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David Stern welcomes back fans in letter

Posted on: December 6, 2011 7:48 pm
Edited on: December 6, 2011 8:41 pm
By Matt Moore  

The lockout is over, the schedule has been announced, it's time to try and make it up to fans. There have been announcments of ticket deals and the league is in full-on recovery mode spinning as much attention towards the potential trades of Chris Paul and Dwight Howard (which is exactly the kind of thing the lockout was supposed to prevent, but whatever) as possible. And in the middle of it, NBA commissioner Howard Stern has elected to write a note to fans. From
Dear Fans,
On behalf of the entire NBA family, I want to thank you for your patience and support over the past several months. The new collective bargaining agreement is designed to provide more competitive balance for our league, reward strong performances by our players, and strengthen our game by improving its economics. We believe this agreement will benefit our teams, players, and most importantly, fans by making the NBA stronger.

In the days and weeks ahead, all of us hope you will enjoy the run-up to the start of the season: free agency, training camp, and preseason games. Each NBA team will be hosting special events for fans, so be sure to check your favorite team’s website, Facebook page, or Twitter feed for details. This season we look forward to bringing you more of everything you love about NBA basketball: incredible competition, tremendous excitement, and unending hard work and dedication by the world’s best athletes. Thank you for being an NBA fan. I hope you enjoy the season, which promises to be a most exciting one.


David Stern
There are two words notably missing in there: "sorry" and "apologize." There's no apology to fans for the 16 missed games, no regret over the millions of dollars for local economies lost. There is a key line there, "the world's best athletes." The same players the league drove for five months to crush the union of, they are now championing as the product. 

But still, it's another part of the healing process, and Stern could have stayed quiet. It's good to acknowledge the fans, to speak to them and try and get over the summer that wouldn't end and begin the next exciting chapter of the NBA. 

Just don't think people will forget the lessons learned.

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Posted on: December 7, 2011 1:27 pm

David Stern welcomes back fans in letter

What a joke! This is like being mugged by a thief in a dark alley and then, months later, being invited to a "special event" hosted by the same thief in the same damn alley!
Ticket prices in Denver are still way too high.  The biggest draws actually signed to play this season are Ty Lawson and Chris Anderson ("The Birdman") and yet ticket prices are still set at the same expensive prices fans saw when Chauncey Billups and Carmelo Anthony were coming to the court every night.  And reading David Stern's statements about competitive balance is a joke.  The Nuggets couldn't offer enough to keep Melo in town.  They spent money up to the hard cap.  It's easy to criticize the teams they actually put on the court, but they never had access to the type of sweetheart deal that sent Pau Gasol to LA or the unbelievable luck of the Spurs to hit on the number one pick and take Tim Duncan with plenty of talent coming back from injury the following season to be one of the league's best teams.  When the Nuggets picked up Kenyon Martin, they had max money available for any free agent and they had to settle on Kenyon because of the smaller market they represent.  Meanwhile the Lakers are looking to land Chris Paul and Dwight Howard.  It's a league of haves and have nots in terms of player talent.  The Nuggets fans suffered through nearly a decade of pathetic basketball before they landed Melo and it might take another long sad stretch to rebuild this squad.  The CBA will not fix competitve balance, just look how free agency is shaping up as the deal gets signed...

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Posted on: December 7, 2011 1:25 pm

David Stern welcomes back fans in letter

Yeah, I'd like to know how this helps the fans?  If you cared about the fans,  you'd pay the players and shut up.  How many times did I hear Stern say if the players don't take a bath in losses...there will be no season.

I'll support the players who actual play; not the owners who sit on their butt in the press boxes crying poverty while making 100s of millions of dollars just on their NBA team.  If they can't stay outta the red with that kind of money; the NBA isn't the is their business practices and decisions.

I'd like to see them implement a system where you can buy products to support the players or buy products to support the teams.  Cause although I'll watch the NBA seasons, I won't purchase ANYTHING for NBA gear or related income.  Not cause I want to hurt the players but cause I have zero respect for the owners and Stern. 

I love the NBA.  It is a shame the owners and Stern are ruining it with their greed.  Totally pathetic.

And as for Stern's letter...what a crock of crap.....  Sad thing is...he knows it and doesn't care.  That is half the problem.  He has that idiot mug on his face cause he thinks he is pulling the wool over folks eyes.  But in reality; he is only coming off stupid and simply looks like a scumbag who can't figure out what the public really thinks.

Obviously the dress code didn't seem to help the NBA.  And this new contract doesn't seem to be doing anything to keep star players on mediocre teams.  So in the end; all it was every about is how much money can I squeeze from the players and how many games in the season will it cost me.  As it was the last contract...and so on and so forth.

I hope the players make a 10 year plan to take over the NBA.  Goodbye Stern and goodbye Owners.

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Posted on: December 7, 2011 10:54 am

David Stern welcomes back fans in letter

WAY too little WAY too late as far as this former fan is concerned! "Each NBA team will be hosting special events for fans..." No doubt they are going to announce reduced ticket prices at these "special events?" Affordable merchandise? A plan to make it feasible for ALL NBA cities to have a legitimate shot at winning a title? A SINCERE and not a discracefully canned apology to the people who "grease the wheels"?  

What a joke! This is like being mugged by a thief in a dark alley and then, months later, being invited to a "special event" hosted by the same thief in the same damn alley!

What bothers me most is that there will be people showing up to that alley expecting different results only to have their wallets and their faith ripped again.

I won't be accepting MY invitation thank you! Fool me once..........

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Posted on: December 7, 2011 8:51 am

David Stern welcomes back fans in letter

"The new collective bargaining agreement is designed to provide more competitive balance for our league," was a statement made by David Stern in his letter to fans, meanwhile Chris Paul, Dwight Howard are doing the same crap that is driving the fans away by holding there current teams hostage and spitting in the fans that have made this game what it is today.  It is obvious to all fans now that this lockout was only about money, but i for one hope that the fans of the small market teams make a statement to their owners by not attending games and spending there money on a product that is going to have maybe 6 out of 30 teams possible to win a championship before the season even starts. The NBA has pizzed in the wind and told all of us its raining out.    

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Posted on: December 7, 2011 5:02 am

David Stern welcomes back fans in letter

What kind of a product are the fans going to see?  A season rushed to start because the parties involved didn't get to the issues until about a month before preseason.  So, we'll probably see a rash of injuries and very sloppy play for a few weeks anyway.  The new schedule is ridiculous.  We know about the 3 nights in a row games, but there are also stretches where teams play 5 games in 6 nights.  Seems to me that the fans are getting a rushed and desperate product here.  I'll watch the potential train wreck on the tube for a few weeks first before I buy a ticket to a game.

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