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Steve Nash: A gay NBA player would be no big deal

Posted on: May 29, 2011 12:34 am
Edited on: May 30, 2011 7:15 am
Phoenix Suns point guard Steve Nash says it wouldn't be a big deal if an NBA player revealed himself to be gay. Posted by Ben Golliver. steve-nash

No question about it: The Phoenix Suns have been at the forefront of advocating tolerance toward and acceptance of homosexuals in the past month.

Suns forwards Grant Hill and Jared Dudley released a public service announcement warning kids against using the word "gay" in a negative way. Suns guard Steve Nash issued a video testimony in favor of a New York gay marriage proposition. And, of course, Suns president Rick Welts revealed that he was gay, becoming the first male major professional sports executive to do so, saying that he hoped to serve as an example for younger people.

In an interview with The New York Times on Saturday, Nash was asked directly whether the NBA is ready for an openly gay active player.
If a player in the locker room came out, it would come and go quickly, too. I really don’t think it’s a big issue anymore. I think it would be surprisingly accepted, and a shorter shelf life than maybe we would imagine. I think the time has come when it should happen soon. I think it will be something that won’t take on this life of its own. It won’t be the O. J. trial.
Nash's comments are similar to those made recently by commentator and Hall of Famer Charles Barkley, who said that every NBA player has played with gay teammates and that he cares far more about a player's ability level than a player's sexuality.  

Is Nash correct in his analysis?

There is definitely some logic to the "shorter shelf life" line of thinking. Controversies and hot button issues seem to come and go must faster these days than they did even two or three years ago, as the latest rumor or gossip of the day is always pressing fast to make today's news outdated.

It's impossible to know if Nash has accurately gauged the tolerance of the NBA climate until a player does come out. But his honest and straightforward comments, which read as accepting and understanding, only help break the taboo of what has long been seen as a dicey or uncomfortable situation. 

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Steve Nash: A gay NBA player would be no big deal

FYI- that was meant to be a joke.

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Steve Nash: A gay NBA player would be no big deal

NBA lockerrooms will turn into the saunas at your local gyms. Quickie before the game anyone?

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Steve Nash: A gay NBA player would be no big deal

@Saigon1975...Thank you for giving a well thought out point of view.  You cannot imagine how refreshing it is to communicate with someone who has a different point of view without it turning into name calling!!  I appreciate your commitment to your religion and understanding that no one should be harmed regardless of their lifestyle.  I do disagree with some of your statements and not so much from a religous stand point.  I used an example in my earlier post regarding the nature vs choice question.  To us (hetero) the gay lifestyle doesnt seem natural for obvious reasons such as procreation etc.  So indeed the natural quick conclusion is that it is a choice.  Still, I cannot remember making the choice or decision to be attracted to women. Do you?  As for pedophiles and those that practice beastiality again it may be something they are born with. Pedophiles however, are taking advantage of children.  Something that should not be tolerated and should be persecuted. Same thing with animals.  Bisexuals and gay people are with consenting adults.  I believe there is a big difference between those 2 groups and we cannot lump them together.  Would you agree?

I for one do not think there is a comparison between going through slavery and being gay.  To me it is an insult to what my forefahers went through.  I do think that it is similar to the treatment that blacks received after the 1960's in some respects.  My only thing is that being black is something you have no choice but to publicly announce in most cases. A person being gay is not something you can just see. I feel the resulting discrimination and effects are exactly the same however. Where do you see that there is no comparison?  You state that gay people have the same basic rights as most people but they cannot even get married in most states.  Murderers (who have committed Gods greatest sin) do have that right.  To me that just doesn't make seem rational.

I agree that our society is sex crazed but just as in hetero relationships there has to be some gay relationships that are also celibate.  I believe the decision to remain celibate is a choice but the underlying attraction is not. Does that make sense?  I think what I hear you saying is that because its a sin then gay people should not be afforded the full rights of other citizens. Is that correct?

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Steve Nash: A gay NBA player would be no big deal

@montsho11...Thanks for your reply...Yes I know about the fact that the gay community is trying to gain acceptance in the public realm in terms of marriage, equal opportunity, healthcare benefits for partners, equal treatment, etc. While I don't believe people should be treating gay people in harmful ways (it is not the Christian way to treat someone), I also don't think they have the same grounds on civil rights issues as blacks, ethnic minorities, women, etc. Common sense and nature teach us that people are not born gay. Sexual preference is a choice. There are many straight people who decide to remain celibate, so it a choice to act on those feelings or not. If "born that way" was the reason, then what about the pedophile, or bi-sexual, or beastiality? Were those people also born to be destined for those sexual inclinations as well? You have to protect them under the same conditions as the gay or lesbian if that is the case.

There is no reason someone should have legal civil rights status due to wanting to sleep with someone of the same sex. Gays are mostly protected under the same laws as everyone else. If one is murdered, gay or straight, the killer will go to jail. If a robber breaks into a gay person's house, they will be going to jail as well. Gays have many of the same basic protections.

The fact remains that I believe in the Biblical definition of marriage and sexuality. I am not a self-righteous snob, not a mindless Bible thumper who can't think on my own (contrary to how the media portrays us). I have the ability to reason and think for myself, even though many like to brand Christians as dumb rednecks...this is far from the truth. There are many sins mentioned in the Bible....pride, lying, love of money, murder, hate, lust, cheating on taxes, cursing, gluttony, gossiping, stealing, refusing to help the poor, pre-marital sex, adultery, and yes homosexuality. Many today do not want to believe that, but that is the case. Jesus died for all of us, no matter what sin we have commited. We are all sinners. Jesus hates sin but loves the sinners. Promoting acceptance of a sinful lifestyle is never right or comfortable to most people. Promoting homosexuality in a society is no more right than promoting gossip or financial greed.

I just believe that our society is so sex crazed that it blurs what is really important. Sex has been cheapened due to all the commercialization and social promotion. It tends to creep into places it need not be...such as watching a ball game or a movie or going to work. I want to watch ball games without having to know who is sleeping with who. I don't want to hear about the sexual exploits of straight players or gay ones. I'm not stupid, I know it happens. However, I don't think it's necessary to make public the things that should be private matters. 

Jackie Robinson, former black baseball player, was a true hero because he stood strong in a time when racism was running rampant. The black community was barred from so many daily privileges in daily life. Blacks were persecuted because of their color, something they were born with by God's design. There is nothing sinful about being a different race. The gay community as a whole has not gone through near the merciless persecution of the black people of this country years ago. There is not even a comparison.

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Steve Nash: A gay NBA player would be no big deal

The question of whether a homosexual chooses to be so is irrelevant, a smokescreen. On the grounds that I've previously adumbrated, whether the homosexual chooses homosexuality or not, the homosexual is bound to live in celibacy.

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Steve Nash: A gay NBA player would be no big deal

"I am against these anti-gay slurs being used" followed by "gays are an abbomination" XD

And I'm pretty sure gay people don't want everyone to be gay, and even if they wanted it, it would be impossible, so I'm not sure what the point of your hypothetical situation is, other than to be a lame strawman.  I'm guessing that gays mostly just want that whole... equal rights and protections thing.

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Steve Nash: A gay NBA player would be no big deal

Hey everybody, I am sure to get blasted on here for this, but give me a break!!!  All of these pro-gay marriage commercials and support by athletes is over the top.  I am against these anti-gay slurs being used, and the "hate" language used.  But supported gay marriage is nothing like civil rights and being black.  Human beings are human beings, whether white, black or any color (says the bible) but gays are an abbomination.  I am tired of people argueing that gays are meant to be, born that way and that's how it is.  For those of you that think that, let's take that to the extreme.  In your fantasy world we'll make EVERYONE in the world gay tomorrow!!!  There will be no more children born, and the human race will die off in another 70 to 100 years.  That makes sense, let's all  be gay! 

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Steve Nash: A gay NBA player would be no big deal

Nick Bain,

I'm truly sorry to hear that your freind was beaten up over being gay. That is ridiculous, and when it comes to the the true civil rights of homosexuals, I would hope that everyone on this blog would stand up in support of you. As far as why I directed the comment about the Ultra-Activist GLBT agenda towards you, its becuase you stated something about Black people stereotypically being "homophobes". I was offering a possible rationale. I am glad that you don't hold the same insane views as the Ultra-Activist GLBTs I mentioned do. As far as choice goes, I do believe you have it.  Perhaps you don't have any choice on who you are attracted to, but you do have a choice on whether or not you have sex with them. I'm a married guy. I often have attractions to other women. I think its centrally wired into the heterosexual man's DNA in order to "screw" as many hot woman as possible. I seeming have no choice over these attractions.  However, I have chosen to be faithful to my wife, and not to act on these impulses.

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