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NBA Finals: Off-day notebook

Posted on: June 1, 2011 5:58 pm
Edited on: June 1, 2011 6:20 pm
Posted by Royce Young

MIAMI -- Some notes from the Mavs and Heat's off-day before Game 2 Thursday night:

Everyone, let's all freak out about a finger. Almost every question lobbed at Dirk on Wednesday somehow included something about his left middle finger.

Dirk tore a tendon in it in Game 1 of The Finals, but with it being on his off-hand, he repeatedly said, "I'm fine."

Still though... is he?

"I don't think it's going to be necessarily bothering me on the shot," Dirk said. "It's going to be the other stuff -- dribbling, passing, catching, swiping down, stuff like that. I think it will be OK."

Dirk said he was going to "experiment" with it a bit during practice Wednesday, trying out different splits, tapes and other things. He'll almost assuredly be fine because as Dirk said, he's played through injuries before in his 13 years. But he does like to go left, he does like to finish with the left hand. So there's a decent reason to wonder.

Jason Terry though, isn't.

"No, it didn't affect him," he said. "I seen when it happened. He swiped down. It was his left hand. He don't use that anyway."

Surprise! LeBron's guarding you. One wrinkle the Heat busted out in Game 1 was using LeBron James on Terry for most of the second half. Terry scored 12 points in the first half, but went scoreless in the second. The move by Miami to use LeBron on Terry wasn't something that Terry doesn't ever remember seeing.

"It was a big adjustment, something we weren't prepared for," he said. "We seen it, we made our adjustment and we'll be prepared for Game 2."

What that adjustment is, we'll have to see. Maybe Dallas tries to go bigger to force LeBron off Terry onto a bigger player. Maybe Terry will decoy himself. Or maybe it's a secret.

"We're just going to be a lot more active," Terry said. "Looking for opportunities in transition. And other than that, stand in the corner and let him guard me. I don't want to give all my secrets away."

Said Rick Carlisle: "They're paying [Terry] a very high compliment by putting their best defensive player on him. And I think that's something that tells you how important they feel Jet is to us."

The Mavs chalked it all up to just poor shooting after the game. Carlisle's right though -- Terry is very important. He was the top spark on the NBA's best scoring bench during the regular season but in Game 1, only put up 17 points.

"We've looked at it, we'll do some things that we think can help us," Carlisle said.

At least he's not using war analogies. Carlisle put it simply: "They won the line of scrimmage is really what it came down to. They were more physical inside."

What he's referring to is the fact Miami pulled in 16 offensive rebounds and used that to attempt 13 more shots. The Heat only shot 38.8 percent to Dallas's 37.3, but they had six more makes from the field. That's the difference.

"When I talk about them winning the line of scrimmage, that's really what it's about," Carlisle said. "The analogy of football is accurate in that the line of scrimmage, the guys that hit first and hit most aggressively with the most force are going to have the most success. And they did it better than we did last night."

So if I understand this right coach, you want Shawn Marion to tackle Mike Bibby in Game 2? Or did I misunderstand?

Fan up, lay off. Heat fans have taken quite a bit of guff over the season for showing up late, not selling out and not being as involved as people seem to think they should be. Reality is, the Heat filled home games at a 100.9 percent capacity and were fifth overall in the league in total attendance.

So Wade tried to stick up for his white-wearing mob.

"Obviously our fans have been great," he said. "Our fans are like our bench; they get a lot of flack about what they're not and what they don't do. But they're pretty good."

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NBA Finals: Off-day notebook

I hope I'm wrong but in game 1 of the NBA Finals, it looked like the old Dirk Nowitski showed up....

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