously rejected a lawsuit brought by former Los Angeles Clippers GM Elgin Baylor against his former team. Baylor had been suing for millions in damages steeming from "age discrimination" and "harassment."
A Los Angeles County jury Wednesday declined to award damages to NBA great Elgin Baylor, rejecting his lawsuit against the Clippers for unlawful termination based on age discrimination.
By a 12-0 vote, the seven-man, five-woman jury informed Judge Kenneth R. Freeman that neither the team nor owner Donald T. Sterling or president Andy Roeser presided over a hostile workplace in which alleged harassment occurred.
Baylor, 76, the Clippers' 22-year head of player personnel as general manager and executive vice president, was asking for nearly $2 million in economic and mental distress damages over his 2008 departure from the team.
Here's an outline of some of Baylor's allegations against Clippers owner Donald Sterling.

During the lawsuit's court proceedings, Sterling said that he didn't know who Baylor, a basketball Hall of Famer, was when he originally hired him to run the team.

Complaints against Sterling as an employer and business owner have accumulated over the years and he made national headlines this year when he heckled his team's point guard, Baron Davis, from his courtside seats. Nevertheless, Sterling is a bit of a Teflon Don, finding ways to skate out of legal predicaments over and over again.
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Anaheim Mayor: SoCal can support 3 NBA teams

Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait says that Southern California is big enough for three NBA teams. Posted by Ben Golliver.

On Tuesday night, the Anaheim City Council approved a bond that would facilitate the move of the Sacramento Kings to the city. The pressing question on everyone's mind is whether Southern California can support the Los Angeles Lakers, the Los Angeles Clippers and a relocated Kings team that is rumored to be named the Anaheim Royals.

ESPNLA.com reports that Anaheim's mayor, Tom Tait, says that he is confident the region's population demographics will support a third NBA team.
"I'm confident that an NBA team in Orange County will do very well," Tait said. "In terms of the potential fan base, we have more than 3 million people in Orange County alone. Add the Inland Empire and San Diego, and you have millions more. We are all part of the Southern California region, but Los Angeles and Orange County are far apart. Anyone who lives here knows that. We will fill the stands of the Honda Center when the NBA comes to town, believe me."
Meanwhile, City Council Member Kris Murray not only said she was looking forward to coming up with "some creative way to replace the cowbell," she also eagerly opened up the "smack talk" with nearby Los Angeles.
"If I can start the smack talk a little bit early, the traffic models these days show that more folks commute from L.A. to Orange County than vice versa," Murray said. "So L.A. is our biggest suburb, and we are going to have a tremendous number of fans fill that arena." 
For the Maloof family, this relocation boils down to: "the grass in greener on the other side." It's too bad the people tending the nicer yard are already being jerky about it. Comments like Murray's remind everyone who doesn't live in California why they're so happy they don't live in California.

Anyway, by comparison, the greater Sacramento area is just over 2 million people, so if the Kings are to claim Orange County as their own, there's no question that they are upgrading in market size and potential fanbase. Plus, local government enthusiasm are clearly present in Anaheim. For the Kings, it probably feels really nice to be wanted. 

The big struggle for the franchise will be putting a winning product on the court in the relatively short term to build on that momentum and to keep that customer base engaged. Everybody likes something new; nobody likes a loser.
Posted on: March 28, 2011 5:19 pm

Fisher hit with retroactive flagrant 2 foul

Posted by Royce Young

In the Lakers 112-104 win over their roomates, Derek Fisher collided with Chris Kaman late in the game on a screen by Kaman. It appeared that Fisher raised his elbow a bit which made contact with Kaman's head. Naturally, the Clipper big man didn't like it.

Kaman was hit with two technicals for his reaction to the play and Fisher one. But the NBA has retroactively punished Fisher with a flagrant 2 foul as well for the play.

Normally, a flagrant 2 results in automatic ejection and a suspension. Andrew Bynum just learned about that. But Fisher won't be getting suspension. Just the big foul.

Kobe, who stuck up for Bynum and said he liked his foul didn't do that for Fisher, but instead made fun of Kaman who seemed to want to take on Fisher in the tunnel or in the parking lot after the game.

"What’s he going to do, shoot him with one of his bow and arrows? Give me a break,” Kobe told ESPN LA. “Everybody talks tough in this league. Nobody is a fighter.”

This isn't the first time the Lakers and Clippers scuffled at the end of a game. If you recall, Blake Griffin and Lamar Odom had a little pushing match after Odom didn't appreciate Griffin crashing the offensive glass with just a few seconds remaining. It's not that these two teams are real rivals, but they don't like each other for the most part. Was Fisher's elbow intentional? Probably. But I'm sure Kaman earned it at some other point in the game.
Posted on: March 28, 2011 3:31 pm

Lakers will lose money if Kings move to Anaheim

Posted by Royce Young

There are a lot of reasons people in Los Angeles don't want the Kings to move next door. But probably the best one? Money.

Phil Jackson already mentioned how he doesn't see how a metropolitan area could support three professional teams, but that's mainly an issue for the Kings. Because the Lakers will get their support. With Blake Griffin, so will the Clippers.

But that doesn't mean they'll lose some money. Especially the Lakers in regard to their giant new television deal. From ESPN LA:
"Although finances of the deal were not released, some reports at the time pegged the value of the pact at $3 billion, a figure Time Warner Cable and the Lakers have since refuted. If a third NBA team moves into the market, however, the Lakers' television deal will decrease by about just under 10 percent ...

The Lakers' agreement, which begins with the 2012-13 season and covers all preseason, regular-season and postseason games not nationally telecast, was viewed as a major blow for current rights holders Fox Sports West and KCAL-TV. The Kings, however, could lessen that blow and create competition for viewers and fans in Orange County if they filled the void left by the Lakers on both outlets."
Nobody likes the split a pie three ways when it only has to be done two. If the Lakers had it their way, the Clippers would be booted out of the city too, but that's not happening. So you can imagine how they feel about a third party moving in down the street.

What you're seeing here with this whole Kings relocation thing is a bunch of negatives without a whole lot of positives. I honestly haven't seen a story yet revealing all the benefits of the Kings move. Yeah the arena in Anaheim is nicer than the place formerly known as Arco, but it's still 17 years old.

Both the Lakers and Clippers are reportedly very much against the move and have even explored options to block it, but it doesn't appear they'll be able to.

Between the lack of a waiting fanbase, the competition between the Clippers and Lakers, the loyalty of Sacramento fans, the Anaheim Angles owner questioning it and now people are losing money, why move? It's a question I keep asking myself, but one that the Maloofs evidently don't care about.
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Blake Griffin vicious dunk on Marcin Gortat video

Los Angeles Clippers rookie forward Blake Griffin does it again, but gets called for a charge. Posted by Ben Golliver. blake-griffin-marcin-gortat

Absolutely no one could forget when Los Angeles Clippers rookie forward Blake Griffin used New York Knicks center Timofey Mozgov as a launching pad, hurtling himself up and over Mozgov to throw down a volleyball style spike dunk that was replayed ad nauseum for months. Really, it was the moment Griffin arrived as an NBA player.

Guess what? He did it again. Almost. 

With the Phoenix Suns leading 97-84 late in the fourth quarter, Griffin slipped a high screen and roll with point guard Mo Williams at the top of the key. Cutting straight down the middle of the paint Griffin gathered himself as Suns center Marcin Gortat slid over near the protected circle. Griffin leaped without hesitation, using his left arm to boost himself well over Gortat and getting his right arm well, well above the rim. 

Griffin then flung the ball down towards the basket with maximum force, looking much like Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard during his Superman NBA Slam Dunk contest dunk. The ball went through the hoop but the baseline referee whistled Griffin for a charge, much to his surprise and dismay. 

Upon video replay, Gortat appears to have his heels off the ground and his toes outside the protected circle, so the call wasn't horrendous. Still, it robbed Griffin of another amazing highlight to add to his seemingly endless reel.

Here's the video courtesy of YouTube user GetBangedOn.

And here's Griffin's dunk over Mozgov for good measure courtesy of YouTube user NBA.

The Suns defeated the Clippers in Los Angeles, 108-99.
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