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Paul arrives at Hornets practice amid questions

Posted on: December 9, 2011 12:01 am
Edited on: December 9, 2011 5:02 pm

By Matt Moore

Update Friday 4:30 p.m. EST

Paul arrived at practice Friday in a black jersey. So for now, he's playing the part of a professional. Lamar Odom arrived at Lakers camp 40 minutes late, spoke with GM Mitch Kupchak, then left. He did not practice with the team. Pau Gasol is not in attendance. We're sure that wasn't awkward at all. 


Hours after a trade that would have sent Chris Paul to the Los Angeles Lakers in a three-way trade with the Houston Rockets was blocked by the league, ESPN reports that Paul will not attend Hornets training camp Friday in New Orleans. Ken Berger of reports a Hornets offical said it would be "very surprising" if Paul was in attendance. 

Paul is said to be "fuming" over the blocked trade and considering legal action. Failure to show up for camp will of course result in a fine, levied by both the team and the NBA. Which is convenient, since the NBA owns the team and that's the entire problem. Any fines levied would likely also be included in damages Paul would seek if he were to pursue legal action.

Similarly, Lakers forward Lamar Odom spoke with reporters and said he might skip the first day because "you don't want to be somewhere you're not wanted." The Lakers are obviously facing a serious situation with chemistry, with Pau Gasol described as "devastated" by the initial trade. The Lakers had a championship core and it now has to try and function despite the fact its management had deliberately opted to blow it up. And if you don't think Kobe Bryant was consulted before these moves, well, you're probably right since they didn't consult him on the coaching hire. But still. Going to be an awkward locker room for a while.

This situation threatens to undermind and detonate the fragile peace that had just been signed into form hours before as the league and owners ratified the new CBA. The players surrendered significant financial gains to protect their flexibility of movement. Now the league has simply circumvented that as well using its powers.

We thought the ugliness was over. It was looking like a season, how u. But now we're back to the same questions of fairness, morality, and individual player influence that dominated the discussion for five, locked-out months.

NBA training camp opens Friday.

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Posted on: December 10, 2011 10:51 am

Paul arrives at Hornets practice amid questions

Hey Lamar, quit being a little school girl, it's a business....grow up. My seven year old son has more of a spine than this baby.

It's human nature to be upset, but you don't have to mope and whine. You are a professional geeting paid millions, so go to work and keep your mouth shut.

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Posted on: December 9, 2011 1:41 pm

Report: Chris Paul will not attend Hornets camp

Crybaby?? I'm just voicing my opinion. I would love to see a what a team with Kobe, Dwight, and CP3 would do. It's supposed to be, The NBA "where amazaing happens," not The NBA, where nothing happens.

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Posted on: December 9, 2011 11:30 am

Report: Chris Paul will not attend Hornets camp

You are sad my friend....I hear the envy..I don't make their kind of money and I dont like them. You are definitely a crybaby and I hope the fans are smart  enough to recognize that....

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Posted on: December 9, 2011 11:23 am

Report: Chris Paul will not attend Hornets camp

So let me get this straight, a cry baby owner complains because he failed to plan for Lebrons departure. Then gets mad because no one want to go to the Cavs. Dan Gilbert should just sell the CAVS and get out of basketball all together..And F....ked the NBA just because they did not gt rid of David Stern the "slave trader" This sucks..If think the Fans are going to come back, you have another thing coming. I hoping for the NBA to be locked this year, but we can gt everything we want..I'M discussed with the union also, because they could hold there ground once again..This would be a lot easier if some would just grow a real pair of balls..An start your own league. And "STOP BEING SLAVED OUT..If you guy don't fix this soon you going to loose a lot more that money...FOR NOW THE NBA IS BAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Who plays three game back to back to back..that not slaven..

STOP BUYNG AND SELLING N......GS...This sound extreme, but it's now..Just the truth.....

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Posted on: December 9, 2011 11:20 am

Report: Chris Paul will not attend Hornets camp

Since the NBA did not allow the CP3 trade will they allow the Dwight Howard trade to the Knicks?  Under the guise of the NBA or owners complaining about small market team superstars bolting for the large market teams then the Magic/Knick trade should not be allowed either.  Was there collusion amongst the owners not to allow the CP3 trade because they all felt that by the Lakers signing CP3 Dwight Howard was a shoe in the sign with the Lakers as well?

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Posted on: December 9, 2011 11:16 am

Report: Chris Paul will not attend Hornets camp

Are you stupid?? You're complaining just because the man makes more money than you?? What, you think you're more talented and more deserving than these NBA players? It's not their fault they're born with a talent and it's also not their fault they have a love for basketball. Now, about Paul about Paul not attending camp. I totally agree with him. These guys play basketball with a passion, they want to win. Why stay in New Orleans if you're not going to win any titles there. The trade was fair for the three teams involved and should've never been blocked. F the NBA and F the commissioner!!!!!!

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Posted on: December 9, 2011 11:14 am

Report: Chris Paul will not attend Hornets camp

Thank you for saying this...I couldnt have said it better

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Posted on: December 9, 2011 11:06 am

Report: Chris Paul will not attend Hornets camp

The more I continue to read, the more I am convinced this nixed trade was proper. Reading the hyperlinks provided in this article suggests that both Gasol and Odom do not want to be traded. They want to remain Lakers. Herein lies a very basic fact, but it's revealing, and instructional: all players involved here, be it Paul, or Odom and Gasol, WANT to be on the Lakers. No one wants to be a Rocket, or a Hornet. This is the defined struggle that must be corrected by the owners. As long as there is a desire by players to continue to want to move to these destination NBA teams, the competitive imbalance will remain.

The only other rational action, in my estimation, is to consolidate a third of the league. There are some teams that players just do not want any part of, once they reach a certain level of stardom and acclaim. There is another article on CBS sports, about Danny Granger, who reacted very negatively to this nixed trade. Why do you suppose this is? Obviously, he wants to leave the Pacers when, or before his contract is over. What do you suppose his 'wish list' of teams might comprise? The Timberwolves, the Bucks, or the Cavaliers? Or, the Lakers, Celtics or Bulls?

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Posted on: December 9, 2011 10:55 am

Report: Chris Paul will not attend Hornets camp

Can someone just kick the sh!t out of this whining little punk?  You're making more money in one year than most do in a lifetime.  Instead of bitching and moaning about it, pklay out your f'ing contract and then sign with whoever you want.  I wish the NBA would just fold so we can hear all about these crybabies in the news complaining about what happened and how they have had to adjust to a lifestyle making only $50,000 a year sellign cars or motivated speakers. Hopefully fans are smart enough to boycott the nba because honestly, do you really think these players care about you??<br />

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Posted on: December 9, 2011 10:18 am

Report: Chris Paul will not attend Hornets camp

 The owners wanted competetive balance and a chance for small market teams to thrive, this is a perfect case of them backpedaling!  Had they made this trade the Hornets would have been infused with not only scoring but overall good basketball talent!  A starting 5 of Dragic, Martin, Odom, Scola and Okafor, while not instilling fear into anyone, is better than a starting 5 of CP3 and the 4 substitute teachers they are going to roll out next to him this year!  They could have had a tough fight for a 7th or 8th seed and a mid lottery draft pick instead of a decent shot at a top 3 draft choice.  Football players sit out year after year for more money and are rewarded for it.  He should not report and forfeit the money and sooner or later the hornets will trade him to someone else for a worse package and absolutely STINK! 

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