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Dwight Howard Trade Updates: Tampering?

Posted on: December 9, 2011 1:04 pm
Edited on: December 9, 2011 6:25 pm
By EOB Staff

While the debacle that is the Chris Paul Trade/Non-Trade continues to unfold, there's drama in the East as well. Dwight Howard is just as much in the rumor mill as Chris Paul, as his free agency in 2012 looms and a potential trade could be coming (if the league doesn't block it). We'll keep you updated on all the latest in news and rumors below.

Magic haven't filed charge

6:24 p.m. -- New Magic president Alex Martins told the media that the team has not filed a tampering charge against the Nets. The NBA confirms this as well. But Martins did leave it open as a possiblility.

Howard denies meeting with Nets

4:22 p.m. -- Via ESPN NY, Dwight Howard said that he did not meet with the Nets. "There was no meeting," he said.

"Right now, my plan is to show up to training camp for the Orlando Magic."

However, the original report maintains that sources insist the meeting took place.

Magic to file tampering complaint?

1:46 p.m. -- Ken Berger reports that the Rockets will not be investigated as originally reportd by Magic are still considering a complaint against New Jersey. says that the Magic decided not to pursue a complaint against Houston due to a lack of "information." SI also says the Rockets have been informed they were not "considered" for the complaint. Confusing.  Good thing, though. The Rockets have enough going on with the Chris Paul debacle. 

1:00 p.m.
-- Oh, this should be fun. David Aldridge of TNT and reports that the Magic are filing tampering charges against two unnamed teams for contacting Dwight Howard without their permission. reports the two teams are New Jersey and Houston. The Nets side apparently stems from a meeting between Howard and Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov along with GM Billy King in Miami a week ago.

Meeting with Howard isn't prohibited strictly by the NBA. Doing it without permission from the Magic? Yeah, that's a no-no. Prokhorov can claim he's unaware of the rules, being new. Billy King? Not so much. This could get very bad for the Nets very quickly. The charges against the Rockets aren't known at this time.

Howard to request trade to Nets?

9:00 a.m. -- ESPN reports that Dwight Howard will request a trade from the Magic to the New Jersey Nets Friday afternoon. The Nets are rumored to be offering Brook Lopez and two first round picks, which is not exactly a king's ransom for a multiple Defensive-Player-of-the-Year winner and an MVP candidate who's the best in the league at his position. 

Landing Howard would be a monstrous coup for a franchise that has repeatedly struck out with major deals. They whiffed on LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, and Amar'e Stoudemire in the summer of 2010, Carmelo Anthony throughout 2011, being used as leverage by the Nuggets. They landed Deron Williams, but gave up a metric ton of assets for him. Landing Howard to pair with Williams makes them an instant powerhouse with cap room to spare. If the Nets want to join the big-time, this is the move to do it. 

Reports earlier in the week indicated that Howard had not informed the Magic of what he wanted, nor had the Magic composed a "wish list" for what to get back in return for Howard.

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Dwight Howard Trade Updates: Tampering?

michael5186 - I am not a fan of contraction and I have attended and watched NBA games since 1959. Your comment about empty seats would certainly describe the Memphis Grizzlies or the Indiana Pacers for many years. Other smaller cities such as Portland sell out every game. It does depend on the product but NBA fans in some cities come to see visiting stars as well. The league could be at 28 instead of 30 but it's not popular to take away a team (just check out Seattle fans.) The talent increases every year and the competition in Europe also gets better each year. In general you cannot keep a starter quality player on the bench for long. He will find another team at free agency and some will go to Europe. The best European players can be stars in the NBA but for every star there are dozens of starter quality players that stay in Europe rather than come to the NBA to sit on the bench.

There are certainly many story lines running through the wire today. It is kind of sad that there are virtually none of the free agents worth so much attention. This is a really bad free agency class. Most buzz is about the two free agents next summer. The Knicks have apparently kissed off their next four years with the way-too-high offer for Tyson Chandler. Chandler had the proverbial 'contract year' last year after two dreadful yearfs when he quit on his teams. A PER of 15.2 as your contract year is still mediocre. $60 million is a concrete anchor on the team's salary cap.

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Dwight Howard Trade Updates: Tampering?

Zippy do da

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Dwight Howard Trade Updates: Tampering?

Pay attention!! They also got Marc Gasol. Who turned out to be a decent Center. Do your homework before you start spouting off. 

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Dwight Howard Trade Updates: Tampering?

What the hell is going on with the BULS....
They can offer more
Noah, Deng, Gibson & 1st rounderss....

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Dwight Howard Trade Updates: Tampering?

Message to NBA fans (and those who used to like basketball before the NBA began to ruin it):  Please boycott the league (including tickets, TV broadcasts, merchandise and anything else associated with the NBA) until David Stern is fired.  Until that happens, the NBA is a disgrace, a joke of a sport run by a megalomaniacal buffoon.  The league and its games are fixed, the officiating is slanted and subject to influence from organized crime, and the new CBA is laughable.  Lets rename the teams the Miami Lebrons, the LA Kobes, and the Chicago Roses, and have them play the Cleveland Generals, the Charlotte Generals, the Sacramento Generals.

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Dwight Howard Trade Updates: Tampering?

dude- what is wrong with you?

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Dwight Howard Trade Updates: Tampering?

What is not mentioned here is that the Nets will be taking Hedo's horrendous contract off their hands. That in itself is worth a lot. Then you get rid of Arenas and at least you are not drowning in bad contracts and you begin to rebuild. The new agreement will not stop the best players from all playing on 5-6 teams so might as well get on with it.

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Dwight Howard Trade Updates: Tampering?

Until the 1967 season, the NHL had six teams, and they were just fine. I think contraction is a wonderful idea, because the players are making no bones about the fact they prefer only the 'usual suspect' teams.

Has anyone ever attended a regular season game in a second tier city, on a weekday night, in the middle of January? It's like bearing witness to a cul de sac of six homes being constructed on a moon colony. There is no 'juice' in the majority of these arenas, and deep DEEP down, the players know this. The attendees consist of 10,000 corporate type suits conducting business for their companies, and another 8-10k dressed up as empty seats.

Contraction equals a deeper, robust bench for the remaining teams, and it allows for real competitive balance. 10-12 teams with 2 divisions, 2 division winners and 2 wild card teams. The NBA would improve its product immeasurably.

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Dwight Howard Trade Updates: Tampering?


You need to lay off the crack pipe. I thought the Pau Gasol-Kwame Brown deal was theft.
I don't even know what to call your idea.

An absolute offensive and defensive monster for a busted up young guy who sometimes shows up to play. Yeah right.
But then again ... Gasol for Brown went through. Why not continue to rape the small market teams.

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