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It hasn't been all fun and games for the Heat

Posted on: June 12, 2011 1:27 pm
Posted by Royce Young

MIAMI -- They make sure to give the appearance of fun all the time. The joking, laughing, ahem, celebrating -- LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and the Heat try to enjoy themselves despite all the negative attention.

But it's not always good times.

"There's been times where we probably where we went through stages and didn't have fun with the game," Dwyane Wade said. "We've had fun, we haven't had fun. We've celebrated, we haven't celebrated, whatever the case may be."

LeBron jumped in. "Should you have said that?" he said, tongue firmly in cheek.

"There's three days left in the season, I don't [care]," Wade responded.

LeBron: "Well, it might get blown out of proportion."

Maybe it wasn't intentional, but the two clearly had a little fun right there in that exchange. But with the way the team has been hammered constantly with negative media attention and an eye on their every move, it would be natural to think that this whole thing might've had some of the joy sucked out of it.

That stuff though, the outside stuff, isn't what has really affected LeBron though. He repeatedly said he was prepared for it and understands that it comes with the territory. To his credit, he's never complained about what's been thrown at him. He takes it, and moves on. What gets to him is when things aren't going well on the court.

"Losing is never fun of course," he said. "Honestly the way we've gotten to this point in our career is by having fun with the game of basketball. I've always said once the game stopped being fun, there's no reason for me to be out on the court. That's the way I've always approach the game on and off the court."

That "fun" they have had though, seems to be what gets them in hot water at times. The so-called celebration in Game 2 that supposedly sparked a major Mavs comeback. The coughing incident before Game 5. Those are moments where it's kind of just boys will be boys, but have clearly backfired on the team. It's really just LeBron and Wade being themselves and trying to have a good times while playing a game -- remember these are grown men dribbling a ball while running around in shorts and tanktops -- but because of the situation, it's perceived as arrogance and ego.

What they do probably lack is a bit more self-awareness. Wade said yesterday that the coughing thing was just mean to be a prank on the media to see if they'd blow it up. Mission accomplished, he said. But not understanding the distraction that causes and how that sort of thing just piles on to the mountain is what frustrates people. They might just be having fun with stuff, but sometimes you've got to act like an adult, like a businessman.

Both LeBron and Wade have done their best to always keep perspective on their situation. Basketball is fun. That's why they play it. That's why they put in all this work. But like LeBron said, losing isn't fun. It's the opposite of fun. When he had to watch the Spurs celebrate a title on his home floor in Cleveland in 2007, he summed it up simply saying, "It sucked."

And if Dallas finishes out the Heat in Miami tonight and LeBron has to watch another team dance on his home floor, there will definitely be no joy in South Beach.

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Posted on: June 12, 2011 11:24 pm

It hasn't been all fun and games for the Heat

The Heat didnt do anything that hasnt already been done ?!?!?! I agree except that when Allen/Garnett joined the Celtics they didnt plan a parade and act like idiots predicting that they will win 4-5 titles... Oh yah Im pretty sure Shaq/Kobe and Jackson also did not do that. Allen/Garnett waited until their 11th/12th season in the league to jump ship to a contender...Also Lebrons 'decision' ?!?!?! lol..embarrassed his hometown!!! you are an idiot. 

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Posted on: June 12, 2011 7:01 pm

It hasn't been all fun and games for the Heat

Whether or not it's funk I think the Heat can still beat the Mavs these two games, IF Spoelstra can get James, and all the Heat, to forget completely all the articles and talk, and just play together, taking what they are given. I love the Mavs, and they are playing great - and I hope they win.  But though it will be tough for the Heat to do, I think it is still possible for them to win the series. ... Too often, everyone gets caught up in what has just happened in the last game, and expects that to continue.  Not necessarily!  Just check out this series game by game!

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Posted on: June 12, 2011 6:29 pm

It hasn't been all fun and games for the Heat

What ever happened to good fair and honest coverage of out sports athletes?
It's been displayed this year by people ripping the Heat. Miami has deserved every bit of scorn it's received.

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Posted on: June 12, 2011 3:48 pm

It hasn't been all fun and games for the Heat

well wah for lebron and wade..are we supposed to feel sorry for them now?..lebron acted like a spoiled little baby making his decesion and they acted like aholes during their "party" announcing the big 3 and they precicted 3-4-5-6 rings so now deal with you overrated losers..i had respect for wade but now he is no better than that loser lebron ..nice job lebron you made wade just like you a whiner who always has excuses ready when you fail...

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Posted on: June 12, 2011 3:23 pm

It hasn't been all fun and games for the Heat

It has become a media way of life this year to tear down and destroy the image of a team like Miami.
I realize most say that the Heat brought it on themselfs by pulling together three star players in one offseason but thats just a bunch of bull$hit.
The Heat didnt do anything that hasnt already been done.They went out and got the best talent they could for their team. No differant than any other team in the NBA or in all of professional sports would do.
Remember Shaq going to team up with Kobe, or Phil Jackson teaming up with Shaq and Kobe. This was seen as a brillant move to get two of the hottest players and the NBA's top coach to join forces and get a couple titles.
Yes we remember the Celtics doing it a few years back with a bit older group but still the same result, a championship. We can always look at a Bulls team that had the best player in the NBA with one of the top players at the time in Scottie pippen getting the rebounding machine that helped them grab a few more titles. Again it was seen as a brillant move.

If the Heat win or loose this series it will still become a media trashing towards the Heat.
It will be a haha you lost even with those offseason moves to win or a trashing because what would you exspect when you grab three of the top players out of the free agency market to happen? The NBA has become the medias paycheck this year with the garbage sportswritters are spewing. What ever happened to good fair and honest coverage of out sports athletes?
 This is probley the only NBA article that I've read that hasnt totally trashed the Heat for building a strong team.

Get over it Cleveland, he left and proved that you dont own him.

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