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Players, league go back to the table

Posted on: September 20, 2011 10:37 am
Edited on: September 20, 2011 10:39 am
By Matt Moore

Ken Berger of reports:
Bargaining sessions would take place tomorrow and/or Thursday featuring heavy hitters: Stern/Silver/Holt vs. Hunter/Fisher/Klempner.
via Twitter / @KBergCBS: Bargaining sessions would ....

Berger notes that the schedules haven't been fully aligned and so the status is tentative at this point. Key to the negotiations, Berger reports, is revenue sharing and whether the NBA's Board of Governors bring a proposal to the table. The fact that the meetings are back to the smaller meetings of "heavy hitters" is a good sign for progress, as it was those meetings that moved things forward in the first place.

The revenue sharing element is dangerous territory. The league has maintained from the very beginning that while they embrace revenue sharing, it is not on the negotiating table in these discussions. The owners consider it a private issue for the Board of Governors. Which is a pretty reasonable position, provided you ignore or deny the "players are the product element." By that I mean that if you believe the players have an equal share in the NBA since they are both the employees and "the product," it's hard to say that the league should be able to lock out the players and renegotiate all terms on the players' end while keeping an element as big as revenue sharing off the table. 

The question now will be if the league and its owners keep revenue sharing off the table as a matter of pride and principle (or leverage), or if the moderates are willing to at least provide details on an internally-negotiated agreement as a sign of good faith. The players are looking for the owners to give something, anything. So far the league has kept the line on any and all fronts while the union continues to offer compromise on BRI. If the players keep offering compromise and the league maintains a hard-line stance, the players may decide to walk out of principle and to pursue leverage. Which could lead to decertification and a court battle.

So, you know. No pressure.

Still, this is promising news that follows a weak of reports of progress despite the dour tone of last week's talks. As long as they're talking, the hope of a season is alive. But time is running out if both sides want to avoid losing games.

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Posted on: September 21, 2011 4:24 pm

Players, league go back to the table

If they cancel this season, I will not watch one game or attend one arena for two years. I am not alone. You all SUCK! If I - an most of America, can make it on less than 50 thousand, and many of us are out of work- INCLUDING all the Arena workers and closed restaraunts near the EMPTY arenas, then you overpaid pre madonnas can do it too<br />

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More Money

The owners better come up with a lot more money---if not, why keep meeting?  the players aren't taking that chump change the rich owners have on the table.

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