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Carlisle: Patience has 'worn thin' with Odom

Posted on: March 2, 2012 7:37 pm
Edited on: March 2, 2012 7:38 pm
Rick Carlisle has a trophy, but he doesn't want the headaches involved with Lamar Odom. (Getty Images)
Posted by Royce Young

It's not going well for Lamar Odom in Dallas right now. He's not playing well, he left the team this week for personal reasons and instead of returing to the Mavericks, he'll be headed to their D-League affiliate in Frisco instead.

And don't think for a second the Mavs are entirely cool with it all. In fact, coach Rick Carlisle is pretty much fed up with Odom. Via ESPN Dallas:
"When he comes back, we're going to find out very quickly where things are at," Carlisle during his weekly appearance Friday on the ESPN Dallas 103.3 FM's "Galloway & Co." "He's going to have to show us with his actions and attitude that he's in."


"Mark asks a fundamental question of anybody in our franchise: Are they in or are they not in?" Carlisle said. "Our fans want to know that Lamar's in. Our players want to know that Lamar's in. It's not about how many points he's scoring or rebounds; those things are a factor. Our fans, our players want to see the guy playing like his pants are on fire and we haven't seen that so far and that's got to change."
If Odom had been clearly committed on the floor, this obviously wouldn't be a question. But he hasn't come close to playing anywhere close to the level he did last season with the Lakers when he won Sixth Man of the Year. He hasn't just had a down year. He's fallen on his face. And the Mavs, notably Carlisle and the locker room, are pretty much sick of it.

"There is a personal issue here and we do not know the extent of it or the details of it," Carlisle said. "There is a fine line between compassion, which our owner is showing, and gross insensitivity."

"I'm disappointed," Carlisle continued, "with the way the whole thing's gone. We've worked hard with this kid. I'm a patient guy, Mark is a patient guy, Donnie is a patient guy, our team is a patent team, but patience has worn thin here.

"... This is serious business. The business of winning NBA basketball games is serious business. This is not easy. It's not easy to win a game in the NBA. ... We need people that are engaged and we need people that are into it. Our players will tell you the same thing. You ask Jason Kidd, you ask Dirk and they're going to tell you the same exact thing, and every night that you step onto the court or you step into that coaching box, it's a war and you've to got to be ready to go to war as a player and you've got to have people around you as a coach on your coaching staff, and ownership that are ready to go to battle with you and that's what we ask."

Tell us how you really feel, Rick. But he has reason to be worn out with it. At a certain point you can't just toe the company line and say everything that's politically correct. Odom's making almost $9 million this season and he's not holding up his end of the deal. He's mailing it in for the Mavs and they aren't happy with it.

Carlisle even said this, which I thought was maybe his strongest quote: "When Lamar comes back, if he comes on the floor and he competes the way people expect him to compete as a member of a world championship defending team," Carlisle said, "this problem will go away." The Mavs aren't hiding behind anything here. Their cards are on the table. Now it's up to Odom to meet them.

Odom's agent, Jeff Schwartz, put out a statement Friday on behalf of his player.

"The whole idea of going to the D-League was Lamar's," Schwartz said. "He proposed it to the Mavs; they never asked him. He wanted to get some floor time in actual game conditions before rejoining the team. People need to educate themselves on the rules in place here. NBA veterans don't get sent to the D-League without their consent."

No, they don't. But NBA veterans the caliber of Odom don't typically have to be.


Since: Oct 25, 2008
Posted on: March 3, 2012 2:05 pm

Carlisle: Patience has 'worn thin' with Odom

All i know is he sucks and tanks it every night.. Cut your loss and get someone hungry to play the basketball.

That circus he is involved with don't help matters much..

Since: Aug 24, 2006
Posted on: March 3, 2012 12:49 pm

Carlisle: Patience has 'worn thin' with Odom

No one should forget Lamar demanded a trade from the Lakers after he found out that he was in the Chris Paul (Blocked) trade. He was not happy with the Lakers because of that.

What the Lakers got from Dallas was not very much for a Sixth Man of the year winner. Lakers just moved him so he would not pout on their team all year. Dallas hoped he would want to prove he was worth more to a top level team than throw-in for another player.

Lamar has dogged it from day one and then had the nerve to ask Dallas to buy him out so he could go back to LA. He found out he was not happy away from the Lakers either.

But he has landed in the wrong place if he thinks Dallas will just cut him loose and write it off as he dances back to LA to play for any other team. Mark Cuban has had several dogs end up on his team and he does not care that much about the money in these cases. He could have his GM sent Lamar home to collect his paycheck and not be around the team before he would give in and let him have his way.

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Posted on: March 3, 2012 12:43 pm

Carlisle: Patience has 'worn thin' with Odom

reedtaz73--What have you done w/ your life?  What makes you think you're such a man?

Maybe because I work everyday to support my family...even when I'm dealing with life threatning health issue(s) of my own I get up six days a week and put in work. Not saying i'm a better person, just saying if I was in his shoes I would thank my lucky stars I'm being payed millions to perform. In his case, under-perform. JJ, when it comes to monetary gains and fame, it is black and white... And when it comes to raising a family, there is no grey area. Have one of your own before you talk about something you haven't the effing clue about. Since Lamar is a multi-millionaire AND a public figure, he is and should be held to a higher standard.
But no, lemmings like yourself worship the ground this fool and other"stars" walk on. Bipolar? Is that your assessment of Lamar without medical/family history to backup such a diagnosis? Good grief man, ask lamar to buy you a clue.

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Posted on: March 3, 2012 12:25 pm

Carlisle: Patience has 'worn thin' with Odom

I think JJwins is spot on target - Lamar is bi-polar and just a mess right now.

I live in L.A. and a good friend is a neighbor of Lamar's dad. Lamar was said to be taking time off to be with his "ailing" father and his father is perfectly fine. My buddy sees Lamar's dad outside all the time riding his bicycle, walking the neighborhood, and chilling on his porch in Marina Del Rey.  This was a fabricated story about Lamar's dad to divert attention from Lamar's head.  This guy is in a bad place right now. I dated a girl for 4 years who is bi-polar and there is just no reasoning with a person in this state.

I don't see this ending well for Lamar or the Mavs.  and I hope the Lakers don't somehow take him back after the Mavs pull the plug.

Peace Out!

Since: Sep 11, 2006
Posted on: March 3, 2012 12:23 pm

Carlisle: Patience has 'worn thin' with Odom

Bi-polar disorder is a serious health concern that shouldn't be glossed over.  But how come he didn't have any real issues when he played for the Lakers yet has had major episodes everywhere else?  Its not coincidence.  His situation can't be black and white, it can't be a typical case.

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Posted on: March 3, 2012 12:14 pm

Carlisle: Patience has 'worn thin' with Odom

reedtaz73--What have you done w/ your life?  What makes you think you're such a man?  By the way you write I can tell you haven't done much.  I'm going to give u a little piece of advice...u rdy?  write this down.......Not everything is so black and white

Since: Aug 21, 2006
Posted on: March 3, 2012 12:06 pm

Carlisle: Patience has 'worn thin' with Odom

I'm not a doctor but I happen to know a lot about bi polarism due to the fact my sister has it.  Not judging by this article but from what I've heard and seen by him, he's bi-polar   That would explain why he's an underachiever and inconsistent.  If you're bi-polar you could win the lotterey and still not know if you'll be depressed the next day.  So when he's going through a good mental state, he plays like a top 10-15 player.  if he's having a down time, he probably doesnt even look like he belongs in the NBA.  What I'm thinking is being traded devestated him.  I've heard he was shocked and deeply sadened by it which will explain why he's doing nothing in Dallas.  Now I'm also guessing he's in denial.  Why?  He's obviously not on medication.  They give u pills that keep u flat all the time.. NO highs and no lows.  Even if he was on meds and went through a downtime, it would've never lasted this long.  If I'm right than meds could be worth a lot of money to this man if he wants to keep playing in the NBA.

Since: Sep 29, 2010
Posted on: March 3, 2012 11:53 am

Carlisle: Patience has 'worn thin' with Odom

Lamar has always been an underachiever ever since he was at Rhode Island. This guy had the potential to be the next Magic Johnson and be a triple double threat every night but he has some mental issues. Why would u mess with championship chemistry and bring in this knucklehead? Bad move by Cuban.

Since: Sep 19, 2007
Posted on: March 3, 2012 11:50 am

Carlisle: Patience has 'worn thin' with Odom

Maybe Lamar Kardashian should trade in his bra and g-string for a sports cup and heart. Maybe sprinkle in some character which this tool clearly needs. Man up chump.

Since: Nov 23, 2006
Posted on: March 3, 2012 11:04 am

Carlisle: Patience has 'worn thin' with Odom

Kobe Bryant was very vocal in not liking the trade that sent Odom to Dallas.  Does anyone think that Lamar felt the same way?

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