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NBA, Hornets resurrect Paul talks with Clippers

Posted on: December 12, 2011 9:25 pm
Edited on: December 12, 2011 9:28 pm
Posted by Ben Golliver


The ceaseless on-again, off-again trade talks involving New Orleans Hornets All-Star point guard Chris Paul are reportedly back on. Monday night, round two with the Los Angeles Clippers commenced. reported that talks between the league-owned Hornets and Clippers have officially resurrected after being declared dead earlier on Monday.
After a seemingly imminent trade routing Paul to the Clippers collapsed earlier Monday, sources told that the league officials negotiating on the Hornets' behalf had aggressively re-engaged the Clippers in talks in hopes of completing a deal as soon as Tuesday.

The talks hit an impasse earlier Monday when the Clippers decided that the league's asking price for the All-Star guard was too high. But Clippers general manager Neil Olshey said Monday that the trade could be revived if some of the parameters change. And a source close to the process told ESPN that league officials also do not see talks with the Clippers as "over."

The league-owned Hornets and the Clippers could not complete their proposed Chris Paul trade because the Clippers decided the asking price was too high. The NBA remains "hopeful," according to the source, that Paul's fate can resolved "soon."
Ken Berger of reported that a source said: "The league has no choice. They have nowhere else to go."

Earlier trade talks had the Clippers sending center Chris Kaman, point guard Eric Bledsoe, forward Al-Farouq Aminu and the Minnesota Timberwolves' 2012 first round pick pick to the Hornets for Paul. Other reported versions of the trade talks also included guard Eric Gordon. The talks reportedly fell apart when the Clippers felt NBA commissioner David Stern, who possesses final authority on personnel moves for the Hornets, was asking too high a price for Paul.

Some variation of the reported package would give the paper-thin Hornets multiple players to plug in as starters plus an excellent building block chip in the 2012 pick. The Clippers are looking to find a premier perimeter player to pair with forward sensation Blake Griffin, recently re-signed center DeAndre Jordan and, ideally, retain Gordon, who is a potential future All-Star at shooting guard. 

The Clippers also claimed veteran point guard Chauncey Billups in an amnesty bidding pool on Monday.
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NBA, Hornets resurrect Paul talks with Clippers

I look at the commisioners job to be much like the ref's job. If they are doing their job well, you don't even notice they are there. Nothing could be further from than that, than the job Stern is doing. Why is the commissioner more of a key figure in the league, than any of the league's star players? Stern is not doing a good job and is not good for the league.

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NBA, Hornets resurrect Paul talks with Clippers

you should have one problem with Stern, which is that he is protecting the interests of one team at the expense of another so that the NBA can entice a new owner. The team should have gone into receivership and the NBA shouldn't be involved in a conflict of interest. The league shouldn't be or act in place of an owner. Even if all Stern's actions were reasonable, which seems doubtful, the fact that so many fans are comparing wrestling to basketball doesn't do much for Stern's or the NBA's image.

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NBA, Hornets resurrect Paul talks with Clippers

The Hornets should only make this trade if Eric Gordan is in it.

If they had to choose between Gordan and that (potential) #1 pick, I'd take Gordan. He is a star in the making, plus that pick could end up being a bust, you never know. Gordan has already proven he can play at an all-star level (He averaged 22 PPG and 4 APG last year) and just imagine what he could do if he was the number one option for an offense.

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NBA, Hornets resurrect Paul talks with Clippers

If the Hornets don't get Gordon in the package, Stern should apologize for how bad he messed things up. Instead of the Hornets getting 3 really good starters, a back up and a draft pick, they might get Kaman, Bledsoe, Aminu and a draft pick? How is that trade passable but the first one w/ a bounty of talent wasn't?
For those out there that didn't think the NBA wasn't as rigged as the WWE, I think there have been a lot more converts recently.

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NBA, Hornets resurrect Paul talks with Clippers

The deal is really only good fro one year, which is why it isn't the value that everyone thinks it is. Paul has expressed interested in the assembly in NY, and LA. For any other team there is no garantee he will resign next year. It always sounds one sided when you say Chris Paul for 3 mediocre players, but those players for several years, including former all-star Kaman, Fariq is young and was a highly touted draft pick, and next years fisrt pick. Where it really matters New Orleans fans should ask is, "what happens next year when he leaves and you get nothing for him. The NBA needs to do NOLA fans a little justice and accept that next year he is gone, and you have this shortened offseason to do something about it or get something for him. 

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NBA, Hornets resurrect Paul talks with Clippers

I have no problem with what Stern is doing. Why not get as much as you can for CP3. Bottom line CP3 will be moved and its a matter of time. 

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NBA, Hornets resurrect Paul talks with Clippers

This entire situation is ugly. Nothing Stern can do will save that N.O. Franchise because CP3 wants out and everyone knows it. Teams are offering old deteriorating players that will have little to no value in 2 years where as CP3 is a perenial allstar and will make which ever team he goes to relevant for another decade. The Lakers may have gotten a bum deal from the veto but that trade was shortsighted for N.O. and would have left that franchise with very little appeal for potenial owners. Stern's job is to oversee that franchise until it is sold and the only way he allows a trade to pass is if there is a good young player as the centerpiece of the deal. CP3 is making it harder on them too because he has basically come out and stated where he is interested in going and that he wont go here and there...which limits the offers. Stern is going to be forced to take a crap deal or at the end of the year do a sign and trade if they havent sold N.O. yet, which wont give back much either. They knew this was on the horizon and should have attempted making this happen earlier when the old CBA was valid and small market franchises didnt collectively lobby to change the layout of how players are shaping the landscape of the NBA.

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NBA, Hornets resurrect Paul talks with Clippers

David Stern is a joke, unprofesional and he is corrupt. He is getting paid by the other NBA owners not to give the Lakers anything. And now it looks like he won't give the LA Clippers anything. Think of any conspiraccy theory you can think of, but it's obviously happening. 

The Hornets had great players coming to them from the Lakers and Houston and David "Corrupt" Stern doesn't want LA to win any more championships. 

Maybe Michael Jordan doesn't want Kobe to get that 6th ring. Who knows. Maybe he's one of the owners breaking David Stern off some $$. 

David Stern is the next Tim Donaghy. Maybe even better because he wont get caught and he's covering his tracks, and no one is doing anything about it.

I love the NBA. But this is The DSL.  The David Stern League  

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