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Report: Salary cap will not drop for 2011

Posted on: November 1, 2011 11:30 am
By Matt Moore

Back when this delightful lockout began, the words "hard cap" were still very much in play. The idea was that the owners were going to get everything they wanted, exactly as they wanted them, and that included a hard cap that would be substantially lower than the cap structure in the prior CBA. That had some pretty terrifying consequences for big-spender teams who might have seen forced cuts of superstars they'd worked hard to acquire, or an inability to build on the core they've built. The Knicks, for example, might have been stuck with the basics of last year's squad, unable to improve enough around the two stars to compete for a title. Luckily for them, the hard cap has been removed from the conversation, replaced with luxury tax discussions while the league continues to pound the union's BRI into oblivion. 

In fact, the cap structure won't change and will actually increase next season, according to the New York Post:  
According to multiple sources, one of the resolved issues in a new CBA is the 2011 salary cap will remain at the level as it was in 2010 -- $58 million.

“That’s what we’ve been discussing, though the exact dollar amount is not set until the new deal is done,’’ said one league source, who added no new talks have yet been scheduled.

Economic projections from sources say the salary cap will then grow to about $60-$61 million in 2012, when the Knicks will have the largest cap space in the league and have room to woo either Chris Paul, Deron Williams or Dwight Howard, who are slated to become free agents. The Knicks could be at least $20 million under the projected 2012 cap.
via Knicks owner Dolan works to keep NBA salary cap same size -

So the Knicks' dream of building their own superteam is alive and well, and their pursuit of the final piece of the puzzle begins this year (or may have already started depending on your take on the Isiah Thomas rumors). They'll have to make some tough choices, though, what with needing to build supporting pieces as well as nab one of the 2012 big three. It'll be interesting to see Dolan's response to the new luxury tax and just how much is too much for the MSG mogul. 

But for those that enjoy this era of super-teams, the cap will remain in place to make it a possibility.  

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Posted on: November 2, 2011 8:41 am

Report: Salary cap will not drop for 2011

not worth commenting on?  But you commented on it?  I'm guessing New York Post knows a lot more than you do about the situation.  Pretty sure they got their facts from someone close to the league....why is it so wild for them to have details about the deal once it goes thru?  Everyone and their grandma knows the NBA isn't dumb enough to lose an entire season like the NHL did 7 years back.  With the economy in it's current situation they are already dumb enough to think they won't lose some fans over this greed.  After all, the battle is who is more important to the game ultimately and the one sitting on the sidelines is that answer.  WIthout fans you don't have a game.  The NBA is walking a fine line already as their players continue to disconnect themselves from those that can actually afford to sit in the seats at those overpriced venues.

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Posted on: November 2, 2011 12:11 am

Report: Salary cap will not drop for 2011

Does anyone at the NY Times actually understand one damn thing about this lockout, or do they just spew anything that sells papers over legitimacy. This article is so far off base that it is not even worth commenting on. We are in November and theres no idea if Basketball is going to be accepted this year by the fans that have been told to go away until this lockout is resolved. Games may not start til the xmas holdiays and theres no way the NBA is going to agree to 58million in the most fair weathered fans of the 3 major sports.
Im guessing in the pro-rated range of 40-45million with amnesty

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