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Michael Jordan can still dunk at 48 video

Posted on: July 18, 2011 6:45 pm
Edited on: July 19, 2011 1:20 pm
NBA legend Michael Jordan can still dunk a basketball at 48 years old. Posted by Ben Golliver.

Michael Jordan can still dunk a basketball. I don't want to think about a day in which those words cannot be said.

The NBA legend, and current owner of the Charlotte Bobcats, showed that the best player in the history of basketball, the man who transformed the dunk from two points to a billion dollar logo, still has something left in the tank. reports that Jordan, dressed in a white t-shirt and grey sweats, displayed his signature flushing ability during a Monday session of the Charlotte Bobcats fantasy camp.
In the morning session of Bobcats Fantasy Camp on July 18, 2011, one girl asked Chairman Michael Jordan if he could still dunk. In the evening session, he showed some of the adults he indeed still could at 48 years young. 
Jordan is nine years removed from his last season as a professional, when he laced them up for the Washington Wizards in 2002-2003 at the age of 39. A long-time star for the Chicago Bulls and Naismith Hall of Famer, Jordan was listed at 6-foot-6.

Let's crunch some numbers. lists Jordan's standing reach at eight to 10 feet while noting that you need to be able to touch four to six inches above the rim to dunk a ball. So we can calculate (estimate) that Jordan has, at minimum, an 18" vertical leap. Pretty solid given that he is pushing 50 years old. In case you were wondering, the site lists his highest measured vertical at 43".

Here's the video of Michael Jordan dunking a basketball at age 48, courtesy of YouTube user TheNewLakers. The original video on can be found at this link

Below is a frame-by-frame look at Jordan's one-handed, rim-rocking handiwork. 


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Michael Jordan can still dunk at 48 video

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Michael Jordan

All I'm saying is that there alot of 5'10, 50 year old guys on this site, hating on MJ. If you can really dunk on a regulation goal, post some videos. If you can't stop talking, because unlike any of you MJ has proven his spot. He's a basketball legend, and any real basketball player would strive to be half as good as him.

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Michael Jordan can still dunk at 48 video

My reputation is 39 because I rarely comment on this board. 
Anytime, anywhere.....idiot! 

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Michael Jordan can still dunk at 48 video

<span style="color: #0000ff; font-family: Arial;">     Check that out 

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Michael Jordan can still dunk at 48 video

I agree.....I'm 45, 5' 10" and never played pro basketball, but can dunk in a regulation hoop. So, what's the big deal?


I can see why you reputation is 39. LMFAo Fool

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Michael Jordan can still dunk at 48 video

He can't dunk, but my son had fun with Michael Jordan when he was 8 years old  

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Michael Jordan can still dunk at 48

oh im 50 and get still dunk.. shut up no u cant.. also u have been doing it for the lasr 30 years like he has.. that takes a toll on your knee's and body.. there is a reason why tracy mcgrady vince carter and all those type of high flyers have knee problems.. look at kobe he is only 32 and they are saying his knee's are shot.. also u whobrags about being 510 and 50 dunking... dunk on a 6 foot man and post a picture then u can say whats the big deal.. poser.. u probably were dunking on your 13 year old child..

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Michael Jordan can still dunk at 48

seriously, that looked effortless. you could barely tell the guy jumped . 

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Michael Jordan can still dunk at 48

And dunks with ease ... Air Jordan, Air Jordan, Air Jordan.

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Michael Jordan can still dunk at 48

I call B.S. on all you guys who are saying, "I'm 5'10 and 50 years old and can dunk."  Without pictures or video it never happened.  Don't go spouting off on an anonymous message board with your fantasy, non-sense.  meh.

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