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Some teams are probably missing Summer League

Posted on: July 16, 2011 3:13 pm
Edited on: July 18, 2011 3:42 pm
Posted by Royce Young

The NBA's annual Vegas Summer League would be wrapping up right about now. Young players would be finishing up a week of gambling, partying and hopefully, at least for their coach, getting better.

Summer League has always been sort of approached by most as nothing more than a perk of July, just something to sort of help bridge the gap. Nobody really pays attention to it except for the hardest of hardcore fans, general managers, scouts and coaches. And bloggers. Summer League basically is blogger paradise, because it's something to write the crap out of for a couple of weeks in mid-July.

Except this summer, because of the you-know-what, there is no Summer League. No rookies to overhype because of a good, random game against a bunch of D-Leaguers. No second-year fringe players to latch onto and get excited about because of a quality week. And no players to completely write off because of a 2-12, five-turnover game. For shame. For damn shame.

And while most just write off what happens in Vegas as unimportant, any time players take the court and compete, there's something of value there for the players, the organization and the coaches. Basketball is about development. It's about getting better. Summer League is a vehicle for new draft picks to get a feel of pro basketball and a feel of playing with a couple of teammates. It's a place for guys to prove themselves a bit. In reality, it's kind of important, even if it's generally ignored by the general basketballing public.

But I can guarantee you a good number of teams were mighty disappointed when Summer League fell through because of the lockout. There's progress to be made, and a week in Vegas is an excellent place to start, especially for rookies. Some teams and players are going to feel the sting of missing out on the opportunity. Here are the ones I see feeling it most.

Minnesota Timberwolves
No team would've benefited more than Minnesota's young roster. First, it would've been the first look at Ricky Rubio on American soil. He would've played against NBA talent and had a chance to run the show for his new team.

It also would've given all of us a chance to rush to snap judgments about his game and, therefore, his career, based on a couple of Summer League games. It would've been great.

But on top of some run for Rubio, Derrick Williams, Wesley Johnson and a few other youngsters could've put away a week or so of games. Every second those guys play together, the better they'll get. They need time to develop, and Summer League is a place for that. Instead, it's going to have to happen on some private court without any coaches. Not the ideal situation for young players to learn and improve.

Cleveland Cavaliers
Pretty much the same scenario for the Cavs as it is for the Wolves, or any young team with talent. Kyrie Irving could've used the extra time on the floor, but not just because he could get a feel for offense or learn the pace of the NBA game or anything. For Irving, it's more that he just needs to play, period.

He only played in 13 games for Duke last season and after returning from his foot injury, played a couple of games in the NCAA tournament. He has barely played any competitive basketball at all in the last year. For a 19-year-old, that's not a good thing. The more play you get, the farther you move ahead.

Not to mention the No. 4 overall pick, Tristan Thompson, getting some play, too. Obviously, that would be great, but to me, it's more about Irving. It's his franchise now, and the objective in Cleveland now is moving him along. Something small like Summer League is one of the first steps forward in doing that.

Sacramento Kings
The Kings' inclusion really is more of a selfish reason. Because with Summer League, you know that every game with Jimmer Fredette woudl be a total experience. Vegas is close to BYU, and Jimmer has quite the following in the area. But, really, it could be in Maine and The Jimmer would walk in like a rock star.

The Kings do need him and Tyreke Evans, though, to get some experience playing together. Who's running point? Is it Jimmer? Is Reke going to handle those duties too? Are they going to tag-team it like Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry? These are some of the questions you can sort of at least start to find answers for, if only they were actually playing.

Oklahoma City Thunder
Despite reaching the Western Conference Finals, the Thunder really do have a ton of room to grow. The roster is extremely young with some pieces that need developing. Two of the most important being Cole Aldrich and this year's pick, Reggie Jackson.

With Aldrich, he simply needs to play a little. He spent most of his rookie season in the D-League with the Tulsa 66ers, and while that's good for development, Summer League gives him a chance to be a focus in a competitive setting as well as a primer for what he needs to work on heading to fall camp. Aldrich is far from a lost cause, and the Thunder are willing to stay patient. But part of that being patient comes because you think a guy is going to improve. And to do that, he's got to play.

With Jackson, Summer League could've helped signal a little where he might fit in. Is he a point guard? Shooting guard? Combo guard? Is he a scorer the Thunder want to use off the bench next season? Is he someone that even will challenge for minutes? The Thunder clearly liked Jackson enough to promise him a spot in the first round, but without him working out for anyone before the draft, he's still largely an unknown for everybody.

Miami Heat
Yes, seriously, the Heat. No doubt that for the most part, the roster is set. LeBron, Wade and Bosh handle pretty much all of the heavy lifting, and veterans Mike Miller and Udonis Haslem pick up the remaining slack.

But the Heat need to develop young talent. Players like Dexter Pittman need an opportunity to grow a bit. Where the Heat lacked most last season was having cheap, young talent to infuse with LeBron, Wade and Bosh. Instead, Pat Riley went with trying to work in guys like Mike Bibby, Juwan Howard, Eddie House and whoever else was willing to take the veterans minimum to chase a title.

A week in Vegas for Miami's youngsters like Pittman and rookie Norris Cole could go a long way to restructuring the role players on the roster. And on top of that, it's a chance to maybe scout three or four other unsigned guys to take a look at later on. Miami needs some young talent, and the Vegas Summer League is one of the best places to look.

Washington Wizards
John Wall is going to be a star. I don't have any doubt. But he's still raw and still has a whole lot to learn about running a team. I remember how much Summer League did for Russell Westbrook a couple of years ago as he was prepping for his second season. It helped Westbrook learn how to slow down a bit, learn when to look for a shot, when to look to set up and when to push. Wall would've been the best player in Vegas, much like Westbrook was always on another level when he was there. But it taught him how to play under control -- to a degree -- while also being able to run around anyone. That would've been a good lesson for Wall.

Then there's Jan Vesely, who is mostly a mystery as he prepares to maybe step in as Washington's new small forward. We know he can jump and dunk, but can he defend? Can he rotate over and help? Can he shoot? If Wall and Vesely are the offensive attack of the future for the Wizards, having them play together, if even for just a week, would be huge.

Utah Jazz
Even more than Kyrie Irving, Enes Kanter hasn't played competitive basketball in a long time. He was forced to sit out all of 2010-11 for Kentucky because of a NCAA violation, and while he's had some workouts and a little five-on-five action here and there, he hasn't been in a real game setting since he moved from Turkey to the United States. The Jazz liked him enough to take him fourth and maybe force a re-shuffling up front, so obviously they're invested in the young big man.

And on top of him, don't forget the Jazz had another lottery pick in wing Alec Burks, who could surprise a lot of people as an NBA-ready scorer. He was terrific at Colorado as he sort of came out of nowhere to climb into the lottery. A little burn for both him and Kanter could've gone a long way for the Jazz, who are committed to the youngsters in life after Deron.

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Posted on: July 18, 2011 6:07 pm

Some teams are probably missing Summer League

The Jazz took Enes Kanter third overall, not fourth.

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Posted on: July 17, 2011 5:43 pm

Some teams are probably missing Summer League

I enjoyed the Summer League even before they moved to Las Vegas. The Summer League, at one time was held in Long Beach, California at Long Beach State.

There are several reasons I liked the games. One our local boys & girl leagues were able to attend and watch potential NBA stars. Bynum played in the league one of the last few years it was in Long Beach, so we take the kids to the games. It is fun to watch, you get a chance to meet and speak with a few of the head coaches from around the league you would nor ordinarily get a chance.

You also had chance to speak to some of the players from the local area. Farmer played in the Summer games. We were able to get him to come speak with our team members since he was attended UCLA  and was a rookie on the Lakers’s squad. Most of our team players know him or had heard about him during his playing days at UCLA.

It cost was affordable for the kids, even in Las Vagas the cost was reasonable even though we had to charter a bus to take the kids.

It was a beneficial thing for the kids and a means of seeing what might be possible for them if they played hard, did as the coaches requested.

Perhaps they will have the games again next year. The current coaches would be able to take the teams to the games once again.


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Some teams are probably missing Summer League

sure, the summer league is important for cohesion, maturity,and visability. though, i think the lockout delaying free agency and trades are more important. 
1- a team like minnesota with a load of young players, would like to move a couple of pieces for veteran stability. if they traded beasley , miller and m. webster for P. Gasol would be helpful in the win column and still provide excitement in the target center.
the roster
P. Gasol--D. Milcic--N. Pekovic  - centers
K. Love-- A. Randolph--A. tolliver --PF
D. Williams-- FA T. Prince --L. Hayward SF
W. Johnson ---FA -J Crawford-- W. Ellington SG
R. Rubio--RFA R. Stuckey--  L. Ridnour --PG

Playoff bound BAby!!!

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Posted on: July 17, 2011 12:18 pm

Some teams are probably missing Summer League

I agree with Aliens; no summer NBA League has created a giant hole in my life. I really miss driving in 100-degree heat to watch a bunch of dudes play pick up in a high school gym. I'll miss telling my pals that I once saw the 12th man on the Jazz/Wizards/Kings/Timberwolves/ (insert your favorite team) bench one July evening hit a 15-footer. Oh, the lost possible moments of greatness! Dude, get a grip. You live in one of the most exciting cities in the world and you need this collection of stiffs to get you to football season. Go out to the new bridge, rent a boat on Lake Mead, go hiking up on Mt. Charleston, crash the topless swimming pool @ Mandalay Bay, or go hang with the fellas @ the sports book of your choice. If all that fails and you still need your summer basketball fix, just go to your local health club and watch shirts and skins. Hell; maybe even get in a game yourself bro!

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Posted on: July 17, 2011 12:32 am

Some teams are probably missing Summer League

Hey Aliens 509, if you are that hard up for things to do out there in the desert, maybe you could attempt to break into Area 51 or hang out in the Gold and Silver Pawn shop and take in a taping of Pawn Stars.  Then there is always picking up female tourists and showing them the meaning of "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas"!

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Posted on: July 16, 2011 11:50 pm

Some teams are probably missing Summer League

I would say Portland as well.  We have alot of youngsters on the roster with a question mark next to their name.  I would like to see our first round picks from this year and last play some significant minutes in SL.  Sucks to be a fan.

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Posted on: July 16, 2011 5:37 pm

Some teams are probably missing Summer League

I live in Vegas and HELL YES I MISS THE SUMMER LEAGUE !!!!!!!! Both players and fans are missing this annual summer event in Vegas.

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