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Arlen Specter and more mindless rambling

Posted on: June 6, 2008 11:37 am

            Arlen Specter has an agenda, and for him to pretend that he is looking out for the good of sports in general is absurd. He is standing on his soapbox demanding an investigation into spy-gate. Let’s look at the facts for a minute. Sports are an entertainment industry. Yes, the New England Patriots broke the rules. I have heard many other former coaches say they have done similar things. Why do you think coaches cover their mouths with something while speaking during the game? It’s not to cover their bad breath. Specter is the Republican senator from Pennsylvania, and whom did the Patriots beat to get to 2 of their Super Bowls? Anyone, anyone, the Pittsburgh Steelers. Also, who did they defeat in one of their Super Bowl appearances……the Philadelphia Eagles.

Roger Goodell punished the team and the coach for their “misinterpretation” of the rule in question. Mr. Goodell also asked if there were tapes of any other teams and Coach Hoody told him there were. So why were people surprised when this videographer came forward? Oh yeah that’s right, the non-existent Rams SB practice tape. All of the tapes that were turned over to the NFL contained exactly what Hoody said they would. This is why they are not being punished further, and why there need to be no more spy-gate news.

            Actually an argument can be made that good scouting and game planning would be more effective than stealing the defensive signals. Breaking down game film and knowing your opponent’s personnel strength vs. weaknesses are what this league is all about now. Defensive signals change from game to game, but tendencies and reactions in down and distance situations as well as substitutions remain consistent.

            Sen. Specter should maybe demand a deeper look into the NBA and the Tim Donaghy gambling scandal. This is for more detrimental to the good of sports, and far more significant than spy-gate. This has possible ramifications on the economy. This warrants a Mitchell Report type of investigation. Now I will admit that I don’t know much about this other than Mr. Donaghy was referee on the take and making calls to manipulate the point spread. This alone warrants an in depth investigation. I have a difficult time believing that he is the first and only one doing this sort of thing. The calls and non-calls alike in the NBA are mind-boggling. It sometimes seems so arbitrary. If ever a league needed an overhaul in officiating this is it.

            Now on to the MLB and my favorite guy Roger Clemens. Roger, when is enough enough? This guy has gone from baseball immortal to a punch line. Watching the House committee inquiry was painful, and I was disgusted with the way he was getting the kid glove treatment and hero worship from the Republicans. I myself being conservative was dumbfounded. You usually see that type of feel good nonsense from the other side of the aisle.

There were contradictions all over the place, first he says that he has never taken any illegal substance, and has never even heard of HGH. Yet he knew what it was when he saw it in his house and told McNamee to get it out. Then he says that McNamee deceived him into taking it. So have you or haven’t you taken HGH Roger? Because even if you were tricked into taking it, you have still done it. He should have just come out at the beginning of this whole thing and admitted he took the steroids, but instead the clown blames it on his wife. Then he wants her to stick by him while he trashes her name. Meanwhile it comes out that he is an adulterer and borderline pedophile. This girl was 16 when they met and went to his hotel room for the first time. That is too creepy for me.

If he would have just come clean at the beginning this would all be over. Look at Sir Charles, his gambling habit story comes out and that day he holds a press conference and says he was wrong and will fix it. Story over, the end. Now if that would have been Clemens he would have delayed for a couple of weeks and hired a consultant to formulate a story to blame his gambling debt on someone else.

Do you remember the World Series a few years back with the Mets v. Yankees. The broken bat throw is always going to stick out in my mind. He throws the broken barrel of the bat at Mike Piazza as he is headed for first base. When asked after the game why he did that his response was that he mistook the broken bat for the ball. First of all this guy is a pitcher and has been playing the game all of his life, he couldn’t tell the difference? Second, in the off chance he did honestly make that mistake, why didn’t he throw it to the first baseman. This wasn’t a kickball game, there are no slug outs in baseball. Just tell the truth and say you got caught up in the heat of the moment and screwed up.

I know I got way off of my original topic, but all these thoughts are going through my mind and I just need to purge them all out. But in closing, Sen. Specter let’s worry about more important things than spy gate. We have soaring gas prices that is leading to increased food prices due directly to an enormously flawed alternate fuel policy. You should actually be demanding an in depth investigation into ethanol gate, or any other number of other “gates” that pertain to real life, and not get the government involved in the entertainment industry. Remember, sports are just that, entertainment.

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Arlen Specter and more mindless rambling

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Arlen Specter and more mindless rambling

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