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Paul Pierce says the next step is 'on the owners'

Posted on: November 20, 2011 1:44 pm
Edited on: November 20, 2011 1:45 pm
By Matt Moore 

In an interview with Yahoo Sports, Paul Pierce says that the next step in the process is on the owners, despite the players having removed the possibility of collective bargaining by dissolving their union: 
Q: Do the players or owners have to take the next step to renew labor talks?

Pierce: “I think the owners have to take the step. We have taken a lot of steps. I think we have taken as many steps as we can take, which is why we are at where we are at. We feel like we’ve taken the most steps. That’s why we are going to court now.”
via Paul Pierce: Players needed to make stand - NBA - Yahoo! Sports.

It's interesting because while the league said, through David Stern, that "collective bargaining is over," the players were the ones who declined to offer a counter-proposal to the owners and instead disclaimed interest, dissolving the union. The last proposal on the table was the league's, the 50/50 split the players rejected. So to say it's on the owners is a bit strange. 

But on the flip side, the players may consider their decision to file suit a response in and of itself. Basically "we don't want your deal, here's our counter-proposal, you guys deal with a multi-billion-dollar lawsuit, how about them apples?" So if the league wants a response, that's the response. Unfortunately, it's going to take the league making its first real step back from the full-court press they've applied for five months for them to offer another proposal, or even a bargaining session. 

So, yeah, things are going great, you guys!

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Posted on: November 22, 2011 8:16 am

Paul Pierce says the next step is 'on the owners'

Yes, the owners need to come to the players.  Stern and his cronies muscled the NBPA into making concession after concession with ultimatums and hard-line tactics.  Time for the players to fight fire with fire.

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Posted on: November 21, 2011 12:29 am

Paul Pierce says the next step is 'on the owners'

A union should not align itself with the top 5% of salaries opinions.  A union should be a union of everyone.

Oh yeah, it is a union of everyone.  The only difference is the top 5 percent you're talking about own the other 95 percent...

What I find amazing is the union didn't put the latest league offer out to the players for a vote.   At the very least you'd think they owe their membership that much.  Instead they pick 50 of the top earners, superstars of the league, etc   and they choose to turn down the owner's offer and go to court.  All the while the other 350 players are stuck between a rock and a hard place because what can they do? If they say a word, their fellow union reps will slam them for doing the wrong thing...... so instead they choose to be like sheep and follow the leader which is really their only other option.  


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Posted on: November 20, 2011 9:53 pm

Paul Pierce says the next step is 'on the owners'

Hey Pierce- why don't you go back to law school ? Should only take your 8th grade educated azz 15 or 20 years... and it might be that long before you draw another check, unless you want to go to Europe or China and play for less than you pay your agent. ...and better ask Andrei Kirilenko and J.R. Smith how those emergency medical clinics in third world countries are...before you decide to go make a little money. Emphasis on little.  

The next steps are going to be on the the ATM for their next cash, if there is a balance.

BTW, if you think the NBA was trying to steal your money, wait until Billy Hunter and his 80 person staff of lawyers start bleeding you like vampires... pushing a mountain of legal mumbo-jumbo down a long and winding road to nowhere, pursuing lawsuits that can't be won.  Maybe players will finally understand how NBA owners felt after they pay employees of their own (lawyers) millions for a lousy performance, while they make no money themselves...

LMAO...that Billy, he's slick, huh ? No wonder these guys couldn't read the handwriting on the wall...Billy wouldn't read it to them, or even let them see it...Didn't even let players vote before his legal meter started accumulating fees...Billy's ging to watch basketball players backs like Don King did for paying himself first. By the time Billy gets done "helping" players they'll owe him more than they made last year.

I get it..."STAND" I liked the T-shirts. Nice touch... What's next, "CAVE", or "WILL DUNK FOR FOOD" ...Personally I prefer "JUST JOKING". 

Fools and their money were lucky to have gotten together in the first place.  

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Posted on: November 20, 2011 9:42 pm

Paul Pierce says the next step is 'on the owners'

Pierce has come out strongly in favour of decertification and court action. Easily said by those with tens of millions in the bank. The superstars have led the charge with their indignant reaction to the owner's offer. Unfortunately, those who have modest contracts or those working in parking garages and arenas would beg to differ.

Players have had to much freedom of movement, salaries that are too high. It is best if in the end those like Pierce do NOT get their way. More modest salaries and more parity is worth fighting for.

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Posted on: November 20, 2011 9:31 pm

Paul Pierce needs to get a clue

The next step for Paul might just be five years later when considered for the basketball HOF. If Paul is waiting for the owners to cave he better have more than those Greek government bonds for investments because that dog don't hunt. As noted by Matt, the players are the ones to blow this up. The owners were just waiting for such an action to take back the ill-conceived 50-50 offer (it provides continuing losses of $34 million.) The players are being played to perfection. After trying to intimidate 30 owners who together have billions of assets to their disposal outside of the NBA (which is where they get funds to cover the annual $300 million in losses for each of the past six years) they are now wanting to play on - the owners' court.

The thing I come back to is Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett and Chris Paul and Dwyane Wade and a few other big stars have hijacked these negotiations along with the agents they work for (yes, the players are working for the agents in this negotiation because the players are the big losers and the agents are the ones with the better chance of winning.) This is not about the membership in the former NBPA. Nearly two-thirds of those members are losing a critical year in their careers. For many of those there will be no NBA in the future. This is not about future generations. Future generations will be bagging groceries at Safeway if the players have their way because no business can continually lose money and stay in business. No profits = no NBA.

The next step is for the US District Court in New York which has been considering a petition by the NBA since last spring charging the players with using decertification/disinterest as an illegal bargaining tool. Until last week the players' defense was "there is no decertification". Now they have to actually own up and answer. The Court may also (common practice) consolidate the anti-trust suits filed in California and Minnesota into the New York case, rendering moot the court-shopping by the players to get liberal judges. Once again the next step for the players is a step behind the league. Paul needs to get a clue about how things are done in the big-boys court.

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Posted on: November 20, 2011 8:39 pm

Paul Pierce says the next step is 'on the owners'

I have to side with Paul Pierce here. His $15 million per year is a fraction of what he would make on the open market....for playing basketball. Kiss   The NBA has never been more fun than it now.  The average NBA player needs to take control of this stupidity and agree to a deal. A union should not align itself with the top 5% of salaries opinions.  A union should be a union of everyone.

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