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Dirk defends Tony Romo

Posted on: October 3, 2011 1:06 pm
Posted by Royce Young

Dallas is the type of sports town where the spotlight is brighter than most other places. Especially if you're not doing well.

Succeed, and you'll get to reap all the benefits. Fail, and, well, then you're Tony Romo.

Dirk Nowitzki has played in Dallas for more than a decade and while he's never experienced anything close to the constant criticism Romo gets, he's definitely familiar with the feeling of the town. He gets the pulse. And amidst the latest batch of fire being thrown Romo's way after a three interception performance Sunday, The Big German decided to stick up for his fellow Texan.

Dirk definitely had some critics and now as a champion, he can kick back and bask in the light of his trophy. A championship is like the immunity idol in "Survivor." At least for a while. You're able to kind of give your critics the finger while you tell everyone how you proved them wrong.

But come on Dirk. What you heard is nothing like what Tony Romo is getting. Nobody ever genuinely wanted the Mavericks to bench or trade Dirk. No one ever thought it would be best to part ways with him. It was always just about how Dirk couldn't win big and that was pretty much it. No doubt, he heard the chatter and had plenty of it. But Romo's on another planet in terms of that.

And worst of all, it lives week to week. When Romo plays through broken ribs and wins a big game, he's a hero. When he throws a couple picks and blows a lead, he's a total goat. For Dirk he validated himself with a heroic postseason. Romo can absolutely do the same thing. And Dirk's right -- you just have to keep plugging.
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Dirk defends Tony Romo

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Dirk defends Tony Romo

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Dirk defends Tony Romo

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Dirk defends Tony Romo

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Dirk defends Tony Romo

I think fans have a reasonable expectation of the following:

  • To see their team's athletes working hard and trying hard every minute of every game.
  • To see their coaches design systems and make calls that maximizes the teams' strengths and minimizes the team's weaknesses.
  • To see both players and coaches devoted to their sport and team.
  • To see the front office acquire the best talent they can, given the resources available to them.
  • To see owners willing to subsidize a team at times to consistently put good talent on the field/floor.

Most fans take the above for granted and add that they expect their team to dominate every opponent and never lose or make mistakes. It is a completely unrealistic expectation. Tony Romo is the best option available to the Dallas Cowboys. He did make fatal mistakes but he also brilliantly led them to 30 points in the loss to Detroit. Dallas has played four games and every one was to a division leader then or now. That they are 2-2 is not bad. They are still in the hunt and they are because the coaches and the players have performed in an above average manner in every game. Yes Dirk was unfairly criticized just as Tony is unfairly criticized. Perhaps some day fans will grow up and become realists. Perhaps not.

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Dirk defends Tony Romo

Romo is doing some really dumb things but he is really talented. I think sometimes the supertalented struggle because they believe they can do anything thus take huge risks. Romo needs to learn to take only the risks with high chances of success.

Dirk has been there but now the critics are silent. Here is hoping Romo gets it together and silences his critics.

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Posted on: October 3, 2011 2:01 pm

Dirk defends Tony Romo

Gee, lets see, the life of Tony Romo this season, so far.

Week 1 - loser because they lost
Week 2 - hero, great comeback after being hurt, they won
Week 3 - hero, they won
Week 4 - loser, they lost

Give this guy a break. It's not like he is playing to lose. He could have easily took a few weeks off to rest and get 100% healthy but he didn't. It seems that when Dallas wins ,he is the greatest but when they lose, he needs to go. Feels sorry for the guy and I'm not even a Cowboy's fan, can't stand them but I have to give Romo props for playing through his injuries. Maybe we need to blame it on the Dallas coaching staff, maybe they need to tell him to rest until he is 100% healthy instead of expecting him to perform miracles on a weekly basis.

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Dirk defends Tony Romo

Does the author of this article have any memory of the 2006 Finals and the 1st round loss to Golden State? DIRK GOT RIPPED FOR 5 YEARS!!!! I think dirk meant national and international media coverage. Tony Romo is a bigger deal in dallas' local media but dirk got more scrutiny with national media. 'What you heard is nothing like what Tony Romo is getting'? Actually Royce, its EXACTLY like what Tony Romo is getting.

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