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Fisher sent text to players saying to be ready?

Posted on: September 11, 2011 5:43 pm
Edited on: September 11, 2011 6:20 pm
Posted by Royce Young

Players union vice president Roger Mason Jr. got some juices flowing with his non-tweet last week that said "Looking like a season." He claimed he was hacked but whatever the case, combine that with the growing sense of optimism and momentum surrounding the labor negotiations and it seems like there's reason to believe a season could be coming.

And did you know: Training camps would be starting in just about two weeks if a season were happening. A lot of players have spent their summer working out, playing streetball or doing something to stay sharp. But training camp really is sneaking up on everyone here, so Derek Fisher sent out a friendly reminder to players telling them to be prepared for a season. Via
On the heels of Roger Mason's now-infamous tweet in which the NBPA vice president wrote, "Looking like a season. How u," but later claimed his account was hacked, one league source claims that union president Derek Fisher text-messaged numerous players last week indicating that some progress had been made and imploring them to be physically prepared just in case the season started on time.
Some progress certainly doesn't mean enough progress to guarantee a season. But all of this positive talk is much better than the mudslinging, negative rhetoric we were hearing over the summer.

It's common sense for Fisher to remind players to get ready, but if there weren't at least some kind of movement, he probably wouldn't see it necessary to put the message out. Both sides are trying to play all of this pretty close to the vest, but it's inevitable that some of it is going to leak out. But add this to that, to that and that and you have enough reason to really start believing the NBA could settle this labor mess. Fisher sending out texts is just the latest sign of good news.

Be still my heart. Looking like a season. How u.

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Posted on: September 12, 2011 9:51 am

Fisher sent text to players saying to be ready?

unless players agree to non guaranteed contracts, there will be no season.  i don't see them ever doing that, they like being paid to have fake injuries and putting forth no effort on the court. 

The solution is a little of what the NFL and NHL have put in place, or a combination of both.  The NHL has a hard cap, the NFL not so much but both leagues can cut players if they don't perform.  In the NFL once the guaranteed money is gone the player can be released without any further obligation.  In the NHL the player can be bought out for no more then 2/3's of their contract paid over 2 times the remaining years left on their deal.  Players are forced to work hard for the most part or suffer the consequences. Sure, some players still screw around but those leagues run more efficiently then the NBA and you don't hear about 23 teams losing money in those leagues either.

P.S  For those of you on the player's side and saying the owners don't deserve to pocket any savings, etc  remember something.  In both the NHL and NFL owners are required to spend x amount of dollars with a salary cap that can move based on how well the game does. There is a salary cap but there is also a floor, so the owners can't just pocket the savings and hold onto their profits.  Yeah, they can cut players not performing anymore but they are forced to pay somebody else.  They have a chance in those sports to get value for their dollar, unlike the NBA where they are stuck for life when a deal is signed, even when the player completely sucks or gets hurt shortly after signing.

The above is the one thing 99 percent of sports fans against owners and hard caps don't understand.  A hard cap doesn't mean all owners spend less, it does mean two things though.  It means that one, 5 or 6 owners can't go crazy scooping up most of the talent and two, it forces owners not spending what they should spend and pocketing money to pony up and at least try to put a good team on the floor/field/ice.   Oh, and of course like I already mentioned it means they can cut loser players being paid for nothing and pay somebody else that deserves it. 

The NBA is a mess right now... go to or .com or whatever it is and take a look at some of the NBA salaries... it's disgusting.


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Posted on: September 12, 2011 9:27 am

Fisher sent text to players saying to be ready?

unless players agree to non guaranteed contracts, there will be no season.  i don't see them ever doing that, they like being paid to have fake injuries and putting forth no effort on the court. 

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Posted on: September 12, 2011 8:51 am

Fisher sent text to players saying to be ready?

Personally with Fisher being a big part of the negotiations, I would think he knows when there is progress in the talks.I would say if he is telling the players to be ready, he must be seeing somethings getting done. I personally do not attend any games, but do like to watch games on t.v. I do enjoy a good game or two every now then, but I think things do need to change on both sides of the ball.

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Posted on: September 12, 2011 2:07 am

Fisher sent text to players saying to be ready?

Oh get outta here you gotta be kidding me...yeah in America football is a lot bigger but overall the NBA has an impact all over the world.  A lot of the European countries follow the NBA to see how their star players are doing, such as Nowitzki and now Rubio and such.  Also, the sport is huge in other areas too, like South America and China.  The NBA is the gold standard for basketball worldwide, if you lose it then the impact is a lot more far reaching then just the viewers here in America.

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Posted on: September 12, 2011 1:35 am

Fisher sent text to players saying to be ready?

I hope not. This seems like a very well placed text, just as the NFL season kicked off. What NBA players don't seem to get is that a majority doesn't care if the NBA loses one season or three. The NFL goes on strike and upon it's return, it's stronger than ever in terms of fanship and TV viewership. The NBA is on strike and nobody cares, except those who enjoy rap and thuggery. Remember at the end of this past season when LeBrick reminded us that we all live in our pathetic lives, while he lives in his mansion, with his 29 cars, and half a mill in jewelry. F*** LeBrick and F*** the NBA.

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Posted on: September 12, 2011 1:13 am

Fisher sent text to players saying to be ready?

First we had folks reading tea leaves, next were tweets and now text messages. When we get to emails we will know the season is OK. I do think it is wise for both parties to stay out of the media and work to resolve the issues. In most cases the players will need to bend to provide the owners at least the opportunity to make a return on their investments. That they are talking now would indicate that has largely been done. Can they close the deal? There is nobody better than David Stern to do it.

For Derek Fisher another season might just be his last. He will not want to lose it in the lockout. But for all the players a rollback is wise. The deal on the table from the owners is lost when a single pre-season game is lost. That deal offered a far higher percentage than the owners want but no tie to BRI and a flat salary cap. The owners would likely continue to lose money each year for the first four or five and then recoup in the last five. That assumes the economy gets well. A really risky assumption given the parameters of the debt load for the country. So players, take the deal now and you won't have to worry about continuing reductions in salary caps. That is the way I see it. Do you agree?

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