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Video: Ty Lawson goes Lawesome in OT

Posted on: March 6, 2012 12:19 am
By Matt Moore

Ty Lawson is stepping up and becoming a regular clutch machine. After hitting a game winner just days ago, Lawson stepped up in overtime and helped the Nuggets overcome a 5 point deficit with 15 seconds to go in a win over the Kings


The Nuggets are starting to find that they have two closers, Arron Afflalo and Lawson. Both players played huge roles in the comeback Monday night, and both have the ability to score out of the ISO set, the preferred NBA offensive set. With big shots against Houston and Portland in the last week, the Nuggets are recovering their momentum they lost due to injuries. 

It's nice to see Lawson taking the next step. 


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Posted on: March 6, 2012 6:18 am

Video: Ty Lawson goes Lawesome in OT

honestly, "the preferred NBA set"? Um, thats simply not true. Different coaches have different systems, and I know thats probably too complex for the audience CBS SPORTS seems to aim for, but its not the set of Philly, San Antonio, Utah, Dallas (usually anyway), New Orleans, or, yes, Denver. Karl once was burdened with melo....but now with a team more to his liking, the sprawling attacking offense tends to seek space.....whoever finds it....ideally, yeah, a shooter. But unless you need a three, Karl, like Pop and Adelamn and Carlisle, will look to surprise the defense and create a mismatch. This whole meme of *closer* needs to be put to bed. Its always been a cliche anyway.

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