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Rambis has no clue what's going on with his job

Posted on: June 3, 2011 3:15 pm
Posted by Matt Moore

You ever hear how people talk about getting fired and how they "never saw it coming?" As if there's something better about seeing your own demise coming from miles away and being helpless to stop it. Well, if you think that's true, check in with Kurt Rambis on how it's going.

Rambis has reportedly been on the way out for a while.  But no one's told him anything. David Kahn hasn't told him either way. So barring a clear reason not to, Rambis showed up in Minnesota for the team's workouts of draft prospects. This despite not knowing if he'll be the one drafting a player or coaching him next season. Rambis elected to speak to reporters at the event, and it turns out that he has no clue about his job situation. which is nice. From The Minneapolis Star-Tribune
It has been more than six weeks since the team's season ended and he still doesn't know if he'll be back as coach.

When asked if he thinks the situation is being handled appropriately, he said, "It's not how I would handle it, no...I think everybody has reasons for why they conduct their business in the way they want to conduct their business. If you're asking me if that's what I'd do, no. That's not how I would handle things, but everybody's different."

He said he and boss David Kahn have had "minor conversations" since the season's end. He also said he expects they will have to have an in-depth conversation about the past season and the future but there's no plans to do that now.
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 Rambis also said "I'm still the coach, until something happens." 

That's just a terrible situation to be in. Kahn should let him know either way. If the lockout is a factor, let him know that. If he wants a change, make it. But forcing someone to work under these conditions is just bad business. It's not how you manage people. It's not how you get the best from your organization. And it's not how you lead a team forward.

Then again, what else is new?

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Posted on: June 3, 2011 9:30 pm

Rambis has no clue what's going on with his job

 And you wonder why they are such a horrible franchise, with bush-league moves like this. Who benefits from leaving your coach on the hot seat like that if you plan to can him? You would be giving his successor less time to prepare and get to know the team and organization. It's funny how the teams who aren't successful or at least haven't been for a while (cough cough Knicks) tend to be the ones to pull stupid moves with their personel.

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