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Shaq congratulates Kobe for passing him

Posted on: February 6, 2012 9:30 pm
Edited on: February 6, 2012 9:31 pm
Posted by Royce Young

Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal didn't finish their relationship on the best of terms, but there was always mutual respect. And when Kobe passed Shaq for fifth all-time in career scoring, there wasn't any doubt that Shaq would give proper props.

Greatest Laker ever? We haven't forgotten Earvin Magic Johnson so quickly, have we? But then again, with Kobe now sitting firmly fifth all-time in scoring with a good chance to climb as high as third along with his five rings, maybe there's a case...

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Posted on: February 7, 2012 5:51 pm

Shaq congratulates Kobe for passing him

Go and read the things that Bill Russell says about Wilt and stop with your ignorant assumptions.
Chamberlain was a great athlete...a freak of nature.  He was tall, strong and a formidable opponent and played Russell very tough.  But Chamberlain couldn't dribble, he couldn't shoot..AT ALL, and was the farthest thing you could be from a leader because he was a moody, angry teammate.  He did not possess the basketball skills or leadership skills to be called the greatest Laker of all-time.

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Posted on: February 7, 2012 3:48 pm

Shaq congratulates Kobe for passing him

I would say that Jabbar would be the greatest Laker until he went down and Magic stepped in and played center in the finals.  Magic is the greatest leader and all round Laker.  He's the man.

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Posted on: February 7, 2012 3:45 pm

Shaq congratulates Kobe for passing him

Bill Russell would disagree with you on every count.  Get educated about basketball dude.  Go and read the things that Bill Russell says about Wilt and stop with your ignorant assumptions.

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Posted on: February 7, 2012 11:52 am

Shaq congratulates Kobe for passing him

The greatest NBA player to ever wear a Laker uniform would be Wilt.
Wilt happened to be over 7 feet tall in an era in the NBA when there were only 3 other 7 footers in the league.  Additionally, he was very agile for his size.  His height and strength alone were an overmatch to most players in the NBA during his career.  He was like a high schooler playing against middle schoolers.  

But when you look at basketball SKILLS, Chamberlain doesn't come close to possessing the skills that Kareem, West, Baylor, Magic or Kobe had/have.  Offensively Wilt had 3 shots...a dunk, a finger roll and a fall-away-bank shot.  That's it! And his finger roll today would get blocked 99% of the time.  By all accounts he wasn't a very good leader or teammate.

Greatest player ever to put on a Laker uniform?  Not in my book, not even close. 

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Posted on: February 7, 2012 11:42 am

Shaq congratulates Kobe for passing him

TheClass_rox -- as noted in my retraction, Magic is the greatest Laker.  Your post infers that Jordan is the greatest NBA player ever.  Certainly the comparison of the Bulls with Jordan (6 titles) versus without him (no titles) infers the logic of his being a one-man team, or at least the difference in a big way.

So how does one compare two players playing one-on-one.  Do we discount for height and postion?  Is that fair?  Jordan scored on, inside and around big men.  But you may disagree with these match-ups.

Chamberlain (and all these are considering in their prime) one-on-one against Jordan.  I'm certain Wilt wins most every time.  He is better than Michael.

Bill Russell versus Jordan.  No question Russell wins.  In fact, Bill Russell is IMO the greatest NBA player of all time.

Alcindor versus Jordan.  Hmmmmm....  Jordan being able to defend and stop Jabbar one-on-one?  Sometimes.  But Kareem probably stops Michael more.  Still -- 50/50...  nod to Jabbar's sky hook.

And since we have evidence (1972, 11 years older, near retirement) we can say Wilt beats Kareem.  But I think Jabbar got better after 1972.  Which one is better?  Wilt, who rightfully can be accused of piling on the stats, has the resume to be claimed the better player.

And Kobe beats none of these guys in their prime one-on-one.  And I argue further, and feeling pretty sure and smug, that any coach with Kobe and Magic on their bench, playing only one of them, starts and keeps a fresh Magic Johnson on the floor 100% of time over a million games.  The Lakers are a prominant team in huge prominant market needing a leader and a prominant player.  Kobe is that.

As for staying healthy, playing on a balanced team and just being a scoring machine, especially one not dunking (chip shots, tap in putts) there has never been a greater scorer than Pistol Pete Maravich.  If Maravich and Bryant are teammates, no question Kobe isn't 5th all-time scorer or that if they both kept playing indefinitely Maravich leads this stat and it never gets close.

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Posted on: February 7, 2012 11:35 am

Shaq congratulates Kobe for passing him

 Chamberlain is without question the best Laker of all time.
Redwings1969, you are delusional...Wilt Chamberlain as the greatet Laker of all time.  You're kidding right?  Wilt only played 4 full seasons with the Lakers and 12 games in another season.  How do you compare the Laker careers of players like Jerry West (14 seasons), Elgin Baylor (14 seasons), Magic (13 seasons), Kareem (14 seasons), Kobe (16+ seasons).  Even Shaq had an 8 year career with the Lakers.  How could anyone think that Wilt Chamberlain was the greatest Laker of all time?

Additionally, even if the 4 seasons with the Lakers was enough to qualify as the greatest Laker of all time, his stats were nothing close to those great Lakers mentioned above.  In his 4 seasons Wilt averaged 17.6 PPG, 19.3 RPG, and shot 47.5% from the free throw line. If that is the stat line that qualifies you to be touted as the Greatest Laker of All-Time...then you and I have a different definition.

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Posted on: February 7, 2012 11:17 am

Shaq congratulates Kobe for passing him

ravens98fever -- yours is a valid distinction and argument.  In fact it is a fair one and deserves a retraction on my part.  The title "greatest Laker" should be reserved to the player whose greatest years were as a Laker.  While 1972 was a great year for a Wilt reformed into a more rounded player, a pinnacle in Lakers history which included out-playing Alcindor a decade his junior, Wilts career was winding down when he became a Laker.

So yes, the greatest Laker as a Laker would be Magic.  The greatest NBA player to ever wear a Laker uniform would be Wilt.  This distinction to Magic is the more meaningful one.

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Posted on: February 7, 2012 10:50 am

Shaq congratulates Kobe for passing him

Magic the greatest laker ever -- no contest.  Heck, Magic and Jordan are so close that on those famous "lists" I would even say that it's not always Jordan #1, etc. 

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Posted on: February 7, 2012 10:36 am

Shaq congratulates Kobe for passing him

Another milestone passed for this incredible basketball player. I am glad that I got a chance to watch him play both at the forum and at Staples center. Before you brains tell me he did not play at the forum, there was an exhibition game against Golden State about 3-4 years ago where he and most of the current crop of players played in this game.

It was a pleasure to watch him play. I only wished I had taken a picture of or with him at the time.

He is truly a carry back to the players of yesterday, giving as much as he takes. Playing the game as it should be played.

He would be ranked as one of the greatest player of all time.
Of course the haters will be haters.

Congratulations on your achievement, continue on in your quest to be the very best you are able to be.

In my time frame as a Laker fan there has been many that graced the uniform of the Lakers and would be considered the greatest of all time. Baylor would fly through the air with the grace and dunk the ball. My high school friends and I would woo and aah about this each time. We also would marvel at Jerry West and his style of play

Along came the Magic man, we would marvel at his ability to do those no look and behind the back passes to Worthy streaming down the side line or the middle. High fives around the bar each time and again unbelievable. If it was not Worthy it was a pass to Scoot to hit a jumper from outside, the same with Wilkes the Silk man. Kareem was always in the mix and would get his passes into the inside from the Magic man.

Now along comes Kobe, a high flyer that has a will to be the very best and would want to be the leader of the teams he played on. He was on a mission. It took several years to figure that out, but once again we had a star on our hands. Kobe played with an excellent big man, both had egos as large as the Pacific Ocean.

Had these two found common ground we would be talking about a dynasty unmatched in the history of sports. We would also be talking about the best duo ever in the NBA.

Which is the greatest? That argument would be going on when the next Laker star arrive on the scene.

Shaq and Magic have said that Kobe is the greatest Laker of all time. I would think they would have better insight as they both played the game, Shaq on the same team.

My favorite player of all time is Kobe. He might not be the greatest but isn’t that what we are really saying he is my favorite player?


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Posted on: February 7, 2012 10:29 am

Shaq congratulates Kobe for passing him

While I can believe the hyperbole and timing of Shaq's commentary, the reality is just a given.  I cannot believe people responding to the main page poll by CBS here about the greatest Laker are blowing this easy question so bad.  Such is ignorance.  The greatest Laker was, is and shall ever be Wilt Chamberlain.  That isn't even subject to opinion.  It is simply fact.

People may wish to debate outside the Lakers organization to say greatest ever in the NBA is not Wilt in favor of Russell, or maybe Jordan.  Kobe better than Jordan?  No.  Better than Russell or Chamberlain?  Absolutely not.

Flattering conversation.  But a stupid one

Nice post.  The problem with people today is the live in the moment, all they know or remember is what they are watching today.  Kobe is still a Laker and has put up some big numbers in his career and he's won championships so that's why some will call him the greatest Laker of all time. But you're right... it is stupid.  Chamberlain is without question the best Laker of all time.  And anybody that says Kobe should even be compared to Michael Jordan let alone say he's the better player is losing his mind.  

Before Jordan got to Chicago they were nothing..... after Jordan left Chicago they were nothing again. Only very recently have the Bulls become relevant again, but not even close to a championship since.  Correct me if I"m wrong since I just had to look it up, but I believe the last time a Chicago based basketball team made the finals without Jordan on their team was in 1947, they were called the Chicago Stags and they lost to the Philadelphia Warriors.  The last time a Chicago based team that Jordan didn't play on won anything was let me see... hold on...... never ! 

And for the record, I never liked Michael Jordan and was never a fan of Michael Jordan nor did I cheer for Michael Jordan even once in a game.  I'm a Piston fan, impossible to cheer for Jordan.  I didn't even like Jordan off the court.... didn't know him personally but didn't like anything I heard come out of his mouth or anything said about him.

But I'm not dillusional, Kobe doesn't even compare with Jordan and never will.  

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