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Jeff Green tweets about losing his season

Posted on: December 17, 2011 6:11 pm
Posted by Royce Young

Jeff Green got some bad news Saturday, but in reality it's great news.

After he failed his physical following signing a one-year, $9 million deal with Boston, doctors couldn't nail down an odd medical ailment. It was finally announced that Green had an aortic anuerysm, something that if ruptured, could end Green's life.

But it was caught, and most importantly, before any real harm to Green happened. Which is great. Green, who is one of the most positive and kind players I've ever been around, tweeted a simple message Saturday.

Green will have heart surgey and while it will end his 2010-11 season and void his contract with the Celtics, it also means his life potentially has been saved. Amazing to think that Oklahoma City's trade for Kendrick Perkins sending Green to Celtics could be what essentially saved his life.

But Green will be back. He can recover from surgery and have a normal career after. I covered Green in Oklahoma City for three and half seasons and there was no one more professional and hard-working than him. Just like he said, he'll be back.
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Jeff Green tweets about losing his season

Bias died from a drug overdose in 86--were you even born then or just asleep?

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Jeff Green tweets about losing his season

....Len Bias....Reggie Lewis.....Jesus! Jeff, get the Hell outta there....go sell insurance or something....

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Jeff Green tweets about losing his season

sweet comments Lee

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Jeff Green tweets about losing his season

Props, Royce, for getting priorities just right. This was a blessing and not a curse. Too often we, as fans, think only about wins for the teams we follow. Too often we miss the human drama that goes on in these athletes' lives, just like in our own lives. The big thing here is Jeff Green is going to recover. He gets another chance at life. Before a ruptured aorta on the basketball court ended his life.

I am commenting because this story needs emphasis. This story is a tale of the hidden blessings in negative events. These negative events happen to all of us every year. What sets us apart is our willingness to see the light through the darkness. To find the positive (it's on the flip side of every negative) and focus on that positive. I think of the angst among the OKC players to lose their bud last year to trade with the Celtics. How many now are thankful that that trade and the resigning needed precipitated the stress test that identified this aneurism. Find the best, friends, in every situation and I promise you that life will be lots more fun and appreciated.

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