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Pop Quiz: Who takes the 7 & 8 spots in the West?

Posted on: December 16, 2011 3:26 pm
Posted by Royce Young

Fall is here, hear the yell, back to school, ring the bell ... Wait, we're almost to winter. What happened? Who cares, there's a season! The NBA season is right around the corner, and NBA training camp starts in just a couple weeks. To get you ready for the season, we've put together some pop quizzes. Pencils ready? We continue our Pop Quizzes with this question...

Who gets the last two seeds in the West?

The Western Conference is wide, wide open. And I don't just mean at the top. There are a pretty set top six teams in the West -- Oklahoma City, Memphis, Dallas, San Antonio, the Clippers and the Lakers. Nobody's really going to argue too much with that.

But my question is, what is going to happen with spots seven and eight? Here are the remaining teams: Minnesota, Denver, Phoenix, Portland, Utah, New Orleans, Houston, Golden State and Sacramento. Two of those have to go to the playoffs (assuming of course the top six go as planned). Who, I mean who, has the edge there?

The Veterans

Let's start with teams that were there last postseason. That includes Portland, New Orleans and Denver. Obviously you can cross the Hornets right off, but of those nine teams vying for the two spots, you'd have to think Denver and Portland have the best shot. The Blazers took a massive hit with Brandon Roy's retirement, but that team made the playoffs pretty much without him anyway last year. And with Jamal Crawford coming in, Craig Smith beefing them up a little inside, Ray Felton running the show (as long as he's not 300 pounds), Gerald Wallace doing all the little things and a legit star in LaMarcus Aldridge, I'd say Portland will probably punch one of those spots.

The Nuggets? That's iffy. Bringing back Nene to go team with Danilo Gallinari and Ty Lawson gives Denver a solid core, but this team was ravaged by the lockout. J.R. Smith -- gone. Wilson Chandler -- gone. Kenyon Martin -- gone. It wasn't a guarantee those guys were coming back anyway, but Rudy Fernandez and Corey Brewer aren't really ideal replacements. Plus, this team is breaking in a lot of new stuff and with just 66 games, there's not a lot of time to get it sorted out. But among the contenders for No. 8, Denver will definitely be in the mix.

The Middle Class

The teams that are consistently solid, have a star or at least a quality roster and can compete with pretty much anyone on a night-to-night basis. I'd put Phoenix, Houston and Golden State in this group. Steve Nash gives Phoenix a chance every night, Houston went 43-39 last season and if the Rockets can add a big man -- granted, only Samuel Dalembert is really left -- they could be a solid seven or eight-seed and Golden State has too much offense to ignore.

It's a question with the Suns whether or not Nash can hold up in this schedule, if the Rockets will in fact get that big body they need and if the Warriors will just be themselevs and only play on one side of the floor. But any of these three could make a run one of those two spots and it wouldn't surprise me.

The Bottom

The Hornets are intentionally lowering their bar, despite getting a decent haul of talent from the Clippers. Really, Jarrett Jack, Eric Gordon, Al-Farouq Aminu, Emeka Okafor and Chris Kaman isn't a horrible core. But not being horrible doesn't mean you won't still struggle against the depth of the West. Because the Hornets currently have six or seven D-Leaguers on the roster, all with a pretty good shot at the final team. That's not good.

The Jazz just aren't there yet either. They need a scorer badly. Al Jefferson, Paul Millsap and Derrick Favors give them a nice frontcourt, but Devin Harris, C.J. Miles and Gordon Hayward aren't really going to light it up.

I like what the Jazz are doing, but they are built entirely around four frontcourt players. They need to dump Mehmet Okur and maybe even Millsap or Jefferson to get a scorer (Danny Granger?) unless they aren't sold on their lottery pick Enes Kanter. It's a rebuild post-Sloan and post-Deron and they're likely to be a whipping boy this season.

The Sleepers

By process of elimination, you can figure out who are leftover and I'm even scaring myself with this. But the Kings and Timberwolves could both be set up for a quiet playoff push this year.

Start with the Kings. Tyreke Evans is finally healthy. He's finally in a real position playing shooting guard. Who knows what Jimmer will bring, but if all that fails, Evans can take over handling duties and bring Marcus Thornton in, who is instant offense. DeMarcus Cousins could be dominant if he keeps his head straight, Chuck Hayes is a classic scrapper, Jason Thompson and J.J. Hickson give them some depth. Who knows, in a 66-game schedule where crazy things happen, maybe the Kings start hot taking advantage of teams that didn't get a full camp together and use their youth to stay fresh through the crammed season. I could see it happening.

The Wolves? It's time for them to show some sign of improvement. It has to happen. Rick Adelman is a major addition because he's going to get these young players at least focused on a system and structure. David Kahn has built a mess of a roster but give him credit for one thing: It's got talent. There's a big if in Ricky Rubio and how much of a contributor Derrick Williams will be, but Kevin Love, Anthony Randolph, Wesley Johnson, Michael Beasley -- I can't believe I'm saying it, but I don't completely hate this roster.

It's all about Adelman though. I'm really believing that he makes a difference in figuring out how the pieces fit. Because if not, the Wolves could win 15 games. But if things click a bit and Rubio and Luke Ridnour run the Adelman offense well, could this team win 30 games? And with the back end of the West looking so iffy, could it be enough to sneak in? I'm not saying I believe it, but I could see it.

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Posted on: December 17, 2011 12:04 pm

Pop Quiz: Who takes the 7 & 8 spots in the West?

It's time for a change? We elected a black Prez and next is the first Madam Prez. Why not a changing of the guard the young run&gun Kings can do some damage. This franchise has never won and dates back to Royals. Remember The Big O, Jack the shot Twyman, Jerry Lucas and Wayne Embry. They all played together in Cincy. Why not Sacramento? It is time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted on: December 16, 2011 10:41 pm

don't be stupid

Kings equal cellar as long as voters choose to not be blackmailed into giving the NBA a HALF BILLION DOLLAR arena. Bu-bye Kings... enjoy Anaheim and watching the Lakers use you like their own personal farm system.

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Posted on: December 16, 2011 9:29 pm

Pop Quiz: Who takes the 7 & 8 spots in the West?

I figure health will determine the 8th spot. Whichever team is lucky enough to stay healthy, figure they will get it. Portland without question will have a playoff spot.

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Posted on: December 16, 2011 8:23 pm

Pop Quiz: Who takes the 7 & 8 spots in the West?

Jim F13, You cant be serious!!! The Lakers trade was not as good as the Clippers, not even close. The Lakers trade guaranteed New Orleans to be a 7th to 10th Seed in the West for the next 3 or 4 years. Thats it, thats what they were with CP3. The Clippers deal gives them a future. Eric Gordon is 23 and an up and coming SUPERSTAR. They also get a top pick in next years draft (best draft since 2003). That is a FUTURE!! The Lakers have been on the receiveing end of all the calls and scheduling for the last 11 years and now all the Lakers fans are crying!! SUCK IT up Lakers fans, The CLIPPERS are better and more popular now!! 

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Posted on: December 16, 2011 7:29 pm

Pop Quiz: Who takes the 7 & 8 spots in the West?

I hope Minnesota makes the playoffs so it exposes Stern's trade for what it was: anti Laker/ favoritism/ conflict of interest. Call it what you wish.

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Posted on: December 16, 2011 5:52 pm

Pop Quiz: Who takes the 7 & 8 spots in the West?

I will take the Jazz (they smell like an 8 seed to me) & the Blazers since I cant name more than Nash on Phoenix and I dont know 1 person on Houston's roster. Im just glad the T-wolves are positioning themselves to be in the playoffs next year and years to come.

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