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Al Harrington will walk across fire for fun

Posted on: August 16, 2011 4:46 pm
By Matt Moore

So there's thing called the Spartan Race, which holds intense races through obstacle courses across the country. It's crazy stuff. Barbed wire and fire feature prominently. So clearly an NBA player who once the lockout ends could be on the hook for violation of his contract by doing something that involves open freaking flame would never go near one of these... oh, right. 

Hi, Al Harrington.

From Darren Rovell of CNBC:
NBA player Al Harrington will jump through flames & crawl under barbed wire in Spartan Race on Staten Island on 9/24
via Twitter / @darrenrovell: NBA player Al Harrington w ....

It's apparently an 8-mile "Super-Spartan" and if Harrington places in the top three for males, he qualifies for the "Death Race." Can you hear that sound? It's George Karl and Masai Ujiri singing with joy out of the possibility for their sixth-man offensive weapon participating in something called a "Death Race." 

That's not all for Harrington, though. He also just signed a new endorsement deal for Gamma Labs LLC's new "Pre-Training Formula.

So, just to review.

Al Harrington's running in a flame-and-barbed-wire ridden obstacle course race after signing an endorsement deal with a new supplement. 

Denver's got to think this is awesome

Let's be clear here, it's pretty awesome that Harrington is doing the race. I would pay to watch NBA players go through an obstacle course. There's no boring streetball park highlights for Al Harrington. He's a man!

Let's just hope he's still a man after the race is over.
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