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Chris Paul Trade Grade: Hornets have path back

Posted on: December 14, 2011 8:31 pm
Edited on: December 15, 2011 1:40 pm
By Matt Moore

There was no winning for New Orleans. No matter what, the Hornets are looking at losing the best player in franchise history. You don't replace Chris Paul. The Hornets were going to come away from trading him a worse team, facing a few years of terrible seasons. It's not what you want.

But if we take the conditions, a small market team with no leverage facing an uphill battle to even get some sort of value from the trade, with the league's overbearing hands all over it, and the roster as currently constructed, this is a great trade. The best trade you can make with CP3 is to not trade CP3. But if you're going to have to trade Chris Paul, you don't want a 30-year-old no-lift power forward, a 30-year-old combo forward who struggles with focus outside of L.A. and had no interest in playing in New Orleans, and a lesser version of Eric Gordon, along with the Knicks' 20-ish pick.

No, you want a star young player, like Eric Gordon, who has a great shot of making the All-Star game once the Hornets build anything around him. He's the franchise now, which he was not going to be in Los Angeles. You want a talented wing. Lost in this is the fact that Al Farouq-Aminu has everything you look for in a young wing. Great length, good defensive ability, decent hands. There's a lot of growth needed, but he's got the capacity to be a capable small forward in a few years. And you want to clear salary, which Chris Kaman's contract allows.

CP3 traded to the Clippers

Beyond, that, consider this. The Hornets were going to be terrible with Paul. They will be more terrible without Chris Paul. But, if you're going to be terrible, you want to be terrible this season with the 2012 draft class in play. This class is as good as any since 2003, and with the Minnesota pick they acquired from Los Angeles, the Hornets are in position to have two picks potentialy in the top five, likely in the top ten, and definitely in the lottery.

That means some combination, if they were to tank out, of Anthony Davis - Harrison Barnes - Jared Sullinger - Michael Kidd-Gilchrist along with some combination of Bradley Beal - Marquis Teague - Perry Jones - Quincy Miller - Patric Young. That's how you rebuild a franchise quickly. Young star (Gordon) plus talented athlete (Aminu) plus two top ten draft picks in a quality draft. Clear the cap, add young players, maintain flexibility, build in the Thunder model.

One veteran who expires next year. One star with high upside. One athlete with growth potential and a small contract. A pick with high value. It's a sad day for New Orleans, who loses its franchise player, and has to go through the pains of rebuilding. But after all the hand-wringing, all the consternation about the league's involvement, it got what was best for the franchise. The Hornets have to make the right decisions for it to pay off. But they have what they need to move on.

The circus is over. Time to build a new carnival.

Grade: A

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Posted on: December 15, 2011 11:45 am
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Chris Paul Trade Grade: Hornets have path back

Gordon can't go anywhere any time soon, marksp. He will pout for a few weeks and they will lose a lot. That is the plan.

Having a better record this year makes no difference. Getting 2 top players in the draft is the goal. Lets say you are right and the TWolves somehow make the playoffs with their new coach and new players. It is still a better pick than the Knicks pick unless someone gets hurt.. And Hornets are now a bottom 3 team so their pick is at worst 6. In this draftthat should still get 2 highly rated players. Gordon may come to understand  he,Aminu and those two players under 20 could be good for a long time. Could.

Yes, the draft is a crap shoot but young talent buys time for fans. And hope. Even if it's false hope. That is a lot better sell than 7 or 8th sead in West for 2 years then starting over.

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Posted on: December 14, 2011 11:51 pm

Chris Paul Trade Grade: Hornets have path back

Finally.  Analysis by someone who actually looks like he understand the NBA.  Not just the game on the court, but the business of the NBA and what it takes to build a winner. 

I can't believe people are actually still trying to claim that the trade that would have brought in $30M in salary in older non-star players would have been a better deal for a franchise trying to attract new ownership by demonstrating it's financial viability and potential for quick improvement.

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Posted on: December 14, 2011 10:46 pm

You "A" is for asinine

An "A" for this trade.  Really?  Wow! 

Kaman is gone in 4 months.  Are they goign to trade him right away?  Can they or do they have to wait 3 months?  And what about getting back young players and picks?  Is the league going to sign off on some different trade now because they got Gordon and a draft pick?

And what about Eric Gordon?  He could say he is out of New Orleans at the end of this year and they may have to trade him at the end of this season or risk losing him for nothing?

Also, it is a little presumptous of the media in general to assume that the T-Wolves pick is going to be a lottery pick.  It is possible they make the playoffs this year.  And then that pick is not as attractive.

So then they end up with Aminu and a first round pick and maybe some other unkown pieces for Kaman and Gordon.

Sounds like the same thing they would have had in the vetoed trade.  Scola, Odom, Martin, Dragic, and a first round pick that would not be in the lottery (presumably).  And they could have tried to flip some of those players too to get back unknown assets.

They most likely would have had a better record had they went with the first trade.

I think this trade is a C+ now.  If they can get Gordon to extend and trade Kaman for something then the grade can better.  But it is not an "A" right now.  No way.  No how.

There record is going to be awful and those 10,000 season seats they sold may not end up showing up.  That is good for the city of New Orleans.

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