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Report: Cuban bashes Stern for Chris Paul trade

Posted on: February 14, 2012 2:16 pm
Edited on: February 14, 2012 2:33 pm
Mark Cuban questions David Stern's Chris Paul trade. (Getty Images)
Posted by Ben Golliver

The Los Angeles Clippers added Chris Paul and became an instant contender; the New Orleans Hornets traded away Chris Paul and have the worst record in the Western Conference, by far.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban wants the world to know that the league-owned Hornets, with NBA commissioner David Stern calling the shots as de-facto owner, screwed up in making that trade. provides Cuban's trade analysis, in which he argues the Hornets should have simply held on to Paul for the duration of his current contract rather than trade him away to the Clippers after previously discussing a 3-way deal with the Los Angeles Lakers and Houston Rockets.
"You're better off just taking the cap room, or whatever," Cuban said.

"I don't think it was about the Lakers, per se," Cuban said before the game. "I think it was just the way they did the deal, which was ridiculous. I don't think it was about which team. I think it was the fact that, even with the Clippers, we just went through this whole (collective bargaining agreement) and said the incumbent team still has the advantage and then the team the league owns (wimps) out. And look how it's worked out for them.

"Bad management gets you bad results."

It's impossible to believe that Cuban actually believes his own cap room argument but it's an absolute certainty that he enjoys reading the "Cuban blasts Stern over management decision" headline on every NBA website. That's probably endless amusement for him.

The recent case studies in handling disgruntled superstars all point to getting maximum value in trade rather than risking flight in free agency. Ask the Toronto Raptors if they could re-do the Chris Bosh departure. Ask the Cleveland Cavaliers if they could re-do the LeBron James departure. Ask the Utah Jazz if they are pleased with the return they got for Deron Williams, who is holding up the future of the New Jersey Nets as he contemplates his next move. Ask the Denver Nuggets if they're constant with the ransom they got for Carmelo Anthony at last year's trade deadline.

There's no question that Stern was operating from the right playbook in moving Paul, who had clearly had enough with the dysfunction and ownership questions in New Orleans. Look no further than the Cavaliers for additional proof. Do you think owner Dan Gilbert is happier with getting nothing but a trade exception in James' departure or getting the No. 1 overall pick and Kyrie Irving, his next franchise player, by trading guard Mo Williams to the Clippers last season? Obviously, getting the rebuilding value back is key for a struggling team that needs to drastically change course.

In addition to a likely lottery pick coming over from the Clippers, the Hornets still hold matching rights on Eric Gordon, who has star potential, and they will have a top-5 pick based on their own performance. That's a potential up-and-coming "Big 3" in New Orleans as soon as next season, depending on what happens with Gordon in free agency and how the lottery balls fall. Al-Farouq Aminu, also acquired in the trade, isn't worth writing home about, but he's probably worth at least a mention here. Meanwhile, if Paul walks, all New Orleans has is its own pick plus cap space to chase free agents that don't want to play for the Western Conference's worst team. The choice is here.

If Cuban's larger argument was that the management decision to trade a superstar for parts continues a bad precedent that was supposed to be fixed during the lockout labor negotiations, he's right, of course. The system was changed but it wasn't entirely overhauled, and Stern and the Hornets had to act in their own self-interest, not take a stand for the greater good of the league. The risk/reward calculus was crystal clear given Paul's years of frustration and the weak Hornets roster that would have surrounded him this year. He had to go as soon as possible. 

The conclusion that Cuban likely wants you to take from his comments is not that Stern, the owner, is an idiot for the trade. It's that the NBA's system is still broken because not even Stern, the commissioner, trusts its new mechanisms for retaining franchise-player talent. That's an excellent point, although everyone seems to have been acting under that assumption since the first day that the lockout was lifted.


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Report: Cuban bashes Stern for Chris Paul trade

i dont care what players want or need, i am looking out for the league, and yes i think the nba should what baseball does with the first six years.  you to stop all frequent player movement and protect the lesser teams also.  you can scout and sign players from overseas as they do in baseball, and have the college draft. also, the nba teams need to better utilitize the minor leagues just as in baseball. draft picks should be signed and placed in the farm system first year maybe two. develop themselves, create a more fluent assignment system with each farm team.

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Posted on: February 15, 2012 1:27 pm

Report: Cuban bashes Stern for Chris Paul trade

The Hornets were getting Odom who is the 6th man of the year and Gasol who is an All Star Center,

I might be wrong, but I thought Gasol would've ended up on the Rockets in that trade and I think the Rockets were going to send someone (Scola?) to the Hornets. It was a while ago, so like I said, I could be wrong, and if I am, someone please correct me.

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Report: Cuban bashes Stern for Chris Paul trade

Chris Paul should be a Laker right now.  I don't know how this still flies under the radar.  I think the Clippers have the same oppurtunity as the Lakers and although not a storied franchise the outcome of the trade is ridiculous.  The Hornets were getting Odom who is the 6th man of the year and Gasol who is an All Star Center, I guarantee that if they would have traded with the Lakers they would be .500.  Now Stern looks like an idiot and all Laker fans(which is a massive population) feel snubbed and hate seeing Paul in a Clippers Jersey.  To me Cuban just likes the attention.  Typical of Dallas Mavericks caliber.  Although they are the riegning champs they will never repeat and Cuban will continue to find ways to try to keep up with the big boys.  It's only a matter of time before the Lakers pick someone up that will make a difference because if you don't have a few stars on a team anymore you can't win.  i.e. Miami Heat.  Just a perfect example of how competetive the NBA is now compared to the Jordan era.  

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Report: Cuban bashes Stern for Chris Paul trade

twinsfan: The NBA is a different world. If you did this in the NBA there would be no "Linsanity" right now. The NBA is a much more fluid enviornment for many reasons. Would you want to be forced to spend six years with the same thugs?  Six years in a locker room or on a practice court with Metta World Peace? 

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Report: Cuban bashes Stern for Chris Paul trade


You'd think I'd know how to type the name I share with him. Undecided

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Report: Cuban bashes Stern for Chris Paul trade

Cuban is right. Stern and the league office running the Hornets is a HUGE conflict of interest that was put on full display in the whole Chirs Paul trade debacle.

Unfortunately, Cuban runs his mouth so much that, even when he's right, the point of his message is dulled and often falls on deaf ears.

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Report: Cuban bashes Stern for Chris Paul trade


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Report: Cuban bashes Stern for Chris Paul trade

Cuban is on point as usual.  NBA has become a farce from the arrogant commish right down to the childish players acting like they are still in the playground wanting to play on their "buddy's" team.

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Report: Cuban bashes Stern for Chris Paul trade

why doesnt the nba do what baseball does?  instead of giving rookies three or four year deals, make them earn their money first.  the first six years should played a league minimum salary not exceeding one million.  after their third season and each of years four, five, and six, that player can then use arbritration to land better deals or more money. but, the team holds all the control, cause the player cant leave until after he has earned six years of service time.  now, the teams hold the option to trade or waive them though.  this will effectively hold down payrolls also.  also note, that most teams in baseball can then afford to offer a player that first official contract, usually in terms of a three to five year deal, meaning that player would have played atleast nine years with his original team.

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Report: Cuban bashes Stern for Chris Paul trade

No doubt both Stern and Cuban are clowns but what amazes me more than anything is so many people don't get the point of the Clipper trade and why it was the right deal. Now, obvious after the trade we all knew New Orleans was going to stink and if you didn't get that or aren't able to comprehend that then stop reading now please. The point was to get young picks and talent and rebuild for the future and not to get a couple guys who may be better now but are pushing 30. Of course who knew Eric Gordon would be such a pansy and perhaps we should have expectec it but its funny how people don't understand the concept of rebuilding, it really is simple. The original trade wax potentially Martin ans Scola coming over from Houston but what would be the point? That team wouldn't be a playoff team or if they were they would be a 7 or 8 seed. I couldn't care less about any team but if I can't win a title or be a threat then you have to rebuild with young talent (gordon and aminu) plus your pick and Minnesotas and if you draft right in a couple of years you may be what OKC was 2 years ago when they took the league by storm, simple right?
People get rebuilding, the question is, the way the FA deals go, are smaller market teamjs ever going to get to keep that talent if it ever works out that way ? When the rebuild is successful, is the NBA going to find a way to move those players to the traditional bigger market teams for titles to keep the fans happier that the Celtics, Lakers and a few others still are playing the higher profile Finals ?The CP3 trade to me was insignificant in comparison to James Bosh, Wade & Miami Heat collusion that occurred. Just the way Miami blew up their team to get Bosh & James. Trading CP3 to a team like the Clippers that actually had suffered thru medicrity isn't even comparable. Anyway, it's done, but even if NO ever gets back to CP3 era hope, I see the NBA intervening again as this was done.

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