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Andreychuk: NBA players should cave

Posted on: November 17, 2011 12:24 pm
By Matt Moore 

Always good to have the support and solidarity of your peers. 

The Orlando Sentinel spoke with Dave Andreychuk, former NHL player and current Tampa Bay Lightning executive about the NHL lockout that busted an entire season with the owners getting the same kind of reset the NBA owners are now aiming for. Andreychuk says that standing up for your profession just isn't worth it. Because you'll lose anyway. 
"If players think its better to sit out the season, let me tell you, its not. Its just not," Andreychuk says. "In the end, it will be worse."

"As the pressure built — after a month, two months, three months — it started to sink in," recalls Andreychuk, now a team executive with the Lightning. "Guys were saying to themselves, Im 25 years old and hockey is how I make my living. We need to get a deal done. "

"The deal got worse by us sitting out," Andreychuk admits. "At the end, we were so willing to sign, we had to agree to what the owners wanted. We gave back a tremendous amount just to get a deal done so we could go back to work."
via NBA Lockout: Former NHL player Dave Andreychuk tells current NBA players: Sitting out the season will only make it worse -

Pretty uncool statements from one former player to another. But his point that the players are going to lose anyway, that's the reason so many people were urging the players to at least return the offer with modifications instead of disclaiming interest or decertifying. The players have put themselves in a position where if they don't win a court decision, several of them consecutively, actually, or if the threat thereof does not spook the owners, they'll lose everything. They'll have their collective bargaining heads caved in when they recertify to approve the deal.

But still, you'd think that a player that has been down that road that has fought that battle would at least publicly support another professional athlete. Maybe  Maybe he and Michael Jordan can go bowling and talk about what it's like to bail on your former colleagues. 

It's not that Andreychuk's wrong. He's not wrong. He's right. He just shouldn't say it. Then again, apparently no one else is talking straight to the players about what their situation is. 


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Posted on: November 17, 2011 8:08 pm

Andreychuk: NBA players should cave

Mr. Moore, with all due respect, you are a doofus. With all of your experience as a professional athlete, I'm sure you think you know what should/should not be said, but you simply sound ridiculous.

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Posted on: November 17, 2011 7:10 pm

Andreychuk: NBA players should cave

What's wrong with him saying it?  It's the flat out truth.  The average Joe is tired of hearing writers say about how it's "different" for the players then for the average guy.  They aren't working stiffs like the rest of us.  Can someone please tell me why this is true?  Yes they have a valuable skill but so do others.  They play a game.  I risk my life keeping your lights on as lineman.  No I don't need the pay those guys get.  I'm not saying i'm their equal.  I'm saying the ONLY REASON THEY ARE SO SUPPOSEDLY DIFFERENT IS CAUSE WRITERS AND ESPN TALKING HEADS KEEP SAYING THEY ARE.  Point blank NO THEY ARE NOT.  I understand yall wanna not anger them so next time you need an interview you can get it.  The reason the players are so spoiled though is becuase they have been fawned over since youth with people saying how great and different they are.  This lockout is the reality chech they needed.  I hope the owners take the union and break it over their collective knee.  Time for some people to be taken down a notch and realize they work in a country where many are struggling each day.  If you can't live on the money the lousy bench player is making your candy behind can come work my job for a day.  I'm happy with what I make and I put in an honest days work.  This era of entitlement is killing our country.  So my last comment is for the OCCUPY guys and for the nba players.  Get off your butts and get to work.

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Posted on: November 17, 2011 6:53 pm

Andreychuk: NBA players should cave

I have been saying this since the beginning. All the NBA players need to do is ask the NHL players how it worked out for them. There is no difference, and in fact it's even worse because many of the NBA owners ARE NHL OWNERS. So they know how much it benifitted them to lose a season to gain the financial advantage. If they own the Arena, then it really is a bonus. They rent out the Arena for a sold out concert or event anyway, and don't have to pay the players. There were some NHL owners that didn't even want to come back because they were making twice the money because there wsa no hockey.

The players simply cannot win, and most of them are not good enough to make much money over seas either. The vets who were in their last year of their contracts are done. By the time they come back there will have been two drafts. All those first round picks and half the second round picks at least will be retained while hundreds of vets never play again. Not to mention the teams will probably be forced to do it to get under the hard cap.

To all the rookies who left school early, I said it then and I say it again. You are idiots. What the hell were you thinking. This is the only outcome that was ever going to happen. You don't even have  your rookie contract so you could at least be doing something productive like....wait for it.... going back to school! You could be playing and honing your skills instead of sitting in your mommas house getting fat.

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Posted on: November 17, 2011 6:02 pm

Andreychuk: NBA players should cave

It's not that Andreychuk's wrong. He's not wrong. He's right. He just shouldn't say it. Then again, apparently no one else is talking straight to the players about what their situation is. 
If he's right, why shouldn't he say it?  An ex-athlete giving advice to current athletes about a holding out for an entire season based on his experience is the kind of thing all the players should hear and then they should ALL, not just the 30 player reps, be allowed to vote on the NBA's offer and see how many of them want to/can afford to lose an entire year's salary.

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Posted on: November 17, 2011 4:55 pm

Andreychuk: NBA players should cave

Andreychuk is giving players good advise...and it might be a good idea to find someone besides Hunter to help you with the contract.

Billy Hunter is trying to "help" the NBA like Don King "helped" helping himself first.

Hunter refused the NBA's break even offer, without EVER presenting it to a majority vote to the NBPA he was hired to represent...turning down $2 billion in salaries (the largest average wage in pro sports)...and decertifed the union, all in one fell swoop....

"Coincidentally", now Hunter and his legal staff are the ONLY people in this quagmire guaranteed to make money without an NBA- in legal fees "representing" players in a long and winding, legal road to nowhere pursuing lawsuits against the NBA that are without basis for judgement in their favor...and have evidence of prior failed similar attempts in both the NHL and NBA...

..and now, Billy suggests players start their own league...he'll "help" them- as long as he gets paid, and they put up all the money.  

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Posted on: November 17, 2011 4:36 pm

Andreychuk: NBA players should cave

Why shouldn't Andreychuck say it? He's trying to help the players avoid a catastrophic mistake? What do you want him to say? "Keep at it guys, you'll win!" knowing full well that the NHLPA did not win? I don't get why you're down on Andreychuck. By the way, Bill Guerin said the exact same thing a few weeks ago. The NHL players know how this works...or doesn't work for them.

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