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Kobe Bryant taking pain shot every game

Posted on: January 5, 2012 12:37 pm
By Matt Moore

It's easy to criticize Kobe Bryant for his shooting so far this season. His shooting percentage is the lowest it has been since his rookie year. He's shot L.A. out of several games, but also dropped a brilliant performance on Tuesday against the Rockets. In total, though, it's been a really rough season for him on and off the court. But there is no question the guy is the toughest son of baller on the planet. The Orange County Register has a piece Thursday on the terrible toll the torn ligament in his wrist has had on the Black Mamba. It's not pretty:  
These days, over Bryant's right wrist also rests a fat postgame ice wrap roughly the size of rookie guard Andrew Goudelock, Bryant trying in vain to minimize swelling after acting on the court as if there isn't a torn ligament in there.

Bryant has been taking a numbing injection to that wrist before every game in hopes of performing normally. Yes, it's that bad.

He does not want to publicize all the details of his wrist, which is usable only because the bones were not moved permanently out of alignment without the ligament to hold them in place. But it's now clear just how problematic the wrist is, and it's fair to wonder where all this will take Bryant.

Bryant walked out of Staples Center on Tuesday night with something that looked like an oven mitten over his right hand and wrist. He wears an immobilizing brace over the wrist when off the court, meaning take-for-granted parts of life such as texting on his phone or zipping his fly become rather challenging.
via Wrist injections keeping Kobe’s drive alive | bryant, brown, wrist - Sports - The Orange County Register.
Dude can't zip his fly! And he's shooting on it! He's shooting in an NBA game without the ability to zip his fly. That's pretty much the craziest thing we've read about Bryant's devotion... this week. 

Beyond the impressive dedication, however, is the sobering reality that Bryant was looking forward to finally being healthy. His knee is better than it has been in years after an experimental procedure. His pinky was finally healed. And now the wrist looks like it may be a problem throughout the entire year. He can't rest it, he has to play on it. And as long as it's this bad, he's going to be amazing some nights, and really struggle the next. How he adapts to that reality will determine how far the Lakers go this year. 
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Posted on: January 5, 2012 9:42 pm

Kobe Bryant taking pain shot every game

There could be a barrage of bad jokes about Kobe having to play to pay for his divorce; however, I will leave that task to the hardcore Laker fans.

As for his pants, there are many Laker frontrunners who are willing to unzip his fly and actually hold the irrigation device all in the name of Laker basketball.  As for other functions, he probably has invested in a high quality bidet.

More power for Kobe for taking the needles.  The guy wants to play ball and to win.  He also needs to lean on his team mates to help him get through playing hurt.  Nobody is going to sit him even he needs to "wrest" his wrist.  The compressed season is not going to help his wrist heal and one day the shot won't work. 

On the other hand, Kobe is not the only athlete working through an injury.  Less celebrated basketball players are probably eating Motrin like M&M's candy, taking the cortisone spike, using acupuncture, etc.  How many NFL players are playing with broken bones, torn muscles, arthritic joints, bad headaches, ankle sprains and wrist injuries?  We will never know because they are not Kobe. 

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Posted on: January 5, 2012 8:49 pm

Kobe Bryant taking pain shot every game

BALROG= KOBETTE. I'm sure this little tidbit of info was 'leaked' from Kobe's own PR team. He sure goes out of his way to make all of his minor ailments seem life-threatening. Newsflash: lots of players in the league are playing through bumps and bruises. If he was that hurt he would tailor his game appropriately and stop jacking the ball up from all over the court. He has the luxury of playing for the team with the highest payroll in the league, surely there is a better option considering he is always (especially lately) a very average % shooter from the field. Let`s hear your excuses Balrog. Stop hanging off his nuts for a second and come back to reality. Try the namecalling approach too, that`s oh so mature, another internet tough guy. It`s easy when you`re behind a keyboard. 

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Kobe Bryant taking pain shot every game

You guys are crazy. Kobe is a beast! Plays through every injury like a warrior! For anyone to call him anything less is ignorant! Whether he has one good year left or ten he is gonna play with everything he's got with no excuses. Most of you guys never played for a league much less than in the pros to make those kind of judgements. CHE is and has always been an ANTI-LAKER fan and for years posted is rants on Laker blogs but at least he is consistant. Whether or not the Lakers make a run for the championship will depend on the effort of the TEAM! Although I have to agree on the lack of luster they have shown in these few games it does at the very least show that Kobe and Bynum have come to play. That is all. 

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Kobe Bryant taking pain shot every game

Kinda sounds exactly like a Performance Enhancing Drug, I mean, if you consider that he literally takes it to enhance his performance...

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Kobe Bryant taking pain shot every game

KOBE went way to hard in the first preseason game. He was trying to soar over 7 footers and went down hard twice! Second time did him in. NOT SMART! what was he thinking??? After the first hard fall on his tailbone KOBE should of had a clue. I'm pissed at him.

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Kobe Bryant taking pain shot every game

Uh Im sure its probally better to be a Lakers fan. This coming from a Knicks fan too. Allen, Peirce and KG are more hurt then Bryant. Also uhhhh the Celtics arent exactly killing it are they?

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Posted on: January 5, 2012 4:28 pm

Kobe Bryant taking pain shot every game

Its great being a celtics fan? Denile. Celtics suck and are done for many years to come, Kobe Bryant is better than your whole team on his worst day. I'll be completely surprised if the celtics make the first round. Bunch of pu$$ies.

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Posted on: January 5, 2012 4:01 pm

Kobe Bryant taking pain shot every game

7 games into the season and he's already taking shots? What's he going to do, take shots for the next 59 games? Face it Laker fans, this season is a lost cause already. That wrist isn't going to heal, and will only deterioroate as the season continues. This guy's body is breaking down. It's alway a new body part.  Allen,Pierce, and KG look like spring chickens compared to this guy. It's going to be fun looking at all those box scores where Kobe shoots 6-28. There should be planty of them this season. Boy-oh-boy, is it great being a Celtics' fan!

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