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Report: Marvin Williams wants out of Atlanta

Posted on: February 21, 2012 1:55 pm
 Time could be running out for Marvin Williams in Atlanta. (Getty Images)
Posted by Royce Young

Marvin Williams' fate in Atlanta was pretty much doomed from the start. After the Hawks picked him ahead of Chris Paul (and Deron Williams) in 2005, he had the uphill battle to fight in justifying that pick. Unfortunately, he never really has been able to.

And his time with the Hawks might finally be coming to an end. Via
Frustration abounds in Atlanta right now, and sources say Marvin Williams wants out because he wants to play somewhere where he'll have an increased role offensively. Williams is averaging just 9.6 points per game, his lowest since his rookie season.
Williams has never been a true "bust" or even anything close to that. But he's the guy Atlanta took ahead of CP3 and he's always had to deal with that disappointment. He's been a good rotation player on a perennial Eastern playoff team and with his versaility, has filled multiple roles at one time.

But even with Al Horford out with an injury, Williams hasn't been able to truly find his place. He's a classic tweener -- too small for the 4, but not quite a true 3 -- and because of that hasn't been able to produce at the level most expected him to out of North Carolina.

Williams minutes are down to just 24.2 a game (the lowest in his career) and he's slowly getting squeezed out of the rotation with the Hawks. He's taking fewer shots, scoring less and doesn't playing a prominant role despite starting all 28 games he's played in.

The Hawks could use some more interior help and with Josh Smith having a terrific season, maybe there's a little bit of space to shop Williams. Tracy McGrady wants more playing time too so maybe there's a common ground to be found. Ship out Williams and hand over a bigger role to McGrady.

Williams is signed through 2014 with the Hawks paying him $7.5 million a year. That's not a horrible contract and it would be something the Hawks wouldn't mind clearing off the books either.

Nobody's happy in Atlanta right now, it seems. McGrady just got finished saying he wants more time and now Marvin Williams wants to be traded. Good times, Hawks. Good times.

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Posted on: February 22, 2012 5:11 pm

Report: Marvin Williams wants out of Atlanta

If you're a Detroit fan, I'm sorry. I'm a Wizard so I am not better. Detroit is a mess too. The glory are well past the "D". They are in a flux. Financially and the roster as well. If het can get rid of excess contracts, then maybe.

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Posted on: February 21, 2012 6:39 pm

Report: Marvin Williams wants out of Atlanta

Strongly agree and sometimes a change of scenary is all it takes. I think he would be a solid fit almost anywhere, with his size (as a SF) and athleticism I'd like to see him in Phoenix running with Nash in an uptempo offensive. He would be solid in a system like OKC but he's not gonna start there, perhaps even a place like SA would be a good fit. Ideally I'd like it if we could get him here in Detroit and shed that stupid contract we just gave to Tayshaun Prince (I think we have to wait a year though) or try to get out of that CV contract (infact that money would match), I just doubt CV is a worth while asset to anyone after he's last 2 seasons numbers. He's played a total of like 3 minutes so far this year. Anyway, good post man.

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Posted on: February 21, 2012 4:17 pm

Report: Marvin Williams wants out of Atlanta

Another name that comes to mind is the rookie Derrick Williams. Yo, watch out for this kid. He has the whole package. TRUST! Let this lion out!

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Posted on: February 21, 2012 4:12 pm

Report: Marvin Williams wants out of Atlanta

I've always felt this way about Williams. The article is right, he's not a legitimate bust because we just don't know. I know he has missed out on alot of money because of it and not only that but his skills. I believe the man can play. We saw a little of what he could do early this year. Problem is, and I have been high on this team for about 4 years now. The problem is, they really don't have any role players. I liked them back when they pushed Boston in the playoffs. I said if this young team can keep it together will be scary to play in a few years. Well those years have come and gone. They did not get better, they declined. Sure, they finally found a PG in Teague, but they really do not utilize him correctly. Everything goes through Cool Joe. Williams is non-existent. Always have been. The guy is athlectic and can put in the ground and go to the hole. Avg shooter, but can knock the the trey. Everybody there can score. Even Josh Smith wants to do more, but he's limited because they have so much. Joe signed a deal the same time LBJ signed his, so he will be there for awhile. I agree with Williams if thats the case. There are many players on the bench of teams that if they ever get starter minutes, the NBA would have a new star. Not a superstar, but a star. One name comes to mind is Terrence Williams. Got into to a little bit of trouble in NJ last year and they sent to the D- League where he avg. a triple-double for 4 games and came back and shipped him to Houston. Trust me when I say this, this dude can flat out play. He problem is the culture of the NBA. Making it on time and things like that. I haven't heard anything new on him. He sits at the end of the bench for Houston. I would go as far to say that on every team there is a budding star and the team doesn't even know. When the oppurunity comes.... take it like Kyle Lowry did last year over Aaron Brooks. Kyle is a star, should be a All Star this year but did not get voted in. If Williams ended up in a good situation where he is the second option,  we would see his best. He's not a franchise player, but too talented to be putting up the numbers he putting up now.

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Posted on: February 21, 2012 4:08 pm

Report: Marvin Williams wants out of Atlanta

please Charlotte Bobcats get this guy!!!!! we need someone, anyone with potential and Williams has Tarheel connections.

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Posted on: February 21, 2012 3:36 pm

Report: Marvin Williams wants out of Atlanta

At a small 6-9 Marvin Williams could play small forward in the right system. Perhaps some team could fit him in at Power Forward.  I would love to see him in a Lakers uniform playing small forward. I think he could easily fit into the Brown system.  Although I think the Lakers are looking to get Michael Beasely who has more talent to play the small forward but seems to display less maturity then Williams.

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