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My take on the Meachem controversy

Posted on: December 7, 2009 7:35 pm
I wanted an opportunity to weigh in on the Robert Meachem issue without dedicating any more column space to it.

Frankly, whether or not it's the right call is a moot point to me. The ruling had to go one way or another and would affect different people differently no matter which way it went. We could argue which way is "more right" without coming to any real consensus, so in the end, it's nothing more than a waste of energy.

What I don't understand is why so many people blew a fuse over the call, knowing a ruling had to be made, knowing that ruling could go either way and knowing it was made without any sort of bias. If your commissioner chose not to credit the touchdown to Meachem and happened to be playing the guy who started Meachem -- a game he won by five points -- I could understand the controversy. But nothing like that happened here.

Nobody likes to lose, sure, but that goes for the people helped by this ruling as well as the ones hurt by it. So even if in all your complaining, with your "heightened logic" and "airtight reasoning," you did get the call reversed, what exactly would you have accomplished? You'd have an opponent with just as much of a right to complain as you do, with a burning rage just as fierce as yours -- perhaps even more fierce since he originally had the call go his way. And would that be a fulfilling victory? Would it give any sort of indication of your Fantasy Football prowess?

Which brings me to my next point: What exactly did this decision deny you? A deserved victory? Really? Fantasy Football is about making accurate predictions, and when the lineup deadline came Sunday morning, nobody on the face on planet said, "Heck yeah, I'll start Meachem. I don't want to miss out on those six points he'll get when he strips the ball from a defensive back and returns it for a touchdown." Not a one. In fact, I'd argue nobody -- at least nobody reasonable -- expected him to have 142 receiving yards and a touchdown, in which case anyone who started him already got lucky with him. Another six points added to Meachem's total is not at all reflective of your assessment on him going into the game, so if you need those points to win, you quite frankly don't deserve to win.

And that's the most consolation I can offer you. If you play Fantasy long enough, you'll have more moments like this where a questionable call doesn't go your way. The best way I've found to handle them is to remind myself that if I had made better decisions or if my other players had performed the way they should have, I wouldn't have needed those extra six points. That line of thinking helps put the supposed "injustice" in perspective.

Because as a willing participant in any game, be it Fantasy Football, horseshoes or Monopoly, you kind of just have accept the rules as they are, assuming they're fair, regardless of whether or not you agree with them.

Hey, if you want all the calls to go your way, you could always run a one-team league.
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Posted on: December 28, 2009 4:52 pm

My take on the Meachem controversy

To me that is circular reasoning. Even if their "logic" is correct. Why then, when the ball is stripped back out of the "defender-now-on-offense's" hands.... do the defense, not become the defense again and the offense, the offense again? It is only a rule to give more weight to the team defense stats. I personally think it is a dumb rule, the defense is NOT on the field and should not get credit for a TD scored by the OFFENSE, just because there are two turnovers back to back! Leagues should just have scoring for what happens in a game. If you give pts for forced fumbles and fumble recoveries, it should not matter when they occur, the person that does the act should get credit for it. Likewise for fumbles returned for a TD, if you give credit to a defensive player for it...what is your argument for an offensive player not getting credit for the same act?

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Posted on: December 27, 2009 12:29 am

My take on the Meachem controversy

They could do what they did with mike furry and make him a safety

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Posted on: December 11, 2009 12:38 pm

My take on the Meachem controversy

This issue is so complex that nobody is ever going to figure out how to score the points. I do have an issue with the timing. This play happened on week 13. Every league has people in the hunt for the playoffs. Every person in those leagues have spent the whole season making trades and doing everything possible to make the playoffs. You are wondering why so many fantasy owners are up in arms over a single play. It is not the play that is the issue but the timing and the manner in which is was handled.

The play happened on Sunday.

The scoring system said Meachem scored.

Monday fantasy owners see how it was scored.

Tuesday fantasy owners see how it was scored and see if they made the playoffs or not. Some are in the playoffs and some see what seed they are.

Wednesday they wake to find out the scoring was changed. Many people are out of the playoffs and many are now in the playoffs. Some have had their seeding changed.

Thursday games are set for the playoffs.

CBS Sports should not have changed the scoring on Wednesday. One day before the playoffs start. I understand if the the NFL changed stats for a player because they were incorrect but even in that case it would have happened on Monday.

CBS Sports is at fault for not understanding that it does not matter if the call is right or wrong (which is debatable). The manner in which this was handled was wrong. Fantasy owners play this game because it is fun.

Making a last minute points change that is grey to begin with is bad timing.

Now that it has happened in the manner that it did there is no going back. But I am sure the fantasy owners would appreciate CBS sports letting the people using this website make the decision on the play. Maybe a system wide vote.

It is very aloof to say "we made the decision to reward the points as we saw fit." Ok, King George! I sure you know that it is in your best interest to try to help everyone using this site not just half.

CBS Sports should at least find a way to allow the leagues an opportunity to handle this situation in a manner that they see fit.

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Posted on: December 9, 2009 11:35 am

My take on the Meachem controversy

White, you are an idiot an this just proves it.  Of course this decision didn't decide when we pull out of Afghanistan, or whether or not "climate change" kills us all in the next decade, but that isn't the point is it?  Fantasy is a game many people enjoy, and you, make a living at.  We can argue all day about a person's fantasy ineptitude and how this should or shouldn't effect their out come, but bottom line it does effect some games, and thus means something to those owners.  How much should it affect them, well in the grand scheme of things, not much.  HOWEVER, your arrogance on this issue is amazing.  Personally, if i'm playing in a league, I want things to be DONE CORRECTLY.  Seeing as this is your livelihood, i would assume you would want the same thing.  Fact is IT HASN'T been.  That is what makes me, and i suspect so many others upset.  Is this a confusing situation, yes.  However, applying sound logic and reasoning a conclusion can be obtained, and deemed best.  Sure i knew the rules going in, but fact is they haven't been applied correctly, or evenly.  Now, get off your high horse, and have your mother bring you some more hot chocolate down to the basement.

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Posted on: December 9, 2009 12:50 am

That's the NFL Rule

Why is it so hard for people to get over the fact that it's the NFL rule!!!  After a turnover and change of possession, the offensive team that turned the ball over has always been "credited" with defensive statistics for the rest of the play (usually its a tackle).  Nobody is making this rule up all of a sudden, it's the way it is!!!  Stop crying!!! 

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