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Heat-Bulls series grades

Posted on: May 27, 2011 12:33 am
Edited on: May 27, 2011 2:32 am
Posted by Royce Young

The Heat finished the Bulls in Game 5, 83-80, with an incredible Dirk-ish comeback to lock up their place in the NBA Finals. Time to pull out the red pen and make some marks.


LeBron James: I'm not going to fall into the "The real MVP showed up!" talk. Derrick Rose won the MVP for what he did during the 82 games in the regular season. If they were to hand out a playoffs MVP, LeBron, along with Dirk, would be right there to get it.

That said, LeBron was truly phenomenal in this series. In every single way. His numbers are stellar (25.8 ppg, 7.8 rpg, 6.6 apg) but really where he made the difference was his defense on Derrick Rose. That switch in the fourth quarters of Games 4 and 5 is really what ended this for the Heat. A dud in Game 1 is all that keeps this from being a perfect mark. Grade: A

Dwyane Wade: Maybe he wasn't totally healthy, but I don't think that's a worthy excuse. Wade seemed to check out of Game 4 for about 47 minutes and struggled again in Game 5. His numbers were very un-Dwyane Wade-ish (18.8 ppg on 40.5 percent shooting) but he did hit some big time shots in Games 4 and 5. That's just so very Dwyane Wade. Grade: B

Chris Bosh: Most saw the Bosh-Boozer showdown as a hinge to the series. And there's no doubt Bosh got the best of the matchup. He had two 30-point games, scored 22 on 12 shots in Game 4 and finished with 20-10 in the deciding game. I don't really think at any point in this series you could say that Bosh was a liability. He wasn't perfect defensively and wasn't always strong on the boards, but when Bosh plays like this, the Heat are really good. Grade: A-

Miami's role players: It was Udonis Haslem showing up out of nowhere in Games 2 and 3. Then it was Mike Miller in Game 4. All season long people waxed about how, at some point, the Heat were going to have to get contributions from players outside the Big Three if they were going to win. They were going to have to find their Robert Horry, their Derek Fisher, their Insert Solid Champion Role Player. And right on cue, Miller and Haslem stepped up and saved the day in the Eastern Finals. That's going to have to continue, but don't dog the Heat's role players anymore, because they stepped up. Grade: A

Erik Spoelstra: Spoelstra trusted his bench, made a few good adjustments and, really, managed the game pretty well. After Game 1's disaster, Spoelstra kept his message strong and kept his team right where it needed to be. Some of his decisions were a bit weird with what he was doing with his big men, but it worked out in the end because his group advanced. Grade: B+


Derrick Rose: I feel like Rose deserves to be graded on a curve. He clearly was forced into half of his bad decisions because of the circumstances he was in. But shooting 35 percent for the series and turning it over 19 times in four games hurts. Plus, he missed crucial free throws in both Games 4 and 5. That's nobody's fault but his.

He took responsibility for the meltdown in Game 5 and it was good of him to do so. No doubt he was under an incredible amount of pressure to make every play for the Bulls. But in moments where he just needed to be himself and make a good play, he tried to make great ones. He pushed, pressed and didn't finish games. He's young, he'll grow from this. But this just wasn't his series. Grade: C

Luol Deng: Really, Deng did a pretty solid job adding secondary points for the Bulls. He averaged better than 17 points per game on good percentages and hit some pretty big shots. His defense on LeBron was good enough, I'd say. Because Chicago lost, it's obvious that he probably needed to be better, but, before the series, I think if you told people that Deng would average 17 points and seven rebounds for the series, they'd say he must've had a great set of games. Grade: B+

Carlos Boozer: In two games, Boozer was very good, on one end. In Games 3 and 4 he averaged 23 points and 14 rebounds. But for the series, he finished averaging 14.4 ppg and 10.2 rpg. That should tell you that he had three other meh games. His Game 5 was awful as he scored five points on 1-6 shooting. Not to mention his statuesque pick-and-roll defense in every game of the series. Grade: D+

Tom Thibodeau: It's hard to blame Thibodeau too much for the lack of offense for the Bulls, because that's kind of sort of been the way they've played all season long. They always relied on their defense, always counted on rebounding well and always hoped Rose would give them just enough to finish out games.

When their shooters got hot and a couple players scored the ball well, they could pile up some points. But to expect them to magically grow an offensive game in the Eastern Finals was unreasonable. Now that's probably as much of an indictment of Thibodeau as anything else because his team never had an offensive identity and that bit them hard in this series, but to put it all on him isn't really fair. Grade: B-

Composure: Missed free throws. Bad fouls. Dumb turnovers. Silly shots. Forced passes. All of it piled up to two blown leads in Games 4 and 5 for the Bulls, and it ultimately ended their season. Yes, it probably was as much a sign of their youth and inexperience, much like the Thunder. But you've got to just keep playing. Basketball is basketball, no matter the situation, no matter the pressure. The Bulls just tensed up at the worst moments. Grade: F

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Posted on: May 28, 2011 2:53 pm

Heat-Bulls series grades

I'm an avid Basketball fan and have tried too let the Nba grow on me but its impossible! There is so set rules,just who is the FANTASTIC today! Until the NBA stops selling the individual GREATS and returns to an somewhat Team sport creating a truely even and competitive sport that can be enjoyed by all and not a sport of over hyped Money game that is being sold as a League and not a clown game touring your city this week!!!!

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Posted on: May 28, 2011 2:10 pm

Heat-Bulls series grades

I do give the refs a D.  After the Bulls played like crap, they wanted to give the game to the Bulls by calling a phantom foul on Lebron when it was gret defense on Rose to put him on the line with 25 seconds left.  It is a good thing the choker missed the Free Throw.  but the refs blew that call just like so many other.  And lets not talk about the push on Wade By the choker on a layup.. STOP CRYING about the REFS.  they had bad calls for both teams,  It happens

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Posted on: May 28, 2011 12:36 pm

Heat-Bulls series grades

That's a great read and you nailed it on almost every player.  i MEAN EXCELLENT STUFF!

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Posted on: May 28, 2011 11:39 am

Heat-Bulls series grades

  The Bulls do need another superstar, but they have way too much money tied up in all of the wrong places. They're already paying max money to Boozer. Deng will be averaging nearly $13 million a year for the next few years, and won't be an attractive trade piece until he becomes an expiring contract along with Joakim Noah who signed a 5 year $60 million contract extension that kicks in next season. The Bulls might have to find someone who was "born yesterday" in order to move some of these ridiculous contracts to make room for another impact superstar

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Posted on: May 28, 2011 10:59 am

Heat-Bulls series grades


Can you please provide examples of the refs sopposed bias against the Bulls?  For every instance you give there is another instance of sopposed bias a heat fan can point out.  I guess it's just human nature.....You overlook instances of biasness for your team or the team playing against a team you dislike and only focus on those against the team you don't like.  I heard this same thing with the MJ Bulls, the Shaq-Kobe Lakers, and the Kobe-Gasol Lakers......Give me a break. 

In any case it takes a lot more than soppose bias from the refs to blow a 12 point lead late in the 4th quarter.

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Posted on: May 28, 2011 10:50 am

Heat-Bulls series grades


How in the world can you give Wade an A???  He had a subpar series and the only thing that saved him is he was able to rise to the occasion late in a couple of games.  As some one who watched every game and every minute of this series there is no way Wade deserves the same grade as Lebron.  And you gave Bosh a B?????? WTF.  Bosh was the second best player on the Heat in this series.  What exactly is your criteria?

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Posted on: May 28, 2011 9:59 am

Heat-Bulls series grades

Agree with the previous poster rating the refs an F-

Don't think the refs even needed to be so biased, since the Bulls would have lost either way. They choked and got owned across the floor. But this is a prelude to the Finals, where we''ll see more biased calls than the 06 Heat-Mavs series, with Cuban getting $1 million in fines.

The NBA really wants to give James a championship. Odds of the Mavs winning are a million to one. The NBA continues its decline.....

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Posted on: May 27, 2011 9:27 pm

Heat-Bulls series grades

yup. Exactly right. Stern wanted Miami. Now, thats just something Chicago and other teams have to live with and overcome. Refs gave it to lakers too, for a few years, and in the old days to Chicago, and before that the Knicks.  Its a shame, but your spot on.

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Posted on: May 27, 2011 9:25 pm

Heat-Bulls series grades

I give leBron an A, Wade an A, Bosh a B,.  The bench a C.  Spoelstra a C+.

Rose gets a B-.  Deng gets a B+  Boozer a D-. Korver an F. Noah a C- or a D. the rest of the bulls, Gibson and Watson get D's.  Except Kurt Thomas for essentially one game and he gets a B+.

Thibs.....the coach has to take some blame and in this case he should. Thibs gets a C-.

Bulls played very badly in the 4th quarter for three seperate games. Very badly. Terrible. CHOKE terrible.  Heat were good...aggressive, not brilliant mind you and its not how they will look against Dallas, but they were impressive disrupting Chicago. But so much of this loss...this route, belongs to Chicago's terrible brain dead choked out fourth quarter. Did they get drugged?

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Posted on: May 27, 2011 3:42 pm

Heat-Bulls series grades

D Rose is Allen Iverson. The best player on a team of pretty good, never quite great supporting characters. The Bulls need to land another superstar to get over the top. Won't the Heat be even better next year? The Bulls need to find a way to get Howard to come to Chicago. Then a series with the Heat would be extremely interesting, instead of a 4-1 debacle of games lost in crunch time.

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