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Bulls, Rose take something away from San Antonio

Posted on: March 1, 2012 12:11 am
Edited on: March 1, 2012 12:19 am
Posted by Royce Young

Rose closed the door on San Antonio Wednesday . (Getty Images)

There are certain moments in a season you can take with you. Certain moments you can put in your back pocket to call back on at a later time. Certain moments that are building blocks for the bigger picture.

Derrick Rose had a few of those moments Wednesday against the Spurs.

It's not just that he had a good game -- 29 points and four assists in just 30 minutes. It's that he came up big in big moments. Not that that's anything new. He won an MVP last season for it. But two shots against the Spurs stick out. The push shot off the backboard with the Bulls up one to make it 81-78 with 1:46 left. Then the jumper right after it answering a Tim Duncan hook to make it 83-80 with 1:09 left.

The Spurs charging the Bulls, their home crowd behind them, Gary Neal burying everything, and there Rose steps up with back-to-back baskets. Those type of shots aren't for the faint of heart. They're the type of shots you expect your star to make for you. That's why teams like Oklahoma City, Miami and Chicago have the best records. Because they have guys they can rely upon in those crazy, desperate moments.

Those are the moments the Bulls, and more specifically Rose, struggled with against the Heat last postseason. Those moments of finding looks, finding space to score and coming up with big baskets as another talented team stared you down. Rose couldn't shake free of the Heat. But against the Spurs, he came up with two big baskets as the Spurs hounded and doubled him. Then when San Antonio over-rotated to compensate for Rose, he kicked out to Ronnie Brewer who swung it Luol Deng for the dagger triple.

Smart basketball almost always wins. Almost. The Chicago formula has never been all that complicated. It's basically been grit things out, bottle you up offensively and hope No. 1 can carry the load just enough. It's worked a whole lot. The Bulls finished with the best record in the East last season and with Wednesday's 96-89 win, they're 28-8.

But against teams like the Heat, that formula failed, mainly because Rose couldn't hold up his end. Not for a lack of trying, but simply because he either couldn't find enough air to breathe from Miami's defense, or because he just missed a contested shot. Didn't happen against the Spurs, a team that's been wonderful at home (13-1 in San Antonio before Wednesday) and a team notorious for devising quality gameplans for stopping talented opponents.

The game showcased what makes Rose one of the toughest, most competitive winners in the league. He banged knees with Tony Parker in the first half and writhed on the ground in pain. No bother for the MVP, who checked back in and went to work. He would've had a decent excuse had he faded late in the game -- bad back, bruised knee, toe issues -- but Rose instead finished strong. He started the game 6-15 from the floor. He hit four of final eight attempts, including a perfect 8-8 from the line.

It was precisely these type of performances last season that won Rose the MVP. People could see how important he was to the Bulls' success, how he essentially had to drag that band of above average role players to an elite status. But when you deal with the pain of faltering in the big moments, something Rose puts squarely on his shoulders, it changes you. Those jumpers you hit in crunch-time against top tier teams like the Spurs mean a little more. They're something you can recall, something you can rely upon as you gear up for later showdowns.

Each time Rose closes for the Bulls, he's one step closer to being ready for what the Eastern playoffs will throw at him. On back-to-back nights, he made big shots for the Bulls. If you hit enough of them, they kind of start to become habit. They aren't so daunting anymore, don't carry that same pressure. Rose has always been willing to take the shots. Now he's making them. And that's something he can take with him.

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Posted on: March 6, 2012 11:17 pm

Bulls, Rose take something away from San Antonio

To say D. Rose does not deserve the MVP because he did not make the top 5 in any category is just ignorant. You would be hard pressed to find players who were in the top 10 in points and assists. Also MVP is a regular season award and the Bulls had the best record in the NBA.LeBron has Wade (and Bosh), Durant has Westbrook, Kobe has Gasol, and yet Rose had the best record in the NBA. 

So Rose cheated on his test to get into college. The kid who grew up in Englewood, Chicago had to cut some corners to get into college and you are going to crusify him for that? Obviously Rose made a mistake and should not have cheated but there are worse decisions you can make in your life than cheating on a test to become one of the only kids from your neighborhood to get into college.  

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Posted on: March 3, 2012 9:41 am

Bulls, Rose take something away from San Antonio

from a Bulls fan..Rose is a good player..Bulls are a playoff competitive team with him. they are not without him..  did he deserve MVP last year?  hard to say ..but don't think of anyone who was more deserving.. James was off last year...Durant..? maybe...but OK City needs Westbrook to make finals...I personally don't care if Rose wins another MVP award and doubt he does either.. it's about winning it all.. and as he matures and makes those around him better consistently, Bulls will be better suited to win it to those currently around Rose are good enough.. ? don't see them beating the Heat with this group.. James is and will be the man for the forseeable future.. look for him to go on a run with multiple rings in Miami...   

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Posted on: March 3, 2012 5:13 am

Bulls, Rose take something away from San Antonio

I also love how all of you Chicago fans talk about how ethical and moral Derrick Rose is and yet somehow you forgot to mention (or didn't know) about Derrick Rose having someone else take his SATs for him at Memphis (which the NCAA ruled to vacate the entire Memphis' 2007-08 season because of him). Yeah, that's a great role model you have there Chicago. He is like the Reggie Bush of the NBA. But then again nobody ever said Chicago or Illinois have morals. Maybe compared to Al Capone and ex-Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich, Derrick Rose is considered having morals and ethics by comparison. If he wouldn't have left college early he would've been banned from NCAA college basketball. Take off your rose-colored glasses Bulls fans and look at reality.

P.S. I'm not a Heat fan but remind me again who won in last year's playoff's (Heat or Bulls) and who totally dominated the other person in the playoffs statistically (LeBron or Derrick)?

Also, explain to me how Derrick Rose is one of the top 5 players in the NBA this year considering when even last year he wasn't in the top 5 in any statistical category in the NBA (and he's even worse this year)? Name me one MVP in any major team sport in the past 15 years who wasn't top 5 in any statistical category and won the MVP (besides Derrick Rose)? I'll be waiting. This isn't even including the fact that Derrick's team didn't even make the finals and that he probably has the best players around him. The facts hurt (not opinions) doesn't it Bulls fans?

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Posted on: March 3, 2012 3:46 am

Bulls, Rose take something away from San Antonio

I love how on any anti-Derrick Rose comment the only people that disagree with the anti-Derrick Rose comment are Bulls fans and yet every fan outside of Illinois agrees. lol. Bulls fans are delusional. Derrick Rose is not and never will be anywhere close to what Michael Jordan is. Quit pretending he is. Derrick Rose will not be top 5 in the NBA in MVP voting. I'm sure anyone on this board that isn't a Bulls fan can easily think of 5 players having a better season and will finish higher than the MVP in voting than Rose this year. Even last year, Derrick Rose wasn't statistically the top couple in any NBA statistical category. This year his points and assists are much worse. As statistics show the Bulls win just as much without him as they do with him. And yes the Bulls have had the easiest schedule in the NBA this year, ever hear of the strength of schedule? All of this is a moot point because Bulls aren't getting past Miami in the playoffs. Derrick Rose needs to stop shooting 3 pointers, he sucks at it.

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Posted on: March 2, 2012 3:19 pm

Bulls, Rose take something away from San Antonio

Tom Brady is hated because the Patriots cheated. LeBron is hated because he destroyed the city of Clevelands hopes and dreams. Derrick Rose gave his MVP trophy to his mother. Do you know how painful it is to get a tatoo on your hand? Derrick Rose got a rose tatooed on his hand with his mothers name on it. So, soxgob, do you think that when D. Rose's contract expires he will go team up with his buddies and throw a party saying he is going to win ...not 5, not 6 championships? I doubt it. 

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Posted on: March 1, 2012 6:20 pm

Bulls, Rose take something away from San Antonio

Soxgob, I agree that the public loves to build people up only to tear them down, but the public will also turn on someone when he reveals himself to be a complete dick.  The difference between Tom Brady and Lebron is pretty glaring.  Brady was a 6th round pick that won two championships in part because he took the Patriots on game winning drives on the biggest of stages.  He's been the mainstay in New England that has kept that team pretty darn good for 10 years.

 Lebron has been 'the choosen one' (just ask him, it's tattooed in giant letters on his back) since he was in 8th grade and been treated as such since.  He left his hometown team in the crappiest of ways after failing on the biggest of stages.   The reason people now enjoy seeing Lebron lose is because he comes of as a jerk that thinks the sports world should bow to him, not because he was an underdog that made it to the top and got too big for his britches.

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Posted on: March 1, 2012 4:52 pm

Bulls, Rose take something away from San Antonio

Thats the difference between Rose and LeBrick. LeBrick is self centered and only truly is concerned with himself. Rose is the epitome of a competitor. Look it up in the dictionary and you ll notice the difference between these two players. Rose will continue to get better because thats how his work ethic is, LeBum will continue to coast on talent! 

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Posted on: March 1, 2012 4:50 pm

Bulls, Rose take something away from San Antonio

Youre permanently banned from making any kind of credible basketball comment after that jealous post! "Rose wont get top 5 in MVP voting this year" ....theres rooting against a player and then theres just plain out jealousy. No one in their right mind wouldnt vote for D Rose and LeBrick top five this year and for the next 10 to come!

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Posted on: March 1, 2012 3:56 pm

Bulls, Rose take something away from San Antonio

I couldn't agree more with serphnx.  There's have's and have not's in the world.  And when we (as the have nots) observe an underdog or someone we feel sorry for, we put them up on a huge pedastal.  Then when they achieve some sort of success, even stardom, then we feel it our job to knock the person down a few notches.  "Well now they're getting a little too big for their britches!"  Tom Brady was everyone's darling story for a while when he was a nobody playing for a nobody team.  Then he wins three superbowls, marries a supermodel, and voila!  Most hated person in football!  Same with Lebron.  Everyone pitied him when he was playing for the crappy Cavaliers, then he switched to a star-driven team and now he's the most hated. 
Derrick Rose is touted as a humble player, great and clutch shooter, great teammate.  Give it a few years when things start to go sour for the Bulls and he starts complaining and wanting out, wanting to play with his buddies.  I think out of all of the stars in the league, Steve Nash stands out as one who has risen above all of that.

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Posted on: March 1, 2012 12:37 pm

Bulls, Rose take something away from San Antonio

You realize there is no such thing as having an easier schedule in the NBA.  Most normal years you play everyone in your conference 4 times and everyone in the opposite conference twice.  Both with an equal amount of home and aways.  The only thing that matters is when the games are. 

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