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Friday 5 with KB: Trade season approaches

Posted on: March 2, 2012 1:52 pm
Edited on: March 2, 2012 2:58 pm
By Matt Moore

In this week's edition of 
the Friday 5,
Ken Berger talks about how you should evaluate trade rumors, if anyone will ever touch Wilt's 100-point-game, and how David Stern's legacy has evolved. 

1. 50th Anniversary of Wilt scoring 100 this week. There's a lot of talk about whether it will happen again or not. Do you think if the NBA went through a hyper-scoring binge like we've seen in the past it could ever happen again, or be passed?

KB: Never. The game is too different, defenses are more sophisticated and the talent level is more equal than in 1962.

2. 'Tis the season, KB. What are the things fans should look for when judging the accuracy of a trade rumor?

KB: Excellent way to put it. You have to consider the source (who's reporting it and how many outlets are reporting it) and dissect the potential agendas that are at play. For example, is an agent trying to manufacture news because he wants his client out? Also, teams have dozens of conversations about possible trades at this time of year. The mere occurrence of dialogue isn't news; serious discussions, with details of proposals that have been exchanged, perhaps rising to the ownership level, should be valued above the garden variety, "Team X is shopping player Y." As Ricky Watters once said, "For who? For what?" Details are proof. Finally, most teams have several people in the front office who are authorized and in position to discuss possible trades, which clouds the inevitable denial of those discussions. When a GM or coach says, "I've never even spoken with that team," or, "I've never even had a conversation about Player X," that doesn't mean someone else in the organization who's authorized to have those discussions didn't do so. In short, it's a tangled web we weave in the weeks leading up to the trade deadline.

3. Steve Nash is both the most adamant he doesn't want to be traded and one of the most involved in trade rumors. Do the Suns know exactly what they want to do with him, considering their public statements of "Nash now, Nash forever?"

KB: The key question is, what does Nash want? He doesn't want to be out there publicly lobbying for a trade, but if he decides it's time to move on, I believe the Suns will try to oblige.

4. Michael Beasley's another name out there on the wire. Are coaches receptive to dealing with his... er... eccentricities?
KB: For a contender that needs versatile scoring punch (Lakers, Celtics, Magic), Beasley would be the ideal fit. The questions will become, can he be had for a second-round pick? And if not, will a team -- particularly the Lakers, who have two first-rounders -- become so desperate to upgrade that they'll part with one?

5. David Stern said in an interview with the Orlando Sentinel he can't be concerned with his legacy because it will impact his ability to do his job. What do you think Stern's legacy is today, given the events of the past 12 months?

KB: Any time you discuss legacy, it has to be a big-picture, textured discussion. Though the lockout, lost games and hard-ball negotiating tactics are fresh in our minds, those things can't move ahead of certain undeniable accomplishments like dramatically increasing national TV exposure and revenue and globalizing the brand. But depending on how things work out in New Orleans and Sacramento, Stern is in danger of having his legacy tarnished by franchise relocation. The financial circumstances in markets like those and Milwaukee, Charlotte and Memphis are grim. If the problems can't be solved by revenue sharing, then what? So Stern can't retire yet simply because he achieved a new collective bargaining agreement. He can't leave the NBA until he's leaving all 30 franchises (or however many there are when he leaves) on sound footing competitively and economically. So that part of his legacy, which includes over-expansion, is still to be determined.

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Posted on: March 5, 2012 10:11 am

Friday 5 with KB: Trade season approaches

However you look at it though, in this particular trade situation with CP3 the Lakers were screwed.
Sure, but only as much as any team that thinks they have a deal in place only to have other other team's ownership overrule their GM.  And that's not exactly unheard of.  

Yes, the Lakers have found a way to be successful.  They should, with a payroll that trumps the rest of the NBA, don't you think?  These aren't the Little Sisters of the Poor.  They are the team that has far outspent their competition for years to currently achieve, "pretty good team, non-contender" status.  The only other team I can think of with nearly as high a payroll with such current mediocre results is Boston, but at least their fans have to know they've got $28M coming off the books next year in Garnett and Rasheed Wallace, and the Lakers will have the same payroll next year, with the same small chance of success.  Maybe it will get them another four-game sweep out of the playoffs.

It's pretty funny listening to people who think Ramon Sessions or Raymond Felton can significantly improve ANY team.  Guys who are unable to consistently hold a starting position throughout their careers are suddenly good enough to make a big difference on a playoff team?  Ok.  Enjoy that fantasy while it lasts.

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Posted on: March 5, 2012 9:58 am

Friday 5 with KB: Trade season approaches

 This trade was AGREED TO AND DONE!

Boltbacker, it's always easier to ignore the facts to make your argument, isn't it.  It was "agreed to" by a GM who exceeded his authority.  It wasn't "done".  I don't know why it's so hard to understand that the other NBA owners collectively own that franchise and had the right to veto it.  That makes them "whiny" owners when all they're doing is what they're permitted to do, and it's their job to do.

The trade was official and rescinded?  No, it wasn't.  Check your facts again.  There was an agreement in place, and the letter the owners sent voiced the OWNERSHIP's disagreement with the trade.  The deal never went through and all Stern did, as the representative of ownership for the collective NBA owners all responsible for the New Orleans Hornets after the NBA assumed control much earlier, was accurately represent their decision.

When ownership doesn't want a trade to happen, and it HASN'T happened yet, it doesn't happen.  Funny how you call the other owners whiny when they were executing their responsibilities, but you're whining about it months later with no facts to support it.     &n

BTW, I didn't say the trade was lopsided.  I couldn't care less.  What matters is the trade was legitimately declined by New Orleans' ownership.  They have that right.  They exercised that right.  Move on.  The tears are starting to soak your Lakers jersey.

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Posted on: March 3, 2012 8:41 pm

Friday 5 with KB: Trade season approaches

Your post is so true; the Lakers don't panic, they improve.  We'll do somethin good by the trade deadline.

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Posted on: March 3, 2012 3:59 pm

Friday 5 with KB: Trade season approaches

Regardless, the Lakers have still found a way to be successful and at 22-14 they are one game out of 1st in their division, and 4th seed in the west as we speak, with an addition of a pg the likes of Felton, Sessions etc, this team can still be a tough out in the playoffs.  The Lakers win, thats what they do, they always survive, and they will find a way to contend again.  However you look at it though, in this particular trade situation with CP3 the Lakers were screwed.

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Posted on: March 3, 2012 3:49 pm

Friday 5 with KB: Trade season approaches

Hawkman- i see you too are clouded by your hate for the Lakers...  This trade was AGREED TO AND DONE!  Then, it was reversed because of a cowardly commissioner and WHINY owners.  If the trade was just a proposal that was shot down before it came to fruition that would be one thing, and yes Lakers fans would be crying over spilt milk, but this trade was OFFICIAL, and then RESCINDED.  If you dont understand why that would frustrate Laker fans, then you are delusional (especially considering the Lakers biggest need was a pg, and they swung a trade for one of the best out there)  Keep in mind also that the Lakers were giving up BOTH Pau, and Lamar so this wasnt lopsided.

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Posted on: March 3, 2012 3:25 pm

Friday 5 with KB: Trade season approaches

Lee, every point you made regarding the proposed Chris Paul trade was spot on.  Lakers fans just don't want to recognize the reality that the other owners OWN the Hornets and had every right to decline the trade.  That's the reality, but the whiners want to ignore that fact and deny a team's ownership the right to veto a trade - but only in this case, since they obviously have it for every other franchise in the league.

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Posted on: March 3, 2012 12:36 pm

Friday 5 with KB: Trade season approaches


     The Vetoing of a trade that HE previously had approved will DEFINITELY hurt his Legacy.  What he pulled on the Lakers was under-handed and ridiculous, it illustrated him buckling under the pressure of whiny owners like Dan Gilbert and Mark Cuban.  Secondly you dope, Lamar Odom was the 6th man of the year at the time of the trade, sorry but no one, not even you with your crystal ball could have predicted he would have an emotional breakdown in Dallas or New Orleans (and fyi, you sound ectrememly stupid when you say he was a bust for every team but the lakers, go ahead and look up Odom's stats when he was with Miami/Clippers).  So Hornets would have received lamar Odom. Luis Scola, Kevin Martin, and Goran Dragic.  Those 4 players are a better value package by FAR than Gordon (who hasnt payed at all for them and has publicly stated he wants to leave!!!!!) Kaman, who has played decent for the last 3 weeks... dont be fooled, the previous trade with the Lakers would have made the Hornets MUCH better, now they are just a crappy team with no decent players and their only potential star (Gordon) Wants out.  Ya thats a great deal for the Hornets.  Moron.

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Posted on: March 3, 2012 7:22 am

Friday 5 with KB: Trade season approaches

He may fit in nicely but I have a hard time thinking of losing any of their current roster. I know it's illogical but that is just the way I feel. When I logged onto the game today and saw that Ray was not in the starting lineup I panicked, thinking the worst. I seriously think we should just go with what we've got and let the chips fall where they may. Foolish? Hell, I dunno, its just basketball.

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Posted on: March 2, 2012 11:04 pm

Friday 5 with KB: Trade season approaches

oh go cry me a river. cost the lakers a title?  ll, they have how many titles. screw the lakers. happy they cant get their way.

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Posted on: March 2, 2012 10:54 pm

Friday 5 with KB: Trade season approaches

Beasley could fit in nicely with the Celtics.

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