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Next bargaining session coming early September?

Posted on: August 16, 2011 2:34 pm
Posted by Royce Young

It took 46 days for the NBA and its players' union after the lockout began July 1. It didn't go all that well. Rhetoric from both sides ramped up, lawsuits started flying around and most importantly, there wasn't any movement towards the middle. Then David Stern accused the union of cancelling a meeting last week with the union responding that Billy Hunter had been told Stern wasn't going to be available for two weeks.

So as you can tell, this is all going just super.

But they're finally going to try again sometime in early September, according to Newsday.
At this point, the union will host an executive meeting in New York at the end of August. The anticipation is the union and league will sit down again in early September, perhaps before the Labor Day timeline that Stern set.
What's this timeline? Well, on the B.S. Report, Stern suggested he'd know if the NBA schedule would be affected by Labor Day. I know you've already got it circled on your calendar, but Labor Day is the fifth of September. So they best get to meetin'.

Stern did express a good amount of optimism though on the podcast, saying he thought a deal would get done. I tend to lean that way too. I think concessions will be made soon enough by both sides. But here's the thing: It better start happening in this meeting in September. It's probably the most crucial one to date. If there isn't any advancement then, the preseason games and training camps, which start in late September, will absolutely be in jeopardy.

The only way both sides are going to reach an agreement is if they meet. Which honestly they haven't done near enough of to this point. Just once almost two months, with all that came out of that being mudslinging and accusations? Not acceptable. Something better has to happen in this September meeting or what remaining drops of optimism there are will evaporate.

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Posted on: August 17, 2011 9:28 am

Next bargaining session coming early September?

I do not understand this?  You are locked out.  Camps are set to start.  You are not even in the same stratusphere on terms and you are waiting until September to meet again?  NOt to compare this to the Constitutional Convention but if they would have let those guys get out, go home for a month and come back to talk again etc...we would still be waving the British Flag.  No we put them in a room and say figure it out.  We board up the windows so no reporters can hear what is going on(no air conditioning or fans mind you) and say get a constitution.  We did.  Stuff got done because they were not leaving until it did.  Well Mr. Stern...this is your convention because regardless of what you think no one cares if the season doesn't start.  You are coming off your best season in years and you can lose it and the fans for 5-10 years if this season doesn't get going.  Yet wait until September.  Stupidity just can't be fixed when stupid people are running the business

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Posted on: August 16, 2011 5:39 pm

Next bargaining session coming early September?

I can not believe that these players have not enough investments to last for a year or so without playing for another team out of the country. This is amazing that these players would need to rely on playing in an outside America area to earn money.

It is not like they did not know that this was coming, the collective bargaining agreement was known to be expiring this year.

Even those earning the NBA minimum should have had the foresight to understand there would be no salary or a lockout could occur and financial arrangements made.
Playing overseas is not an ideal situation.  The players will learn this once they are settled into their overseas teams.

The travel is not as it is in the NBA nor are the hotel accommodations. Then there is the pay situation where, even with a contract there might be occasions where the money is just not there. It might eventually get paid but not in a timely manner as accustomed to by NBA standards.

Then if a player would attempt to sue the team in some of these oversea court systems they will quickly see how much American’s are really loved. Most people oversea think Americans are rich and spoiled, that is prevalent throughout their court system also. The thinking there is you should be loyal to the company and you will eventually get paid.  

Any questions ask Childress, I think he is still with the Sun. I also have a relative playing in Spain. He started out in England immediately after college, the pay and laws there were terrific according to him. In Spain the salary was more and the quality of play was better but the pay days were not uniformed. He do collect his pay, but not in  a regular fashion as you would expect.

There is no talking back as it is considered disrespectful to the coaching staff and you would be fined for doing such.

Then there is the injuries that might happen while there which if the strike and walkout was to end, you might end up on your team’s injured list.

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Posted on: August 16, 2011 5:32 pm

Next bargaining session coming early September?

Both sides of the No Basketball Association have been on vacation. CONGRESS has better negotiating skills than these fools.

The NBA needs to come to grips with what most of the U.S. has already had to - there IS a limit to the money, unions tend to price their employees out of work and usually only look out for offenders, and for ANYTHING to work, people have to first.

If anyone thinks that the media craving, egotistical star power of the NBA elite are going to be satified playing in Bulgaria, or even Italy or France, wait until they understand the exchange rate and EU declining economy. Not many finance majors among NBA All-Stars, but they'll have a fraction of the buying power, and virually none of the marketing power they would have in the U.S. Sooner than later, they'll bail back to the NBA....In the mean time, Stern & the NBA owners need to completely restructure the NBA...fewer teams, less money and have the testicles to just say no to ridiculous union demands, and go forward without cooperative players. They'll be forgotten in 2 years. 


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Posted on: August 16, 2011 3:14 pm

Next bargaining session coming early September?

There is no reason to meet, bargaining right now is a waste of time.  According to a few players speaking publicly and their dufus for a union leader the players are all set.  They no longer need the NBA since everybody in Europe and elsewhere overseas is knocking their doors down offering them contracts to play basketball and make their living somewhere else.   What the owners need to do is make it look good though... meet when the union wants to meet.  Tell the union once again what their demands are, pretend to bargain for a day or so and then let them walk away. 

When the players start getting desperate, then and only then will wee see a new CBA.  When the players start losing things, taking high interest loans, declaring bankruptcy, etc   that's when we'll see a new CBA in place.  For right now it's all good.... why would the players even think of negotiating, they don't need the owners.  Right? 

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