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Kevin Durant played flag football on campus

Posted on: November 1, 2011 1:24 am
Edited on: November 1, 2011 11:33 am
Posted by Royce Young

Photo via KT King

How did Kevin Durant, two-time scoring champ, NBA All-Star and global superstar in general choose to spend his Halloween? On campus at Oklahoma State playing some flag football.

Seriously. (To see video of how it came about and more highlights from Durant, check out our latest post.)

File another story under "Kevin Durant is just about the coolest dude ever." I think he's just showing off now.

Early Monday, Durant tweeted he was one bored basketballer and was in the mood for some flag football. "This lockout is really boring..anybody playing flag football in Okc..I need to run around or something!"

An OSU student, George Overbay, tweeted him back saying his team played at 10 p.m. Durant responded, "Can I play?" (which is hilarious to me). He told Durant to bring his "A" game. And here's the crazy part: He actually showed up. I would say I can't believe it, but I totally can.

Durant made the two-hour drive to Stillwater and threw four touchdowns and had three interceptions. After the game, he tweeted: "I had soooo much fun at Oklahoma st playing flag football! Shoutout my new buddy @groverbey for inviting me! I threw 4 tds and had 3 ints!!" (Here's a picture of KD after his third interception, which sealed the game. Lots of pictures here.)

That TD run remind you of anything? I saw a little Vince Young in Durant there.

At one point an OSU fan got KD to shout "OU sucks!" which of course instantly won over everyone watching. Which you might not be surprised but a solid crowd of something like 500 gathered to watch the game. What can you say about it?

Another feather in the cap of Durant and not because it was some Nike marketing plan or PR ploy. It was just KD being KD. Super cool, as always.
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Posted on: November 1, 2011 12:48 pm

Kevin Durant played flag football on campus

So Sheldon, do you live in Norman???

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Kevin Durant played flag football on campus

It was 100% real. I am a student at OSU and one of my fraternity brothers texted me about it and told me. As soon as they found out that he was in fact coming, George Overbey texted one of his friends who works at a local screenprinting business and had him go in after hours and make up a personalized jersey for Durant really quick. 

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Kevin Durant played flag football on campus

I am happy to see Kevin Durant getting out and being himself.  But, you have to admit the whole thing was set up, with Durant being the only player with his name on the back of his jersey.  If it had all been spontaneous and they didn't know that he was coming, why in the world would they have made him a jersey with his name and NBA number on back?  It seemed that he was having fun, but it all looked a little staged in hindsight.

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