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Wilson Chandler has offers from China and Italy?

Posted on: August 16, 2011 1:57 pm
Posted by Royce Young

Wilson Chandler -- while a fine player -- getting an offer from a Chinese team isn't exactly the biggest news ever. (Then again, in this lockout where pretty much any news feels earth-shattering, maybe it is.)

What caught my eye is how much Chandler was offered, reportedly, by a Chinese team. Via HoopsHype, Chandler's agent Chris Luchey said his client has a $1.7 million offer on the table from a Chinese club. Comparitively, Kobe Bryant was reportedly offered $1.5 million... a month from a Chinese team. Obviously Kobe's services would be at a premium, but that's quite difference. Still, $1.7 million for Chandler is more than a lot of the rumored offers circling around players in Europe.

Chandler also has a potential offer from an Italian team according to his agent, which may end up being the more realistic offer. Why? Because the Chinese Basketall Association is looking to install a rule that won't allow players to sign in China with an opt-out that allows them to return to the NBA.

So there's probably not a ton of chance Chandler signs in China if that rule is passed, but as of now, that hasn't been pushed through. It's clear that China has some money to throw around at players.
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