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Reports: Cousins exchanges words with cameraman

Posted on: January 15, 2012 1:30 am
Edited on: January 15, 2012 5:53 pm
Posted by Ben Golliver  demarcus-cousins

Much-maligned Sacramento Kings big man DeMarcus Cousins reportedly exchanged words with a Dallas-area cameraman following a 99-60 loss to the Mavericks on Saturday night.

Cousins, 21, reportedly took exception to having a camera pointed at him while he was dressing after the game.

The Sacramento Bee reports the details. 
Cousins was getting dressed and there was a cameraman standing in front of him and Cousins asked could he not point the camera at him while he changed. The cameraman said the camera was off, and Cousins said he still didn't want camera on him. Cameraman's reply: "whatever."

Cousins basically said, "I don't care, keep the camera off me." As cameraman leaves he makes a remark about making sure the camera was off next time he was in there. Cousins asks, "What did he say?" and stands up. Isaiah Thomas grabbed Cousins by his sweatshirt to say, "Calm down." 

At no point did Cousins try to go after the cameraman. Cousins then gathered his belongings and left the locker room.
The Ft. Worth Star-Telegram reported that Cousins "had to be restrained from going after a Dallas media cameraman."

A 2010 lottery pick, Cousins has been under the microscope during his two seasons in Sacramento, especially recently. Earlier this month, he was at the center of major controversy in Sacramento when former Kings coach Paul Westphal was fired less than a week after he suspended Cousins for allegedly demanding a trade.

Back in February 2011, Cousins was suspended by the team for reportedly getting into a fight with teammate Donte Greene after a game.

Cousins' reputation obviously does him no favors here. Unless it's a star player or someone with a track record of bad behavior, this incident likely gets quickly forgotten and probably goes unreported. Couins may very well leave this situation thinking he did nothing wrong by requesting his privacy and that the entire thing is being overblown simply by being talked about at all. But that's one of the burdens of being blessed with star-type talent. All eyes are on you, even after a difficult loss and even when you would rather not talk to anyone or have a camera anywhere near you.

NBA veterans realize that these ticky-tack situations are never worth the trouble. The risk/reward of sniping at someone in the social media-driven, all-access 21st century environment of the NBA is totally out of balance. It's all downside, and, eventually, one would think Cousins will reach that conclusion. The only question is when.

Cousins had 12 points and 10 rebounds in 29 minutes during the loss to the Mavericks.

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Reports: Cousins exchanges words with cameraman

Cousins should have pimped slapped him

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Reports: Cousins exchanges words with cameraman

This is such a non story, I mean who cares? Cousins was also sick with the flu and after an ugly loss while some camerman was filming him changing clothes he asked the dude not to film him changing. Camerman says "whatever" obviously trying to rile him up and cousins says "what did he say?" and isaiah thomas put his hand on his shirt and told him to let the dude be. Then camerman (dare I say gay camerman) tries to make a story out of it, lame

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Reports: Cousins exchanges words with cameraman

Wake me when something happens!

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Reports: Cousins exchanges words with cameraman

Doesn't sound like a story to me.  This is just overkill.

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