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NBA TRADE: Nuggets, Blazers, Mavs swap

Posted on: June 23, 2011 9:58 pm
Edited on: June 23, 2011 10:43 pm
Posted by Matt Moore

Update 10:17 p.m.: Ken Berger reports that the deal is more complicated. The Blazers also traded Rudy Fernandez to the Dallas Mavericks for the 26th pick in the draft, which they then immediately shipped to Denver (Jordan Hamilton). So to recap:

Portland receives: Raymond Felton

Denver receives: Andre Miller, Jordan Hamilton (by way of Dallas' 26th pick)

Dallas receives: Rudy Fernandez

Fernandez goes to the world champions who need a wing player with energy. The Mavericks are an old team and wouldn't have room for another young player like Hamilton, now get Fernandez who can hit from the outside (3-goggles!) but who was also disappointing and inconsistent for Portland. 

Winner: Denver. They managed to get Miller who is a cash dump and can play backup point guard, and an athletic forward to replace Wilson Chandler who will presumably now not be retained in free agency, and they didn't have to surrender Kenneth Faried who they took at No.22. More young assets and all they moved was Felton who they weren't committed to anyway and who wanted out. 

Loser: Portland gave up their starting point guard and Rudy Fernandez for Raymond Felton. Felton is good. He really is. But he's not starter-plus-sixth-man-for-him good. Not a good start to the post-Cho era in Portland. 

Original report:

In a trade that does not feel like a trade at all, Yahoo! Sports reports that the Nuggets have traded Raymond Felton to the Portland Trail Blazers for Andre Miller. 

The Nuggets essentially swapped Felton and his longer-term contract for Miller who has a team option for 2011-2012 and is an expiring deal after that. The Nuggets may not pick up the option on Miller, or may keep him for one more year as a backup to Ty Lawson. Felton was unhappy from the get-go in Denver after getting bumped to the bench for the younger Lawson.

For Portland, they've been looking to upgrade their point guard position for close to a year and Felton was available and cheap.  Felton likely won't have the chemistry Miller had with LaMarcus Aldridge or his lob ability, but he has better scoring ability, is younger, and a better defender as Miller fades with age. 

The Denver Post reports that the Nuggets also acquired the 26th pick from Dallas (not known what Dallas recieves), and a future second.

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Posted on: June 25, 2011 4:04 am

NBA TRADE: Nuggets, Blazers, Mavs swap

Felton is good. He really is. But he's not starter-plus-sixth-man-for-him good. Not a good start to the post-Cho era in Portland.
There are a couple of erroneous assumptions in this statement. Rudy Fernandez was far from being a 6th man in Portland last year. That role went to Nicolas Batum and later also to Brandon Roy. Rudy was primarily a three-point shooter. In his first year he shot .399 and looked to be a real find late in the draft. However that production declined to .368 his second year. Of course everyone remembers how last summer he demanded to be traded or he was headed back to Spain. He did play again in Portland last year and his production declined once again to .321 from three point. I don't know about you but to me that is a disturbing progression downward. Even worse, there were many instances where Rudy had pressure shots at critical moments and mostly failed to convert. Moving Rudy was addition by subtraction for Portland and was not giving up a player they could move forward with. As far as Andre Miller, his statistics are about equal to Raymond Felton except Andre shoots .108 from three point while Raymond shot .459 (Denver) last year. Add the fact that Raymond is 9 years younger than Andre and Portland paid almost nothing for Felton.

The that the Nuggets also acquired the 26th pick from Dallas (not known what Dallas recieves), and a future second.
Ah, but it has now been reported that it was a three-team trade and Denver received the 26th pick from Portland while Rudy Fernandez actually went to Dallas. Portland also received the 57th pick from Dallas in the transactions. Humorously, that pick was made for a reportedly illegal player (too old) which Portland made on behalf of Minnesota. We will have to see who gets left holding the empty bag.

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Posted on: June 24, 2011 10:49 pm

NBA TRADE: Nuggets, Blazers, Mavs swap

Matty- I guess sweeping the 2 time defending champion Lakers and then beating the pre-ordained "best" team in basketball (Heat) qualifies as the Mavs winning by a "freak of events" per you.  Get a clue.

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Posted on: June 24, 2011 3:07 pm

NBA TRADE: Nuggets, Blazers, Mavs swap

chandler is a nice player, but lets realize that everyone looks like a superstar in dantonis system.  offensively of course.  I like wilson chandler, i hope the knicks get him back, he knows the system, he could be a perfect 6th man or start at the 4 and amare dispite the fact he doesnt like too, moves back to the 5.  they played best with that lineup.  Seems that trade wasnt so bad afterall,  nuggets went like 13-2 or something only to find out the playoffs are not the regular season. now only guy left is gonna be galo and im  not sold on him. He missed huge ft's down the stretch in that series.  Knicks now have the core to become a real contender over the couple of years.  When a melo is out there you get him and worry later.

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Posted on: June 24, 2011 2:46 pm

NBA TRADE: Nuggets, Blazers, Mavs swap

Apparently everyone outside of Portland hasn't watched Rudy play the past two seasons.

He had a lot of hype coming into the league and then set the rookie record for 3s made (at a decent but not great 40% clip - last season there were 32 players who shot a better percentage from 3).

Since then, zilch. Actually, less than zero because he is a huge defensive liability. Other teams actually run plays at him because they know he can't defend. If he ever gets his shot back, his only value is off the bench to drain 3s and run the fast break and that's it. He does nothing else.

He shouldn't play more than 15 minutes a game on a legit team. Unless, of course, you like your "pure-shooter" shooting 37% FG and 34% 3FG and giving up whatever he gives you on the defensive end.

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Posted on: June 24, 2011 12:28 pm

NBA TRADE: Nuggets, Blazers, Mavs swap

As a Nuggets fan I agree.  I can only hope Berger is reporting out of his ass again and the Nuggets aren't really going to let him walk.

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Posted on: June 24, 2011 12:27 pm

NBA TRADE: Nuggets, Blazers, Mavs swap

Disagree that Blazer's lost.  Felton is a clear upgrade at this point in their careers.  Loved Miller's game, but the guy has the charisma of a door knob and he was pretty bad in the last minute of close games.  Maybe he really just isn't a winner like a lot of people said when he came to Portland. 

Having to throw in Fernandez doesn't make this a loser for the Blazers either.  Sixth man? Not even close.  At his best for the Blazers he was the third guy off the bench.  For much of last year he was the third shooting guard in the rotation.  He is about worth pick 26.  Dallas got pretty good value for that pick.  The two major problems with Fernandez are 1. He is a three point shooter who can't shoot. 2. He is going back to Spain as soon as he can, after next year.

It will be interesting to see of Carlisle can get more out of him than Nate did.  Maybe Dallas figures out how to solve problem 1. which in turn solves problem 2.  I doubt it though.

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Posted on: June 24, 2011 12:23 pm
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NBA TRADE: Nuggets, Blazers, Mavs swap

100% Jersey, Felton is better than Miller for me too. He is not boring to watch like Miller either!

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Posted on: June 24, 2011 10:14 am

NBA TRADE: Nuggets, Blazers, Mavs swap

Matty,... "won by freak of events"? What playoffs were you watching.  Ran through Blazers, Swept the Champs, Took down the leading scorer in the Nba, and pulled the Heat's pants down in their house.  They were quite dominant, hardly a freak of events. Two of those teams had homecourt advantage. And, I'm not sure the play was the "most retardely perfect basketball".. what does that mean anyway, quite possibly the most retardely dumb comment. Fernandez is 26, way too young to say he's washed up, you nba toddler. He's still young, but has that experience that Carlisle demands. Carlisle doesn't play rookies or really even 2nd year players.

When it comes to youth... Brewer, Roddy, JJ, Dom Jones, Mahimi, and now Fernandez and Kopenan add some exciting youth in waiting that the Mavs have not had in the last few years. Plus now they all have some experience and you will probably see a few of them get more and more time next year.

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Posted on: June 24, 2011 10:04 am

NBA TRADE: Nuggets, Blazers, Mavs swap

Loser Portland: gave up their starting point guard and Rudy Fernandez for Raymond Felton, Felton is good but not started plus sixth man good.

Portland truly made out like a bandit in this trade, Raymand Felton almost averaged a double double for NY & Denver (15.5ppg  & 8.3 ast) and he does defend his position. Andre Miller is older slower, and not as aggresive as a defender.  Rudy Fernandez JUST HAD A SUCKIE YEAR, his shooting outside the arch was suspect & his shooting insde the arch was suspect to, he was suppose to be firepower/scoring off the bench and that just didn't happen, he will be buried on the Dallas bench with Caron Butler coming back next season.

Portland is going to get someone who can facilitate an uptempo offense (see Felton in NY with Amare), who defends better than Miller,  who also is among the league leaders in assist.  The points he will prevent plus the point he will score is equal to the combined scoring of Miller and Fernandez, I think LaMarcus Aldridge should start taking this guy out to dinner now cause his life just got easier.  Denver will definitely miss having a bigger guard who can defend and score down the stretch, Lawson is a quality player but has a height problem (he's not going to grow anymore) bigger guards will post him up.  Portland won this trade battle and dumped salary in the process. 

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