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Lockout basketball is not good

Posted on: January 25, 2012 10:52 am
Edited on: January 25, 2012 6:40 pm

By Matt Moore

We knew there would be effects on the quality of play in the NBA after a five-month lockout. We knew that a compacted season would lead to more fatigue, more injuries, less cohesiveness and an effect on stats. 

We just didn't know it would be quite this bad.

From the Miami Herald:  
Field-goal shooting, free-throw shooting and three-point shooting in the NBA are all down... . Turnovers have increased by an average of .8 per game, the largest jump in 29 years.Bosh said that in addition to the increased miscues, players have less time to learn from their mistakes.“We have to really pay attention to film, you have to pick things up on the fly, you’re not always able to go through live situations all the time,” Bosh said. “It’s a moment where you have to use your experience as a basketball player and pick things up without actually practicing them.”
via Miami Heat’s Dwyane Wade will travel to Detroit but playing status unclear - Miami Heat -

The biggest problem seems to be that when things go badly for a team, they don't just go bad, they turn into an abject disaster. The Magic's 56-point outburst Monday is a prime example. The Celtics' defense definitely deserves credit, but that kind of output stands alongside a handful of Charlotte and Sacramento games in terms of how bad things can get. Tuesday night the Grizzlies only scored three field goals in the third quarter. The signs are everywhere. The exhaustion is hammering teams' abilities to recover, especially when it's not just games on back-to-backs, but often road trips that involve multiple games on a different coast. 

There's no solution to be held this year, but the standards for the league need to be re-evaluated. Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has a clue about such things and has said that stats this year are "an aberration." It makes you wonder what teams are benefiting and what teams are struggling more than they would have in a normal season. At this pace, March could be a basketball snuff film.

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Posted on: January 25, 2012 11:52 am

Lockout basketball is not good

SERIOUSLY!!! This season has had some of the ugliest games I've ever seen.  I can recall games in past seasons where I would be perplexed by a team having a single digit scoring quarter or watching both teams combine for 70 points in a half.  That rarity has almost been the norm this season.  The Celtics and Lakers have had multiple games where they could barely score 20 points in a quarter.  Two games stick out to me.  The Lakers/Mavericks game and the Celtics/Magic game.... The Lakers actually scored 6 points in the 3rd quarter and somehow won the game, which may have something to do w the final score being 73-70!!  The NBA is suffering from miscues that account for all the reasons why alot of people like myself dont watch alot of college b-ball.... Missed free throws, lop-sided games, poor shooting and low scoring.  Like you said, all these things were somewhat expected but not to this degree.  And also, like you said, there is no short term solution.  These are the consequences of a lockout and a condensed schedule.  Its really too bad cuz some of these older guys might be lookin at their last shot at bein contenders and these issues are REALLY hurting certain teams.  On top of all the out of the norm ball being played there has been alot of first year guys that are either starters or playing big minutes and they are hurting more than the vets.  I think the mistakes are really magnified and its hurting the confidence of these youngsters.  I'm sure we'll see progress as the season goes on but a slow start for some of these "expected" contender teams could keep them out of the playoffs.  Honestly' I love basketball and this wont keep me from watching but boy oh boy, what I wouldnt give to see a 118-115 final score!! Get er Done....

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