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Officials in talks to bring NBA back to Seattle

Posted on: February 5, 2012 7:42 pm
Edited on: February 6, 2012 3:46 pm
By Matt Moore

When the Sonics left Seattle, it was regarded as one of all-time basketball tragedies. Not just because over 40 years of history was wiped away, but because the way it happened left a bad taste in everyone's mouth. And even though Oklahoma City has worked out pretty awesome as an NBA city, talk has persisted that Seattle needs a team back. Apparently some people in Seattle's mayor's office and a wealthy owner prospect are making good on that talk. The Seattle Times reports: 
A wealthy San Francisco hedge-fund manager and officials in the Seattle mayors office have been working behind the scenes for eight months to bring an NBA team back to the city as early as next fall and build a new arena, according to emails and documents that reveal a far more concerted effort than previously known.

A Dec. 13 agenda for a meeting between the parties shows they were talking about details such as a "Review of Basic Deal Structure," "Financing Issues," including "City Debt Capacity," and "Security for Public Financing."

The documents, released Friday to The Seattle Times under a public-disclosure request, also provide the first glimpse of how the largely unknown hedge-fund manager, 44-year-old Seattle native Christopher Hansen, approached the city about his desire to buy an NBA team and build an arena south of Safeco Field.
via Local News | Seattle sports-arena talks well under way, documents show | Seattle Times Newspaper.

So how would Seattle get a team? The Times  reports that Hansen could be targeting the sacraamento Kings, who are undergoing their own arena crisis, with a February 14th city council meeting effectively Judgment Day for the future of professional basketball in Sacramento. To date the Maloof family who owns the Kings have yet to indicate any interest in selling the Kings. 

The report comes as a surprise that discussions have already progressed to this point. Any arena discussions with Seattle have to ensure profitability for the city under a voter provision. Trying to put together an arena plan, acquire a team and relocate them by fall is extremely improbable, but not impossible. However, things would have to move at an accelerated pace.

The group is also looking at a hockey franchise, as our guys at Eye on Hockey detailed.

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Posted on: February 9, 2012 3:54 am

Officials in talks to bring NBA back to Seattle

When I tell people I grew up in Seattle they often ask how I feel about the whole Sonics thing. I get all choked up, put my head down and cry a little bit. A couple of my friends were asking me about it recently, so I again watched the documentary Sonicsgate to relive the pain and cry a little bit more. But it actually turned out to be therapeutic. I think I'm starting to get over it. I used to be so passionate and mad at everybody that I never wanted an NBA team to come back to Seattle. But as I watched the documentary again and remembered all the fun things about having our own team, I figured "Why should I let Stern and Clay Bennett ruin my fun?"  Yeah, I'm still mad at Stern and Bennett because they're DIrCKS and I want them to wither and die. But everybody else? Howard Schultz? He's a businessman who wanted to make a shiotload of money. He did. I'm kinda over it. Greg Nickels? He had good intentions, but blew it big time. I'm kinda over it. The NBA? Who is that? I'm really still just mad at Stern and Bennett. That's it. What do I want from/for them? Stern has pretty much accomplished everything he could  want during his "successful" career. He's old and has to be getting close to retiring. What can anyone do to him at this point? Not much. I feel about Stern kinda the same way I feel about G.W.Bush- he fudged things up, and got out intact. And that's that. What do I want for Bennett? I want a team, so that my team can kick his team's ArSe. But beyond those two dicks- I'm kinda over it. It's been three (plus) years. The wound is starting to heal.   I guess I would have two stipulations for getting a new team:  1. Wait until Stern is gone. I don't want him to be any part of bringing a team back here. Once he's gone, I think I would be OK with it.  2. I would never have a problem with Seattle being the city that won't use public money to pay for professional sports stuff. If Seattle does choose to fund a new arena I'd be OK with that too. But if the NBA doesn't come back because Seattleites don't want to pay for it, I think that's cool.  Anyway, thanks for letting me vent. I'm trying to get all the rage out.  Thoughts? 

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Posted on: February 6, 2012 11:20 am

Officials in talks to bring NBA back to Seattle

"Accelerated" is the word you are looking for on this one. Think acceleration.

At least show your readers the courtesy of a proof read. The writing on this site by "professionals" is shameful.

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Posted on: February 6, 2012 10:45 am

Officials in talks to bring NBA back to Seattle


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