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Derrick Rose to sign $250 million adidas deal?

Posted on: December 30, 2011 5:16 pm
Edited on: December 30, 2011 5:21 pm
Posted by Ben Golliverderrick-rose-chicago

Derrick Rose, the NBA's reigning MVP, reportedly could be in line for a quarter billion dollar shoe deal. Yes, billion with a "B". reports that the Chicago Bulls point guard could make as much as $250 million in endorsement money from athletic apparel manufacturer adidas.

One industry source insisted to this week that Rose's new shoe deal with adidas will easily crack nine figures and could legitimately approach the $250 million range -- as in $25 million annually over a 10-year span -- in what is known in the shoe game as a "lifetime" deal.

How can the reigning MVP possibly command those kind of dollars as a shoe endorser? Here's how: Rose, as it was explained to me, is adidas' only counter to Kobe Bryant in China. I'm told Rose already outsells LeBron James there.

Shoe endorsement deal specifics are notoriously difficult to pin down and verify. But, at $10 million per year or $25 million per year, Rose would be in a salary range rarely, if ever, broached by professional basketball players.

For comparison's sake, Miami Heat All-Star forward LeBron James signed a 7-year, $93 million shoe deal in May 2003, according to He re-upped with Nike in 2010 but terms of that deal were not disclosed. Heat All-Star guard Dwyane Wade reportedly made roughly $10 million per year in shoe endorsement money in a 2005 deal, according to Former Philadelphia 76ers guard Allen Iverson's lifetime contract with Reebok was reportedly worth $50 million over 10 years, according to

Rose, 23, signed a 5-year, $94 million extension with the Bulls earlier this month. 

Rose recently starred in an adidas spot where he dodged Spanish bullfighters to slam dunk a basketball in a bull ring.

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Posted on: January 1, 2012 6:28 pm

Derrick Rose to sign $250 million adidas deal?

I wonder if the extended tax breaks that adidas is getting(taxpayer) if they are hiring more chinamen?  Oh and i really doubt the shoe is costing $22 bucks to make.

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Posted on: January 1, 2012 5:55 pm

Derrick Rose to sign $250 million adidas deal?

Whether or not adidas makes far more money off this deal or not, based on other shoe deals out there with far better players, its clear they over paid on this one. Also I really like the bulls and Rose but I get a kick out of all you guys going on about rose and what a great and humble guy he is, this is the same guy that publicly said that he did not want wade or lebron or both to sign with the bulls last year when thats what management was trying to do and why would he object because he would not be able to be a ball hog anymore ofcourse. Because the one thing you cant deny is that when you think of what makes an all star point guard you think first of 10 assist average, 15-20 point averge, a floor general who really makes people better.  Rose couldnt average 8 assists to save his life, which really as a point guard and what it stands for barely has him cracking the top 10 point guards in the league. If you think I have a hate on for Rose, its not true, I didnt like lebron until people stopped comparing him to Jordan and realized hes great just not that great and let him just be lebron. And with MVP awards being the most tainted awards in professional sports especially in the nba where they just wanna give to someone new or exciting when really it should just go to the same 2 or 3 guys every year since it really means nba mvp not whos most valuable to their team. Also since rose is almost below average shooter from outside the key its clear it was a joke that he won. How can you say a guy who sucks at shooting outside the key , whos argubly 9th or 10th ranked in the league as far as what point gaurds stand for and does not make players around him better, is an MVP , oh right you cant. Rose is unbelievable around the rim and getting to the rim at will so he is extremely valuable to his team but let me tell you why they will never win a championship. Rose is probably done being effective in 10 years. So they have a 10 year window if this is true and with lebron having a good 7-8 yers left in him, if rose continues to run into lebron in the playoffs, well it was discovered last playoffs that  when lebron was put on rose lter in series, the bulls were screwed because rose is too one demensional.
Otherwise I like the bulls and rose.Smile

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Posted on: January 1, 2012 2:42 pm

Derrick Rose to sign $250 million adidas deal?

after labor and everything it cost nike 22 bucks to make a 180 dollar shoe..  in china.. in america 55.. yeah they definitly gonna mke there money back

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Posted on: January 1, 2012 2:18 pm

Derrick Rose to sign $250 million adidas deal?

D-Rose and his family are now well taken care of. He will remain humble and vy for multiple championships. He will not let all of this get to his head. He will give back to his community, enrich life around his home town and around Chicago. The hallowing expierence he will expeience; as he continue giving back, will see the by-products of his graditute.

I find it strange no other big star do not want to go to Chicago - It is a big time market, rich tradition. Pro athelte thrives in this city.  Chicago will be rich in big time stars in the city for years to come - D-Rose, P-Kane, Towes, Sharpe and the next flock waves propping up under the new regime in the Cubs organization.

Bulls are building around Rose in best possible way - surrounding Rose with good supporting pieces.  Bulls can win the championship now - they have the right coach, good team defense, bench depth, and more importantly - a new superstar without the humongus ego other superstars displays.  Go Bulls!!!   Dare one to challenge this comment....bring it on!

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Posted on: January 1, 2012 1:31 pm

Derrick Rose to sign $250 million adidas deal?

wow.... just wow...i better not hear rose ever bit##ching about more money contracts with the

That has nothing to do with what the Bulls should pay in compensation.  Thats like saying you should accept the minimum wage from your job because you got a consulting gig that pays you 100K.  He is valuable to the shoe company and he is also valuable to the team.  His value needs to be compensated in both

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Posted on: January 1, 2012 10:57 am

Derrick Rose to sign $250 million adidas deal?

yeah its a global economy these days.  I hope Rose uses some of the money to give back.  Jordan made tons off Nike over the years so this shouldnt be so surprising.


anyways happy new year everyone!!!

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Posted on: January 1, 2012 5:16 am

Derrick Rose to sign $250 million adidas deal?

There arent that many people in China with a disposable income. Id say its probably 5, 10% MAX of citizens that have the kind of money to drop serious bank on a shoe.

But, Addidas knows whats up and id bet this is a steal in the end. 

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Posted on: January 1, 2012 3:19 am

Derrick Rose to sign $250 million adidas deal?

Adidas will make ten times what they pay rose over ten years EVERY year in china alone,think about it - 1.2 billion people in china alone,with an economy thats providing millions with disposable income they never had 20 years ago,then get a foot hold in india with another economy full of millions with disposable income they never had 20 years ago, 25 million a year for rose is chump change to adidas and its global operations.

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Posted on: December 31, 2011 11:23 pm

Derrick Rose to sign $250 million adidas deal?

You may be right about it's too much money for one man,but to call him an idiot is absurd! I'm sure he will take care of his family and friends. He's a very loyal man, not many players in the league can say that. He is also very humble and doesn't trash talk or complain like almost every NBA player today. The it factor with him is that he's liked by teammates, fans and friends. He appeals to people who are not even NBA fans. That's what I'd call the it factor. So I ask, who's the idiot here. You guess!

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Posted on: December 31, 2011 8:54 pm

Derrick Rose to sign $250 million adidas deal?

He does not carry that "it" factor. He's a great basketball player but that's it. I guess that's all it takes
Shows you know nothing about basketball.  Rose definitely has the "it" factor (whatever that is).  If it weren't for him, the Bulls would barely make the playoffs.  He's a great player and great person and this deal by Addidas is smart considering he's on of the marquee names of basketball that will probably be the best player in the league along with Durant, and Lebron in the next couple of years.  I really hope you do not run a business.

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